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Shining Charizard

Neo Destiny

Pojo's Average Rating -
Standard: 1.08 (based on 5 reviews)
Modified: 1.28
(based on 5 reviews)
Draft: 2.40
(based on 5 reviews)
Reviewed March 18, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Shining Charizard

I might have been a bit biased on my review of Shining Kabutops last time. It was a lot better than the card that I'm about to review today, Shining Charizard. First thing first, the art on this is awesome! 100HP Basic is pretty good. The 3-Retreat Cost is pretty bad though.

Let's look at the ONLY attack it has, "White-hot Flame". This attack is a huge joke IMO. First of all, you need FIVE Energies before you can even attack. Add to the fact that you need TWO different types of Energies to use the attack AND you need to discard TWO of them to deal 100 damage is already pretty bad. Even Base Charizard is better than this guy! When you think that it can't get any worse, you have to flip a coin too. On Tails, it takes 30 damage! -_-

In Standard, Energy Removal would prevent it from EVER attacking. The only thing it's good for is probably against Clefable. Clefable won't be able to use the attack unless it discards the Fire and Lightning Energy cards.. I guess you can stall a bit. I was seriously trying my best to break this card but I just can't.

The best possible way for you to win with Shining Zard is:
1. Attach Lightning Energy to Shining Charizard.
2. Play Holo Entei from your hand and hopefully attach 3-5 Fire Energy cards with Howl.
3. Attach another Lightning and BOOM! 2nd turn 100 damage!

That would be pretty fun but I doubt it would happen very often.

In Modified, if you can pull it off with Entei or maybe Fire Recharge Typhlosions, I guess it's not too bad.

In Draft, if you can somehow build this guy up, it's most likely would be an overkill as 100 damage is a bit excessive. However, since this is probably the most valuable card in Neo Destiny, pick it. ;-)

Standard Rating: 1.4/5
Modified Rating: 1.7/5
Draft Rating: 1.2/5 (Playabilty wise) 


Ack!! We're being mooned by a big purple dragon! No, not Barney! Shining Charizard!

Let's see now... we get a 20 HP drop from Base Set Charizard, an extra energy cost, a MIXED energy cost, keep the two card discard cost, lose the ability to use DCE, no lower cost attacks to use while powering up, AND the chance of doing self damage?

Hey, where do I sign up?

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that plays this in a deck and even cares about whether they win or not needs their head examined. Even people that play Base set Charizard should stay away from this. I don't care what format you are in. You could be in the "Shining Fire" format and you still should not play this card.

Collect it, sell it, anything but play it!

Standard, Modified, Draft: 0.2/5

Lord Gothmog

Out of all the Shining Pokemon, most people would say this one is the worst.

In standard, that's correct. Shining Magikarp is better. However, if you play it in a Typhlosion deck with Rainbow energy, it might just do well enough to be terrible, as opposed to worthless. 1/5

In modified, if you REALLY REALLY like Charizard, you can play it with Light Flareon and charge it up in 3 turns. Then you discard 2 and need another 2 turns. Wow, so appealing. 1.5/5

In limited, it's a Shining. It's rare. It's a good pick. 5 energy attack sucks, though, even in draft. You can sell it for money for more drafts! 2/5


Shining Charizard

Standard: A big 'mother', Shining Charizard has that neat smell to it that reminds you of the first time you opened a pack of PokeyMon cards and found a Base Set Charizard. The pretty sparkles to match its noxious aroma which you wanted to preserve by throwing in a PSA 10 plastic container. That's all it's good for, trade bait, just like the original big 'mother'. 100 HP for a Basic is all good, but to make this guy run really speedy like a Sneasel, you'd need to kill off a load of Electrodes and a Miracle Energy here and there. And even better, what if your opponent Breeder's a Light Dragonite Turn 2 after you Buzzap'd to your Shining Lizard? Not a great scene, eh? If you want to look utterly pathetic, I say you replace one of your Base Set Ghastlys with this thing, you'll certainly catch all the little kids attentions ;)

Modified: Would you really use this thing! Come on, really? It can burn off anything on this side of the moon but to get it built you need 4 turns in Modified (Miracle Energy) and then every two turns afterward to keep dealing constant damage. Let me remind you: 'Gatr goes off Turn 3!!! Not too shiny now, eh?

Limited: 100 HP for a BASIC in Draft is a REALLY good thing. If you pop this sucker up, consider yourself lucky. This thing just obliterates in Draft. Only thing is you need to power it up every two turns in which some Water Pokémon or any random Pokémon, at that, can pick it off. But really, if everything goes well in the card pool with Fire and Electric Pokémon, don't pass this guy up. 1st Pick or if it ever passes you! Keep your options open ;)

Standard: 0.2/5
Modified: 0.1/5 (It's worse because of no Electrode, if it could be worse than it already is...)

Limited (Draft): 2.9/5

If you want to discuss strategy or need help contact me:

[AIM: LuRiLu] [MSN:]


5 energy cost? Possible damage to self? Discarding energy? This card is way too messy to play. Worse than the base set version!

Standard rating: 1/1000. Ouch. It's so bad, I had to add on to make it a lower fraction. =\ The lowest rating. Poor zard resigns.

Modified rating: 1/1000. Ouch again. Just don't play it...

Limited Rating: 6/5. It's rare, its shiny, its worth money, so draft it!

I think this is the first time I've given a 1/1000 for a cards standard rating and a 6/5 for a limited. -_-

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