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Shining Tyranitar
Neo Destiny

Pojo's Average Rating -
Standard: 2.25 (based on 5 reviews)
Modified: 3.09
(based on 5 reviews)
Draft: 1.82
(based on 5 reviews)
Reviewed March 21, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Shining Tyranitar

Another decent Shining. However, you need to make deck based on it if you really want to take full advantage of the attacks. The way I see it, you can either make a Fighting-Darkness Deck or Fire-Darkness Deck. It's not a good idea to build a Fighting-Fire-Darkness Deck because it's going to be hard to get the right Energy Types.

Let's look at the card first. 80HP, no Weakness, cool art... All good points. Let's skip the first attack first and jump to the 2nd attack. Destructive Fire is a bit energy extensive AND you might discard some energy cards as well. This means that it would be hard for you to keep on attacking every turn with it. It's not such a good attack IMO.

Now let's look at the 1st attack, Mountain Crush. This attack can be devastating in Modified. The ability to "mill" your opponent's deck is just awesome. You might've noticed the MTs using the word "mill" with this card in the chats. That's a Magic: The Gathering reference to Millstone (which discard 2 cards from your opponent's deck). Anyways, Shining Tyranitar synergies REALLY WELL with Dark Tyranitar. Heck, they even require the same Energy Types (Fighting-Darkness)! If you make a deck based on Dark Tyranitar, it's a good idea to add Shining Tyranitar. Once you get the attacks going, you'll be mill-ing a LOT of your opponent's resources. You might be able to get rid of their precious evolutions or Trainers. It's slightly harder to get back stuff that are in your discard pile in Modified. The bad news is, the deck doesn't work very well against Feraligatr because of Trash Exchange. :-(

In Standard, don't bother playing Shining Tyranitar, just stick with Dark Tyranitar. There are just too much Energy Removals in Standard.

In Draft, I doubt you'll be able to get either Darkness Energies or Rainbow Energies. Therefore, it's not playable in Draft. But you can always pick it because it's a Shining. ;-D 

Standard Rating: 1.5/5 (Too much ER in Standard) 
Modified Rating: 3.1/5 (Awesome against anything other than Gatr)
Draft Rating: 1.0/5 (Darkness & Rainbow are next to impossible to get it Draft)


Finally! Another Pokemon that can be used to make an Active Stall deck! Mountain Crush does a nice 30-40 damage (with the D Energy) and also gives you the opportunity to run your opponents deck into the discard pile. What fun! And with 80 HP and a 3 Energy cost, it makes a nice late game surprise. In Standard it could work along with Fossil Moltres, although the differing Energy requirements could be an issue. Shining Tyranitar is nice in that it does not require a discard for its 'milling' attack. I wouldn't bother with Destructive Fire. The Extra 20 damage isn't worth the discard cost, generally. Finally, the "one card per deck" limitation of all Shinings drags the rating down a bit.

Regarding the Draft rating: I wanted to give this a 4.5/5 because this would be devastating in Draft with its 40-card deck...IF you could power up the attack! That is the problem. Unless you can get Darkness or Rainbow Energy in your Draft deck, it's a dead card! And if you can only get one of those cards, it might as well be a dead card. You can't depend on drawing both ST and your special energy in the same game let alone in the same hand. Its a shame. It would do very well if it didn't have that D Energy requirement...

Standard: 2.75/5 (Energy Removal hurts it and it has no 1-2 energy attack)
Modified: 3.75/5 (I think I will try this out and see what I can do with it!)
Draft: 1.1/5

Lord Gothmog

Booyah. Unquestionably my favorite Shining Card.

In standard, it fits into two types of decks: Typhlosion (people play Typhlosion in standard?), and Dark Tyranitar (again, in standard?). If you play either one of those, it's pretty good. Just toss in some Dark/Rainbow if you're using Typh, and you could do some serious ERing. It's feasible that it could be powered in 1 turn, if you use a rigged coin. And for Dark Tyranitar, you're obviously going to be playing Dark and Fighting energy, so might as well play one of these, too. The 1-per-deck thing makes it less powerful, but it's still average. 2.5/5. It does invite ERs. And not as many Typhlos/Dark TTar decks.

In modified, there's not too awful many Typhlosion decks, but Dark Tyranitar is awesome. It fits with the deck discarding theme, which unfortunately helps Gatr to some extent, but if you do it right, you'll knock out the threats, and if they stall, they'll deck out. I have to give it a 3/5, no more, considering you can only have 1. If not for that, it would be higher. 

In limited, I would pick it because it's valuable, and has a sweet picture. Unfortunately, you're unlikely to draft Darkness Energy, so you can't really play it. 1/5

Shining Tyranitar
Standard: Whut! Imagine milling through an opponents deck Turn 2! That would be hilarious if you have the luck of a madman, or a weighed set of dice or coins… not that I suggest you do it, but imagine the look on your opponents face, spectacular no? You can just see it, LoL.

Modified: Same as above, the only difference is it’s second attack is pretty cool in Modified, unlike Standard, a larger version of Kindle with a coin flip, it’s only problem besides what if you get 3 Heads and the opponent only has 1 Energy, kind of pointless, no? And if they’re running Typhlosion…, you get the picture.

Limited: Nope, the possibility of seeing play and being used are so slim, as slim as Drafting Dark Energy and Shining Tyranitar in the same Draft, especially if you don’t Draft Neo with Neo 4. Worth the attacks and HP, but really, the set just screws it.

Standard: 2.5/5 (Just cause of that slight possibility…, if the Gods favor you ;)

Modified: 2.6/5 (0.1 higher because of the fact that Removal isn’t scarcely played in Modified which means you can really mill off an opponent by repeatedly using Shining Tyranitar’s first attack >=)

Limited (Draft): 1/5 (Should be 0 but PoJo told me not to do that anymore -_-)


Well, it's first attack isn't too dependable, yet one you can smile at.

Moving on...

The second attack has hope. It's like a powerful kindle attack, and sorta reliable.

Standard Rating: 2/5
Modified Rating: 3/5
Limited Rating: ... you know what I'm going to say. = 7/5 ;x

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