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Ninetales - Expedition

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Ninetales (Exp.)

I really like Mislead as it can give the defending Pokemon confusion 2 out of 3 times. Too bad it didn't do any damage though...

Ethereal Flame is interesting. You can just power it up with any type of energies. If you have 1 Fire and say a DCE, it's basically a Flamethrower that cost RCC. I like that. It can do 90 damage on the 3rd turn which is a great plus. It's too bad that you don't get to choose how many R energies you want to discard...

In Unlimited, too weak to ER. It's decent with the DCE though. 2/5

In Modified, although confusion is real nice, I still prefer the raw power of Base/LC Ninetales. 3/5

In Draft, the first attack is amazingly good. You have a really high chance of confusing the defending Pokemon. Not to mention that the 2nd attack is colorless so you easily splash it. An 80HP for just a Stage1 as well is pretty good. Not that hard to get out either. 3.8/5

Art Rating: 3/5 (Just about average...) 
dontknow09 Expedition Ninetales

A new nintales for the new expedition. And its not too bad at all. Stage 1 and 80 HP is pretty good. Bottom stats aren't that bad. Weakness to water, like mostly all fire pokemon, no resistance, and 1 retreat, which makes nintales retreatable. Not as good as 0, but not as bad as 2+. The attacks are wonderful. The first attack makes it very easy to confuse a defending pokemon. Oh, and the second attack reminds of something, revelation magcargo. There are some differences though. First, ninetales requires 3 colorless energy to perform the attack. Second, the base damage is only 30
damage. Last(i think), you have no choice in how many fire you get discard. Well, you can control it somewhat by how you pay for the required costs.

Unlimited- Has potential. DCE will help you giv you mor control for the second attack. Also, makes ninetales much more speedier. Downsides, SER. But thats basically it. O yea, that confusion thing will really help too. 3.5/5

MMF- I wonder who's gonna rule, entei/cargo or nintales(with a possible entei). There are advantages to both. But as for now, ninetales is about even with cargo. And we all kno how strong entei/cargo is, so how strong could entei/ninetales be? Who knos, play test my friends. Play test until you can no longer play test anymore. 4/5

Draft- I can certainly say that ninetales is pretty strong here. It really doesnt matter if you dont get to control the damage in draft. What ever gets in your way will be toasted. 3 energies will make it a tad bit slow, but thats why you have the other attack, unlike cargo. Choose ninetales. 4/5
Thundachu Ninetales COTD...

Initializing file...

Access Approved.

Overlook: 80HP is great for a stage 3. For 1 fire energy and 1 colorless can flip 2 coins and if 1 is heads pokemon is confused. Kind of good. I guess =/. I really like the other attack. For 3 COLORLESS energy attack will do 30+20 more damage for each FIRE. That pwnz. Besides having to discard ALL the fire. The retreat of 1 is cool I guess. Weakness to water. No resistance.

Standard: 4/5

Modified: 3/5

Draft: 3.5/5

E-Card Translation: Holo card. Nothing on it w/ E-Reader.
Wednesday - Ninetales

Not a horrible card. Auto-confusion, or at least close to it, is nice. And unlike Sabrina's Venomoth (The first 75% chance of confusion card), this one has a decent attack to boot. The fact that it's CCC as a cost makes it where you don't have to put all fires on it. Overall a decent card, and I expect a couple of rogue decks to use it in the Modified environment.

Unlimited: 2/5
Modified: 3/5
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