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Rattata - Jungle, Legendary Coll.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Unlimited: 1.38 (based on 7 reviews)
Modified: 1.37
(based on 7 reviews)
Draft: 2.76
(based on 7 reviews)
Reviewed June 21, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This little rat used to be great TecH against Ditto. With his free retreat and 20 damage for one colorless, you could get him in, do some damage, KO the Ditto, and get him out of there.

Now, with Babies running around, his use has plummeted. However, now that he will be showing up in Drafts with LC, I think he is worth considering. There is no other card in LC that will let you get out of the gate on turn one doing 20 damage. While he is relatively easy to KO, his speed (both in attacking and retreating) make up for it.

Well worth considering in a Draft, especially if you can swarm him. Also, Psychic should be strong in LC drafts, so his resistance comes into play.

Unlimited: 1.5/5

Modified: 2/5

Draft: 3.5/5

Lord Gothmog

Ah, Rattata. The stuff legends are made of. Simply put, the coolest Pokemon card ever printed. There will never be a better Pokemon than Rattata. Even the picture. He's all like, "Oh yeah, I rule." And he does. Because he's Rattata.

In unlimited, Rattata is 30 HP and 1 for 20. Not the best. But it's RATTATA!

2/5 for Rattata value.

In modified, it's still not great. BUT IT'S RATTATA! 2/5

In limited, it's not the worst. 3/5


Friday: Rattata

Once again, no specification for set :P Base Rattata is a pathetic piece of paper, although I'm sure everyone had a Raticate deck at one time or another. Sure, C for 20 is nice, but 30 hp with Machop and Hitmonchan rampant at the time wasn't. =\

TR Rattata is interesting. We saw the combo with Here Comes Team Rocket!, but I doubt it's any good anymore. Seriously, it'd be a funny deck, but not one that would win. It's ... well Tyrogue bait =D*** (Drools over Tyrogue)

Standard Rating: 2/5

Modified Rating: 1.5/5

Limited Rating: 3/5

Croconaw88 Friday: Rattata

This is just one of the cards that makes you say "I dont get it". 30 HP and weakness to fighting will get you Tyrogued. Not a good evolution.

In Standard you will just get FTKOed and easy gusts. 1 colorless for 20 is nice but the extremely low HP makes it unplayable.

In Modified Rattata is just not any good. Still to easy to KO and not a big attacker.

In Draft it's better but not much.

Standard 1/5

Modified 1/5

Draft 2/5 "FREAK OUT"

BigChuck01 Ratatta

Ratatta is pretty bad.  1 colorless 20 is good, but 30 HP isn't.  HP that low wont cut it in unlimited. 1.5/5 (The .5 because it's a Ditto killer =\.)

In Modified, there's no Ditto to give it that extra .5.  1/5

In draft, this could actually be decent.  Low HP is made up for a quick attack and free retreat.  People playing Psychic would be like "Ohh... dear GOD!"  3/5
sAvIoR Rattata - One of the basis to my very first haymakers, then I discovered Buzz, Farfetched, Hitmonchan, Scyther, Pinser etc. I do like that this card is colorless, free retreat, 20 damage for one energy, which is basic hay. I don't like 30 HP. It's to small for a basic. If it had 50 HP I would still rather play machop. Raticate, it's evolution, is none to strong either. It's hp only double's when it evolve's, (making it 60). Raticate is very weak to. If I was to play a rattata I would much rather play the one from rocket in combination of Here Comes Team Rocket and an Imposter Oak's Invention or two.

Standard - 1

Modified - 1

Draft - 1



This 30HP Pokemon is fast! It's a basic with no retreat cost. Bite is a great deal as it's 20 damage for one colorless energy.

In Unlimited, there is almost no point in playing it. If you want to build FTKO decks, use cards like Erika's Jigglypuff or Misty's Polywag.

In Modified, not much use here as well.

In Draft, this card is amazing. It kills 40HP Pokemon in 2 hits, a great advantage, especially if you go first. It can get rid of most status easily thanks to the free retreat cost. It's also a common, meaning that you can draft a lot of them (especially in LC). Then, just swarm your opponent with them. Bench disruption, like Gust, is kinda rare in draft so your Rattatas are safe (most of the time).

Unlimited Rating: 1.2/5
Modified Rating: 1.1/5
Draft Rating: 3.8/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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