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Misty's Gyarados - Gym

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Misty's Gyarados

A cool card to review. Too bad it's not legal in Modified...

In Unlimited, you can use it in a Brock's Ninetales/Raindance deck so that you don't use the power. Tidal Wave is really good as it only costs 4 Energies for 70 damage with NO drawbacks whatsoever. Definitely Raindance material.

In Unlimited, it works well in a Raindance deck. Wastes a lot of space though. 3/5

In Modified, no longer playable. N/A

In Draft, really powerful. It's only a Stage 1 and Magikarps would probably flock your way easily. You can almost guarantee that you can still get Karps even if it was your last pick! The power might be bad though since if you flip tails you're gonna have to restart everything... 2.9/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Mistyís Gyrados:

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! YES! THIS IS MY ABSOULUTE FAVEORITE CARD EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET I CANíT BELEIVE HE ACCUALLY PICKED HIM THANK YOU PAUL, errmmm, dontknow09 I mean. Whew. Now onto the card. I may not be able to rate this. Sheesh, this is going to be compleatly biased, you know. I combo this with Muk, and oh mercy... 70 straight damage per turn from a 100 hp MONSTER! This thing, once going, just rips through most decks. And I mean RIPS through! This guy is ownage even more that the almighty Erikaís Jigglypuff!

Unlimited: Oh dang. This is sneasle territory. Oh, wait, thats right, he can take out sneasle with ONE shot! Boom! Bye-bye Sneasle! Boom! Seeya later wiggly! Boom! Ta ta Buzzy! Yes, the RAW POWER! 5/5

MMF: NOOOOOOO!!! ITS BANNED! AAAAAAHHHHHH! Of course if it wasnít... oh MAN! This guy? Kingdra who? 0/5 :(

Limited: Well, Muk isnít around in this set, and who drafts Fossil and Gym Challenge? I mean really, have you ever heard of something like that? Twisted. But if you get one out, oh, just imagin your opponetís face! Sweet, no? Even without Muk, the power shouldnít be to much to worry about, unless you are a sorry flipper *cough* Jim *cough* 4/5

Artwork Rating: Good ole` Ken Sugimori. The standard by which we all judge artwork. His work generally shows little action or cool backgrounds, but still nice, and this Gyrados looks as feirce as can be! 4/5

Overall Average Rating: 3/5 Ouch. The zero in MMF is the only reason he isnít REALLY high.
dontknow09 Misty's Gyarados

A very random card out of my box. If the Nintendo Power gave me a third card, the review would be based on it. Oh well =/. Misty's Gyarados is a brute force. 100 HP, resistance to fighting, 70 damage! But then you have your flaws, the power that can go against you, weakness to grass, 3 retreat, Misty's *MAGIKARP* !!! That's always the problem with all Gyarados'.

Unlimited- Hey, it looks good. You can combine it with muk to shut off the power, so you have less disadvantages. BUT, theres SER, **Magikarp**, 4 energies!! I've seen some people use blastoise to raindance Misty's Gyarados, but the **Magikarp** usually is KO'd before that happens. But if Misty's Gyarados is out and there are no SER for some reason, it can cause havoc. 2.5/5

MMF- Can't use it. Well, lets just pretend for now that it is jus plain old modified. There is no SER, so that's good. But no matter what format, there's always the stinkin **Magikarp**! There are still some major things that can take down a Misty's Gyarados. Such as a Double Gust on an empty M. Gyarados, or even worse, an empty **Magikarp**. Well, the gyarados does a decent job, but not good as other waters, such as gatr and kingdra. 2.75/5

Draft- Yea right. I've gota be kidding myself. You would have to be lucky jus to pull atleast 2 magikarp in the gym packs. Even if you pull Gyarados, you need 4 energies. Still, once out, it will rule. But you know how unlikely that is =P 1.75/5

Well, thats it for my week =/. Atleast i get Thanks Giving Break from school. Which means I can get Primed all week :) Go0 Metroid Prime/Fusion!
TR Shadow
Did anyone notice that I used Ho-ohs' Japanese name on Wednesday?  No, I do not live in Japan, and no, I'm not totally behind everyone else in the Poke names.  I was a little spaced out at the time =\ .  On to the card!

Mistys' Gyarados
The Poke power is deffenetly strange.  If you flip 2 tails, you lose your Gyarados, but your opponent doesn't get a prize.  I'm not going to count this as a plus for obvious reasons.  Another minus is the weak basic thingy.  4 water for 70 damage doesn't cut it.
For all you peeps still playing unlimited, there are better water stage ones around.   
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