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Pojo's Average Rating -
Unlimited: 3.13 (based on 4 reviews)
Modified: 3.92
(based on 4 reviews)
Draft: 4.29
(based on 4 reviews)
Reviewed May 6, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Kingdra is not too bad. It has an attack that lets you use any previous evolution's attack for a mere one colorless energy. That can be tremendously helpful while building up to it's 4 energy main attack. And a nice attack that is, too. You get the chance to take up to two Energy cards off of the Defending Pokemon and do 50 damage to it as well! Of course, you will remove one on average since there are flips involved, and some of the time you will do nothing at all, not even damage. Still, with 90 HP and a lot of flexibility, I can see why people like this card. The biggest drawback that I see are the mediocre attacks of the Horseas and the Seadras. They just aren't all that special, but I guess being able to do them for only one energy makes up for it.

Unlimited: You can use Breeder to get to Kingdra on turn two, but then you won't have a Seadra to copy attacks from. Better to evolve step by step, but as soon as possible. This Kingdra can survive in Unlimited since it can survive the Energy Removals and use Genetic Memory. And, if you happen to power up it's big attack, your opponent will be in trouble. Still, it has a weak Basic and is a Stage 2. 3/5

Modified: This has won some major tournaments, so it has proven itself on the battlefield. Flexibility is always good. Part of playing this card is choosing the proper evo line since you will be drawing on their attacks as you go along. 4/5

Draft: A Stage 2. What more is there to say? How about, "Where's the evo line?" It isn't there! Unless you draft this with Fossil or Genesis, Kingdra will be a drink coaster. I'll do my rating based on drafting with Genesis. Even then, you will be lucky to get it into play. 2.25/5


Kingdra (Neo Revelation)

This card caused quite some stir after a deck with Kingdra made T4 in the ECSC. A lot of people then started building a variant of it. Why is this card good then? Flexibility.

90HP for a Stage 2 is pretty good. No Weakness or Resistance is nice. Let's look at the 2nd attack first. Twister is a decent attack. With some decent flips, you'll be able to remove some energy cards from the defending Pokemon. However, if you get both Tails, the attack won't even do any damage. =/

Genetic Memory is a really interesting attack. The ability to use any of Kingdra's previous evolutions without the energy cost is great. However, none of the those attacks are exceptionally powerful, except maybe Mud Splash. There are a few Agility attacks but in term of damage, Mud Splash is the best attack. 30 to active and a possible 10 more damage to bench is pretty good. 

IMO, Kingdra is just an average card by itself. However, Genetic Memory only requires one colorless energy! That means that you can easily play another type or two without the fear of getting energy screwed. That way, you'll be able to cover more of your opponent's weaknesses. Now, there are a lot of possible combination. Find what's the right one for you.

In Unlimited, it's definitely not weak to ER, which is a good thing.

In Modified, you can either play Kingdra/Dark Muk or Kingdra/Rocket's Scyther. Kingdra should be able to handle Big Fire and Entei/Cargo, while Dark Muk/Rocket's Scyther should be able to handle Feraligatr. Since you can cover more weaknesses, you'll gain the upperhand against lots of decks.

In Draft, it's a bit of a problem since there isn't a Horsea or a Seadra in Neo Revelation. Unless you're drafting Fossil & NR or Neo Genesis & NR, don't bother drafting Kingdra. If you are drafting the correct sets though, Kingdra would be a pretty good choice. You can even power up for Twister in this format!

Unlimited Rating: 3/5
Modified Rating: 3.6/5
Draft Rating: 2.7/5 (a 1/5 if you're not drafting the relevant sets) 

Lord Gothmog

Bah! I hate "King" Pokemon. Oh well.

In unlimited, I can sort of see playing it. If you evolve from Neo Horsea and Seadra, it's first attack is fair. 50 plus up to 2 energy discard on turn 3 is pretty good... But if both are tails no damage. Awful risky. 2.5/5

In modified, it's slower, considering there's no DCE. I gotta say...I really like Genesis Kingdra better for this format. Maybe 1 of this, to 2-3 of it.  It's useful when you have little energy, or have a really lucky coin. I'll say 2.7/5

In draft, it's a 0/0. No Horsea or Seadra in revelation! If you draft Neo R with Neo G or Fossil, it could be usable... 90 HP and no weakness is good. 3/5 if you manage to get the lower evos.

    Kingdra is a great card. My sister played it at St. Louis after I got the idea from Croconaw88. She went 2-3. Oh well, it was a good try eh? And this card has been proved good, as a player at the ESC got in the top 4 with a "Kingdra/Espeon".
    It's first attack is great, virtually guaranteed 30 damage. The second attack is nice, but risky. I'm sure you'll get both tails at least once a game -_-. It's harsh, but nice when you get both heads :) Kingdra is sweet.
    In standard, it deserves a 2.5/5. Evolutions are hard to play, and Horsea is FTKO bait.
    In modified, it deserves a 4/5. Obviously a nice card, and a nice deck. Look for this in the new modified.
    In draft, it gets a 3/5. If you can get the whole line, it's a really good card. Otherwise, it's pointless. :/
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