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Rapidash Promo

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Promo Rapidash

60HP is slightly lower than the regular 70HP we are used to. Jump Over is kinda situational. First of all, you can't use the attack against your opponent's active. 2nd, it's a coin flip.

Super Singe is decent with DCE. Burn is nice as well.

In Unlimited, not good enough. HP is simply too low and too weak to ER as it relies on DCE too much. 2/5

In Modified, it's good. But it simply dies to a lot of Pokemon, especially Discovery Kabutops. 2/5

In Draft, you can't get it. =P N/A
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Rapidash:

This is a nice LOOKING card. Could it be good? Hmmmm... *Brian reads over card, thinking, thinking* Well... Pobabliy not. It is very close though. Damaging the bench is good, and the ability to use colorless energy is good, but it just isnít good enough. Especially with a flip. The second attack is accually OK. Only one colored energy and a double colorless, so you could do 30 and burn on the second turn. Thats pretty good. Water weakness is natural, and free retreat is good and standard for most Rapidashes. Still, not the best, but decent. Good artwork, Iíll give it that.

Unlimited: Nope. He may do some damage and may even take a prize, but the ponytas arnít anything special. Plus, this is still Haymaker land. 2/5

MMF: Better here, but still not good enough. Kingdra is so very popular, and fire popularity is dwindling. He wonít be able to leave a good enough mark when he bites the dust. Play something else. 2.5/5

Limited: N/A

Artwork Rating: Well, Twinsin had this cool idea so iíll do it too. This one is well drawn, it shows fury and passion. 3.75/5

Overall Average Rating: 2.25/5

dontknow09 Expedtion Rapidash

Yay, its my week. To start off, its promo Rapidash from the recent Nintendo Power featuring Metriod Prime/Fusion =D. Well, lets analyze this promo. 60 HP is pretty LOW! For a stage 1, that is low. Every rapidash had 70 hp but this one. Bottom stats stayed the same though, water weakness, no resistance, and 0 retreat. The attacks jus plain out stink. 2 colorless to do a 50/50 to the bench? Super singe is alright, but not good enough to defend rapidash.

Unlimited- KO'd. Thats about all thats gona happen if you play this. Im just going to keep it simple. No way you could win some major tournies with this. 1.5/5

MMF- Same problem here. Not enough hp. No good attacks. So it has no offensive/defensive abilities. It has somewhat, but really, what other stuff can you think of that's better than this?

Draft- Can't use it. ??/??
Rapidash Rare (Never Going To Be Played) Promotional Card

Wow, Phil is back reviewing for the COTD! Heh I must have been bribed alot to stay up past my bedtime writing this...

Continuing a long line of useless hard to obtain promotional cards is Rapidash. It kills me to think how hard Wizards of the Coast had to fight to get a decent promotional card (Base Electabuzz) for Battlezone. Rapidash's hit points are at an all time low with sixty, which hurts due to the fact that any water Pokemon can knock this stage one out with thirty damage. Odd hit points always have an edge up on your opponent's attacking Pokemon since all attacks are round numbers. That is true unless they manage to topdeck a
Plus Power or Strength Charm. Jump Over reminds me of Genesis Murkrow, only on a Stage One and with more limitations (coin flip). I'd say Super Singe is somewhat decent, it would be better if it's cost happened to be all colorless though. With that said, at least this card does not have a retreat cost. However, what Rapidash does not have a retreat cost?

Unlimited has better options than this card. Personally I would play
Blaine's Rapidash if your looking for that horse themed deck. On the other hand seeing as electric is strong it does allow Rapidash some help from a water disaster if you choose to play him. Double Colorless gives this guy or female Pokemon some more time to do something before being knocked out. That is, if you can manage to get three of him let alone one. 1/5

Things dont get much better in Modified since there are so many water decks viable in this format. Like several diffrent versions of Feraligatr, all three Blastoise, Kingdra, and lets not forget all the other small stage ones who could simply knock out this guy, let alone many of the popular Entei and company decks from the 2001-2002 Modified format. Do I also have to mention that everyone and their mother has Double Gusts which denies any chance of
burned working 50% of the time? Just trade this for something better or sell it on Ebay to some terrible player who didn't read my review. 1/5

If you manage to draft this, well you have mighty powers to fool those who play against you and the judges of the draft.
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