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Mewtwo - Level 30

Pojo's Average Rating -
Unlimited: 1.90 (based on 4 reviews)
Modified: 2.45
(based on 4 reviews)
Draft: 3.13
(based on 3 reviews)
Reviewed May 20, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


I have mixed feelings about this card. After all, I tracked down a number of the Japanese version so that I would have enough to play in a deck. Now, it will be more readily available in Legendary Collection. So, how playable is this card? It's first attack let's you move around your Opponents Energy cards. But on a coin flip. And not if they are Special Energy cards. Sheesh. Not worth much. The second attack gets interest as a Baby Killer. You can do 30 Damage to any of your Opponent's Pokemon, where ever they are. That's pretty good. The 3 energy required to power it up, though, and the low HP mean that you won't get to use it too many times. Good for late game clean up when your opponent has hidden his damaged Pokemon on the bench.

Unlimited: Attacks are too expensive for what they do. By the time you have picked off one of your opponent's Cleffa, he's set up to do some major Beatdown. 2.0/5

Modified: I could see him taking out the bench if you got a Big Baddie stuck up front with no energy, but other than that, I don't see enough benefit here. 2.5/5

Draft: A good addition to a Psychic deck to cover Resistance. Only pick him up if you are going with Psychic for other reasons, such as you have gotten Kadabra and/or Haunter. He commits you to Psychic but you will only get one of him. You can't depend on drawing him and he won't last too long. 3/5


Telekinesis/NP Mewtwo

The first card with art by an American. Christopher Rush to be exact. For those of you who play Magic, you should know some of his work.

60HP for a Basic is okay. Energy Control is not a good attack. If ONLY it could effect Special Energy cards so that you can move a Darkness Energy card from your opponent's Sneasel to his Cleffa... Too bad it doesn't work that way.

Telekinesis is a good attack. 30 damage to any of your opponent's Pokemon without applying  weakness or resistance doesn't seem much, but it's really good against Babies.

In Unlimited, this card is horrible.  Energy Control is useless since there are simply too many Special Energy cards out there. There is also too much ER for Telekinesis to be trully effective.

In Modified, this card is okay. However, you take 3 turns to power up for an attack that does only 30 damage. 60HP won't last too long as well. The only use for this card is in a Sabrina's Alakazam deck. Use Movie Promo Mewtwo's Energy Absorbtion to power up Sabrina's Alakazam. Then copy Rocket's Mewtwo 60 damage attack and Sabrina's Alakazam's attack alternately for the huge damage. Then, copy NP Mewtwo's Telekinesis to pick off your opponent's Babies and damaged Pokemon on the bench.

In Draft, the card is decent. Energy Control might be able to screw around with your opponent by moving energies to their almost KO-ed Pokemon and THEN you Telekinesis it. You can also pick off damaged Pokemon on your opponent's bench to get that final prize.

Unlimited Rating: 1.5/5
Modified Rating: 2/5
Draft Rating: 3.1/5

John Hornberg

Mewtwo 30 promo rare psychic

Ahhh, yes.... the Promo Mewtwo that was nearly impossible to get for the longest time. In standard, this guy falls desparately short of his movie promo counterpart. His attacks are not as potent, and is by no means a speed card.

His attacks are cool, though. I love the possibilty of moving opponents energies, and watching them have to play musical chairs to get a pokemon up to do something. One problem - flip a coin. FLip this, flip that... whatever, ignore this attack, no matter how cool it is on heads.

Telekinesis is okay, but 3 colored energy for only 30 damage no more no less is kind of a rip off. He's unfortunately not going to eat his psychic counterparts.

In Standard, he fails to compare to Mewtwo, Promo #3... a 1.5.

In Modified, which is hurting for good basic psychic pokemon, this guy is clearly not the answer. A 2 here, because he can be played, but not all that effectively.

Lord Gothmog

Ah, the fame Nintendo Power Mewtwo. Reprinted into a set, with a reverse foil version. I predict those will be valuable.

In unlimited, it was already legal. But now it can be legal in STYLE. However, it's not as stylish in competitive decks. 60 HP, requiring 3 colored energy to do damage, it won't last long in Unlimited's harsh format wasteland. It's first attack is alright, but a flip. I have to say 2/5

In modified, black star promos are legal. But now it's SHININGLY legal. Okay, I'll stop. Here it's easier to get to 3 energy, and psychic makes an interesting anti-anti-gatr. So this can be for those annoying Murkrows, and whomping those annoying benched babies. Pretty good for that. 3/5

In limited, it was NOT legal before. It's a pretty good pick, but not something you should necessarily start drafting psychic for. It's more of a situational card than a bomb in draft. Still, Telekenesis is good for quite a few things. 3/5 here too.

Jeremy B.

Well, This was a bit of a surprise, a hard to find promo card reprinted in a booster.

However the bigger surprise is there choices of cards to reprint very few of these cards are playable in any large tourney.

As for a review of the card, it is slow, has low hit points, and requires three of a single type of energy, Well that's what I look at first. Its first attack is mostly worthless but a nice little trick. Now the second attack is seen by many as great 30 to any in play Pokemon, but for three psychic its not easy to get going before it dies.

Hmm yes I have been away so I think I will do the following ratings..
Standard 2/5 it stands no chance against Super Energy Removals.
Current Modified 2/5 I don't see it being a card to build a deck around however Psychic should be more playable with all the Crobat decks around.
New Modified 2.25/5 with the death of Gator, Crobat will be played far less.
Draft 3.5/5 Now here he can shine 30 to anyone can really help here.
Team 3.5/5 Hmm well this or Umbreon can be used in a dual locking deck very well.

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