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Ho-oh - Promo

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Promo Ho-oh

This card is really... meh... =/

It only has one attack and it costs 4 Energies. Not only that, it averages only 40 damage. I really want to do a decent review on this card but I just can't. Maybe if it had like a Stoke like attack...

In Unlimited, this thing will probably never attack in the first place. 1.5/5

In Modified, way too slow. 4 turns before you can attack? 1.5/5

In Draft, you can't get it here. N/A

Promo Ho-oh (reminds me of a pastry snack)
Eh, look, I have a cool little image to the left. Phil Tracy, private eye, the moddest sexy COTD reviewer. Kudos to Trinitum from the Message Boards and old Video Game site for it. Larger picture can be viewed <a href="">here</a>. Anyways, onto the card of the day:
Another promotional fire card today. Another seemingly useless promotional fire card. Ho-oh's hitpoints is at a medium of eighty for today's Big Basic Pokemons (BBPs). Unfortunatly days have passed since we've seen basics with 100 HP, oh well. The retreat cost on this card is somewhat in the norm, "you'll pay it only if you must, but you wont like it" type of motto. Looking at Ho-oh attack from a distance seems somewhat viable. Read the fine print! There is always a catch involved with Big Basic Pokemon and automobiles these days. Well just like any car dealership, Ho-oh offers the same service from it's Neo Revelation's cousin, if not less. All of the attacks on the Revelation Ho-oh required a coin flip (Except for one attack which let you search your deck for a Fire Energy and attach it). This Ho-oh has been preowned apparenly with one attack with a coin flip. Unlike Revelation Ho-oh, the promotional version has a back up plan if you flip tails: 20 for the cost of four energies. Yikes. At this point, if Promotional Ho-oh was a car that could not exceed 20 miles per hour half of the time you drove it, I would gladly drive Revelation Ho-oh and push the thing off the road if I flipped tails. Good thing about the attack is there is discarding of energy cards, which makes the card a constant attacker, even if it does twenty. Standard weakness, standard resistance, nothing like a fully loaded Chansey, I mean car.
Playing Unlimited? Ho-oh gets to take advantage of Double Colorless Energy to power up by turn three. The drawback with the DCE and high energy cost is all the Energy Removals which causes many turns of attaching energy just to flip tails before you get knocked out. Water is weak in this format due to the mound of several basic electric and grass cards like Rocket Zapdos. Heavy trainer support is needed to keep this poke alive in Unlimited which could become Gust of Wind bait. Try Neo Revelation Entei or Fossil Magmar for better alternatives to add into your fire deck. 2/5
Tired of Tyrouge? Well Ho-oh has resistance. Ho-oh also does have a wonderful weakness to our friends Kingdra and Kabutops. Good at killing off Meganium or Steelix late in the game without discarding all your fire energies. If you run into him early on, trade it for something better, just pray it is not your only basic in your starting hand. Cannot tell you how many times I ended up with Base/LC Zapdos as my Active Pokemon. If so, stall and use all the draw power to build up your bench. Decent attack, bad weakness. 3/5
This is the best card you can find while drafting. Choose nothing but cards your opponent would use, so you have the advantage when you open a pack up with this promotional card. Will win your games 110%* percent of the time.
* and GymLeaderPhil is not responsible for any losses you might have trying to draft this promotional card or all the games you will loose.
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Ho-oh:

Sheesh, this thing sucks so bad it so isnít even funny. Man, I swear, if you bust this out of itís origanal packaging in order to play it, then you need help. And I donít mean help, I mean HELP! Straghtjacket help. Rubber-room help. Get it? Oh, did I mention that he sucks? Sheesh. Donít you dare ever play it. EVER. The attack has to be one of the worst ones in the game. And it is the only one he has. Horrid, plain and simple.

Unlimited: I am almost imbaressed to have to even rate this card in this format. Man, this thing wonít just get beaten, this thing will get absoulutly CREAMED! Well, I guess it gets something because it can accually do SOME damage. .5/5 Thats a point five folks. Don't have a seizure =/

MMF: Man, useually the cards get better. But this time, low and behold, it stays just as crappy. Hey, remember Kingdra? The one who is in like 9/10 decks. And ya know what the other 10% is? Dark Feraligator. Man, this guy just DIES! Bad like this >_< .5/5 Again, POINT 5.

Limited: N/A

Artwork Rating: Well, so it is good for something. Staring at. Of course, donít look at the attack, or you may start crying. 3/5

Overall Average Rating: .5/5 POINT 5!
dontknow09 Ho-Oh Promo #52

Another card from the recent Nintendo Power Magazine. 80 HP is pretty good for a basic, but i don't think it would make up for the attacks. I'll get on with that later. First, lets look at the bottom stats. Weakness to water is a downer. Any water pokemon that can do 40 will knock it out. Fighting resistance is nice. A pokemon with resistance is always nice =D. 2 retreat makes this bad though. Now on to the attacks. Very expensive if you ask me.
Not really economical. Doing 60 for 2 fire and 2 colorless might seem good, but reading on will give you a 50/50 chance to do a VERY low 20. I mean that's dumb, 20 for 4 energies?

Unlimited- Not much use here. Other Ho-oh's are better. The attack isn't really that helpful. What are you going to do with 20 damage? You're not gonna go far with it. 1.25/5

MMF- Water is strong in this format. Too slow to power up anyways. Better just keep it in the binder and gloat. Gloat that you have the card and no one else does(unless someone else has it) 1.25/5

Draft- Can't play it.

BTW, check out the game for the ho-oh and rapidash promos. I would tell you how its like, but wheres the fun in that?
TR Shadow Houhou

This card is pretty bad. 4 energy for 60 is terrible and a flip for it to do 20 makes it even worse. The costs just aren't worth it. 80hp makes it very solid for a basic though. the retreat cost seems a little too high. A resistance to fighting won't do much for it since the only big fighting dude is Golem.

In the current format (new modified, Modified, MMF, whatever >_<) just don't use it.

Unlimited 2/5
Standard 2/5
Modified 2/5
Limited 2/5
TMP 2/5

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