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Mysterious Fossil - Fossil, Legendary Coll.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Unlimited: 1.83 (based on 6 reviews)
Modified: 2.58
(based on 6 reviews)
Draft: 2.84
(based on 6 reviews)
Reviewed June 17, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Not for use in a deck for everyone. Mysterious Fossil will pretty much only be played if you want to get out an Evolution of the Fossil. A couple of them are decent and there are currently only two ways to get them out: one is Fossil Egg and the other is Mysterious Fossil. Egg is flippy, but you get the benefit of searching for the Stage 1 and skipping the 10HP "Basic". On the other hand, while MF is weak (to put it mildly), it won't count as a Prize if it gets KO'ed, so you don't have to worry so much about it. Also remember that it can also act as a one turn rest for you since your opponent will try to take it out for fear of what you may be using it for. Your Bench is usually safe to build for this turn!

MF is safer, though, since 4 Tails flips would put you out of business if you were only using Fossil Egg.

Unlimited: Easy to KO and Scyther will take out all of the evo's in one shot. 2.25/5
Modified: Gives you a better chance on making a Hydro-Cutter deck. Has some possibilities. 3.5/5
Draft: If you are drafting this with Neo Discovery, this is a great card. If you can get a Kabuto Swarm going, look out! Also, since Gust is non-existent, your one turn rest is almost assured. 3.75/5

Lord Gothmog

Mysterious Fossil makes Neo 2 Kabutops and Neo 3 Aerodactyle playable without a flip. The Kabutops is not bad, especially since the Kabuto is self-replicating.

In unlimited, no change really. I like Fossil Egg better for a faster environment with Item Finder and such, because faster is better. 2/5 

In modified, it's a bit better I think. Flip trainers are just not usable. It provides an alright stall, too. But it's only as good as the evolutions you play off it. 2.5/5

In draft, it's one trainer that won't help too much. It may buy you a turn (or more), but that's only if you have a few of them. Not really worth picking unless you open a good Fossil rare evolution... And in Legendary, there aren't any. 2/5 for stall factor.


Mysterious Fossil

I can't really say much about this card. It's a Clefairy Doll that can evolve... Yey, Clefairy Doll is a Rare.. -_-;

Mysterious Fossil is a more guaranteed way than Fossil Egg if you want to get those prehistoric evolutions out. I have flipped 4 straight Tails with Fossil Egg before, which costs me a game.

You can also use MF and Clefairy Dolls to stall a few turns I guess but that's not really a good choice.

In Unlimited, most people prefer using Fossil Egg because of speed and the availability of Item Finder. MF is gust bait as well.

In Modified, MF is more reliable because we no longer have Item Finder. Plus, Neo Discovery Kabutops is one of the best Water Pokemon to counter the surge of Fire Decks...

In Draft, it's a decent pick. You can use it to stall a turn, which can be a really deciding factor, or evolve it. The only decent evos that I can think of are both Aerodactyls (colorless attack and Fighting Resistance) and Neo Discovery Kabutops.  

Unlimited Rating: 2/5 (Fossil Egg is a slightly better choice here)
Modified Rating: 3.5/5
Draft Rating: 2.8/5


Monday: Mysterious Fossil

I remember when this card was translated for the first time. People actually thought the card was INVINCIBLE. Now that's that rumor's gone, it's lost use. Mysterious Fossil is good only in decks that use Omanyte, Aerodactyl, or Kabuto, and even THOSE decks have lost use for it. THINK about it... you can now get Aerodactyl turn ONE with Fossil Egg. Why would you waste time with Mysterious Fossil? So frankly, I think it's lost a lot of use.

Standard Rating: 1.5/5 (This is where it has lost tons. Fossil Aerodactyl can be played turn ONE now. Wow, wouldn't it have been different if this would've been in LC? ;\

Limited Rating: 2/5 (The Omanyte/Kabuto lines are better in draft.)

Croconaw88 Monday: Mysterious Fossil

This card isnt much to brag about. I would rather just play Evolution egg than fosil. but for you people that dont like flips fosil is the way to go.  The kabu/Omastar/aero lines arent very good in Standard. In Modified neo2 topps is 0wnage with steelix. Fosil is good in draft if you want to stall a turn.

Standard 1.5/5

Modified 2/5

Draft 2.5/5

BigChuck01 Mysterious Fossil

This card is the basic form of Kabuto, Omanyte, and Aerodactyl, but none of these cards are really good in Unlimited.  Wasting a deck spot on something to stall one turn isn't worth it.  1.5/5

In modified, it could be useful to buy you that extra turn to build.  But again, the deck spot isn't worth it.  2/5

In draft, it's average.  One more turn to build a big evolution can be crucial  3/5
sAvIoR Mysterious Fossil - Ahhh the fossil that which is mysterious..On it's own, not much of a card, but what cards it lets hit the board, not bad. I like the idea of a basic that's a trainer that doesn't allow opponent to take a prize. Aerodactyl was the card of the times that evolved from mysterious fossil. Aero/mew/erika's dratini was a nice little deck that wouldn't have as much power today. Then came fossil egg, and for the most part made mysterious fossil seem obsolete... Turn 1 aero...Although a few were still used in the deck to avoid those silly times when you can't flip a heads if your life depended on it. 

In modified and MMF I have seen and tried a few rougish decks based around a fast Kabutops (Neo2). Being able to do 80 for 1-2 energies to these big nasty ninetails and magcargo's is a definate advantage... in limited, mysterious fossil is the card you take if there is NOTHING else you want... even then take the biggest threat that would hurt you the most.

Standard - 1.5 
Modified - 2.0
Draft - 1 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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