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Dragonite - Expedition

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Dragonite (Exp.)

Tailwind is just plain amazing. With this out, your Steelix and Slowking can retreat for free! It's almost like a free Switch or Full Heal if you also have a Baby on your bench, every turn.

Dragon Tail on the other hand, is just plain awful. 3 different energy requirements and the attack is nowhere near spectacular.

In Unlimited, although it could do wonders if you are playing Slowking, it's just not worth the space. 2.5/5

In Modified, it is slightly better here. But not much. 3/5

In Draft, extremely hard to get out and I really doubt that you would be able to attack with it. The power is amazing if you can get it out, but it's just not really worth the trouble. 3/5

Art Rating: 3.5/5 (A pretty good picture... Eh, my art comment is getting kinda lame =/)
dontknow09 Expedition Dragonite

This card is totally wierd. Ok, lets get to the point. 100HP is standard for most stage 2's. Bottom stats is jus plain bad now. No weakness is still good though, but resistance has been cut off and 2 retreat is given to dragonite. And the attack... Geez, 3 different energies to do the same as the fossil dragonite? There's something wrong with the guy who made this card. But i guess the decent thing is the power that reduces retreat to 0 for the active pokemon.

Unlimited- Yea right, like this is going to survive as your main hitter. SER is gonna shut dragonite down. You could use it to make use of the power, but i have no idea how. Still, its not as reliable since its a stage 2. I would plain out use a switch. 1.5/5

MMF- Don't think its going to survive here either. Sure the attack can do up to 80, and thats alota damage. But with that kinda dependability, you are not going to do anything. Switch has been reprinted, so that makes no use of dragonite. 1.5/5

Draft- Stage 2 with a multi energy attack will not do in draft. Its going to be impossible to do anyting productive. Even if it is used only for the power, what are you going to use it for? 1/5

Have a great weekend poke's. Next week its my turn =D.
Friday - Dragonite

When I first heard there would be a Dragonite in Expedition, I screamed with joy (well, sorta). I honestly THOUGHT it would be awesome. Dragonite used to be one of my favorite pokemon, and the thought of the line returning to modified was... great! Then I looked at it.

WHAT THE HECK!?! This is the worst attack I've ever seen. You AVERAGE 40 for three different energy types! The power is good, but not huge. I can't believe Wizards made this card so... bad! I'm seriously going to have bad dreams about this. =/

Unlimited: 1/5
Modified: 1.5/5
Limited: 1.5/5
TR Shadow
Sunday's my birthday!  Oh yeah, I'll try and have a fix for ya'll on Monday.
The attack is extremely expensive.  It's not worth it either.  An average of 40 for 3 different types of energy is just plain bad.  The power to give your active free retreat is good in a lot of situations.  It should not replace the switch though. 
In unlimited, for anything, three different types of energy as a cost is devastating.  Don't use it.
Unlimited 2/5
standard 2/5
Modified 2/5
Limited 2/5
TMP 3/5
This picture makes it look like Baby Dragon (yu-gi-oh)(TR Shadow will kill me for mentioning yu-gi-oh).  This dragonite is virtually a Shiny pokemon that has to evolve.  It does have a pretty nice power though.  Too bad it doesn't have resistance to something.  The power allows you to turn your active pokemon's retreat cost to 0 once per turn as long as Dragonite is kept on the bench.  But seriously, this thing takes 3 different energy types to flip 2 coins 40x the number of heads.
Unlimited:   1.000/5
MMF:                  2/5
Draft:           1.000/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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