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Pichu - Expedition

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Pichu (Exp.)

I REALLY want to give this card a decent rating... I mean just look at the picture... isn't that just so darn cute? ^_^

A Baby with a Retreat Cost! What has the world gone to?

Energy Patch seems very useless to me. I mean, just why? It's like an Energy Trans in a form of an attack and it requires one COLORED Energy...

Promo Pichu and Expedition Pichu are both useless. Stick with the original Genesis version...

Unlimited Rating: 1.8/5
Modified Rating: 2/5
Draft Rating: 2.5/5
Art Rating: 4.5/5 <<< I should start doing this since we have a lot of great art in Expedition... ~_^
dontknow09 Expedition Pichu

Just look at that pichu for a sec. Doesn't it look so adorable? LOL. Well on to the analyzing part. 30 HP is low, but standard for the babies since of the rule protects it. Bottam stats is noting new, BUT it has one retreat? No0!! hahaha. Guess people up at hq didnt want to make babies stronger and weakened them with this retreat cost. And the attack, well it is just wierd. First time babies actually had a colored energy attack. Move an energy from one of your poke to another poke that you have. This could be comboed with something. Dontknow what, but thats the point of the game. You, the people reading this are here to explore.

Unlimited- Doesnt have as much potential as the other pichu, ko'ing my slowkings =/. Well you could use it some how. How is the big question here. But then again, 30 hp with no damage attack and 1 retreat jus basically makes it slightly better than a magikcarp. 2.25/5

MMF- Gen pichu still rules over this one. Moving energy around might help, but i dontknow how. Also, double gust is kind pointless with expedition pichu. Back then, you could use double gust and have all babies on your bench. Now with this pichu, well you have a retreat cost... 2.25/5

Draft- It looks purdy, but its probably not going to win you the game. There's better stuff. Pass this up unless you have explored and found a secret that is awesome... 2/5

Also, a late happy birthday to my friend, pokemaster1110(you could probably  guess by now why he chose 1110 to be put in the name)
Thundachu Expedition: Pichu

No offense PoJo, but leave the picking to us from now on -_-'

Overlook: As all baby pokemon, 30HP. Most likley a good idea for Focus Band with it. I like the attack. For 1 L energy switch 1 energy from 1 pokemon to another. Not as good Neo Genesis one. This one doesnt even do damage. =/ Plus, WHATS THAT LITTLE STAR UNDER THE RETREAT COST!? Really, I never thought I would see the day when a baby pokemon with a retreat. This ruins the great Double Gust Trick.

Unlimited: If your gonna use Pichu, use Neo Gen. one . =/ 2/5

Modified: No comment. =/ 1/5

Draft: 3/5
Khap Expedition Pichu

Unlimited: Wow. Pichu seems to be one of those cards that has no obvious reasons of playing. Kind of like any Seaking line...anyway Pichu. Why would you attach a Lightning Energy card to Pichu, then use its attack and move another Energy card? It just doesn't make sense, moreso in Unlimited. Unlimited has a lot of speed, and Pichu doesn't seem to keep up with that speed. The only thing I would play Pichu is when I know my Pokémon is going to die. Kinda useless I think. However, I could be wrong. If you find something useful just email me, etc. But in the mean time, it'll just sit in a shoebox with the Seaking lines. =/

Modified: Pichu isn't that great in Modified either. I just don't see a use of exchanging ONE Energy card. Maybe if it was two or something higher than one, so it could have a Venusaur like feel to it. But, only one won't give you much of an advantage. The only card I see this being played with is Expedition Ampharos, and even then it is only mediocre. Probably not the best choice for playing babies either. Once again, I bet it would be better off swimming with the Starmies or some stuff like that.

Draft: There are some better uncommons and commons than this rare. This could probably be compared to the usefulness of Neo: Genesis Caterpie. It could work, but it's not likely. Plus, it's a rare. If you can get it, just trade it to some people who are collecting sets you'll probably get a better deal out of that.

Unlimited: 1.7/5
Modified: 2/5
Draft: 2/5

Random Monday - Pichu

Ewww... a baby, and a RETREAT COST? What the heck is "Energy Patch"? I
think they finally turned baby pokemon in what they should've been in the
first place; BAD. =\

Unlimited: 1/5
Modified: 1/5
Limited: 1.25/5 (The baby rule is a nice stall tactic =/)

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