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Espeon - Discovery

Pojo's Average Rating -
Unlimited: 2.30 (based on 4 reviews)
Modified: 3.63
(based on 4 reviews)
Draft: 3.60
(based on 4 reviews)
Reviewed June 25, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Lord Gothmog

I've never really looked too hard at this card. Interesting fact, even though it's name starts with "E," it's card #1 in the Neo Discovery set. 

In unlimited, Colorless/Sneasel is everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Just too much resistance to make a difference. 2/5

In modified, I can see how it's useful. Psychic is 60 to a Gatr, KO to a Bat, and "a lot" to most other stuff. Lots of big energy hogs in this format. 3/5

In limited, it's perfectly usable. I mean, it's a foil, but it's Stage 1, and the Basic is a common. And let's be honest. If you're drafting with Discovery, you take what you can get.


Tuesday Espeon:
    Wow... THIS is a winning card. Unbelievable. In regular Modified, it's not THAT good... but in MMF, it may be the best archetype yet. Seriously.
    First off, it can get out first turn with Eevee from Neo2. That's not that important, but it prevents you from getting Tyrogued. Tackle is boring, but Psychic is something else. It's great against almost everything.
    The only thing that can beat Espeon is something that outspeeds it, and that's not much folks.
Standard Rating: 2.5/5
Modified Rating: 4/5
Draft Rating: 3/5
BigChuck01 Espeon

One of the better Psychic Pokemon available.  80 HP and free Retreat is great.  Psychic is such a good attack, but in Unlimited, it wont do much Vs Sneasel.  Weak to removals as well.  2.5/5

In Modified, no Removals and no Sneasels makes this thing great.  Most things require a lot if energy to attack, so Psychic will be doing a lot of damage.  4/5

In draft, this thing can clean the house (If you can get it going).  4.5/5

Holo Espeon

An 80HP Stage 1 with no Retreat and a colorless attack is a nice Pokemon for splashing.

In Unlimited, it is unfortunate that Holo Espeon is Psychic since popular Pokemon like Sneasel, Chansey and Clefable all have resistance to it. ER also prevents you from using Psychic too much.

In Modified, this card is quite underrated. It's definitely very playable as it can do 50-60 damage to Gatr and quite some more against Entei-decks on the 3rd turn. The zero retreat cost works really well with Double Gust.

In Draft, I like Stage 1s like this. Colorless attack is a great plus too.

Unlimited Rating: 2.3/5
Modified Rating: 3.5/5
Draft Rating: 3.3/5
Crokanaw88 Tuesday: Espeon

I love this card. I have recently won 6/7 mmf tourneys with espeon varients. Crobat and Dark Muk are very popular in Modified making it a great metagame. Espy is extremely fast swarming your opponent. 80 HP and free retreat make it hard to beat.

As for Standard its prone to ER/SER. Its great in draft with the neo2 Eevee being able to get espy out with out having to topdeck.

Standard 2.5/5

Modified 4.5/5

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