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Mantine - Neo Destiny

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The Poke`mon Master 1110  Mantine:

Yeesh, man, does this thing need some help.  It accually fits in quite nicely with a deck I call "10-10-2-20"  cuz if you play it you need to call some one to take you the an asylum >_<.  Really this card has no use.  It is total crap.

Unlimited:  Not even a chance.  This thing will get beaten so bad it is not even the sligtest bit funny.  .75/5

MMF:  No.  Same here, exept that since fire is popular here he can do some damage.  Still, if you play him, oh, I just, I mean, geeze.  1/5

Limited:  You'ed think I'd be good here, but its not.  Why draft this?  Why?  Sure, fourty damage, but geeze, it can only do it every other turn man.  1.25/5

Fun Factor: .75/5

The Bottom Line:  1/5

dontknow09 Neo Destiny Mantine

I guess our continuous reviews of new cards have stopped. But o well. This card is an old one, but lets take a look at it. 60HP is 10 away from the magic number, but 60 will do nicely. Bottom stats is kinda weak. Weakness to lighting is a boo hoo, and 2 retreat for a basic is pretty bad. The only decent thing on the bottom stats is resistance to fighting. Now on to the attacks. Well,i should mean attack. One attack makes anycard unreliable. The effect makes the unreliable attack even worse. 2 for 40 is nice, but needs no effect or a better effect(like scyther's, the promo one).

Unlimited-Well, not reliable. 2 for 40 is nice, but others can do much more in 2 turns. HP is not enough to live and such a high retreat makes it so much of a gust bait. 2/5

MMF- Cargo destroyer right here, but don't just use mantine for that purpose only. Fire is strong, and pretty fast too. But anyways, there are always more fish in the sea, if you catch my drift. LOL. 2.5/5

Draft- Really nice. 2 for 40 will give you that speed advantage. Although it'll be hard to attack constantly, mantine should be able to take down 1 or 2 pokes. 2.75/5
Thundachu Neo Destiny Mantine:

Kind of underated I believe. Not many people use Lightning, so the weakness shouldnt be a problem. Resistance to Fighting is a great addition to any pokemon. Great combo with Venusaur from Expedition. Pokemon power lets you attach 2 energy per turn to your active. Can't use the attack next turn, but 40 damage is ok for 2 water energy. Retreat Cost of 2 is a little high for a basic pokemon. 60HP is great for a basic pokemon.

Unlimited: Electabuzz could be a tad of a problem for it. 2.5/5
Modified: 3/5
Draft: 4.5/5
Rocket On!: 2.75/5
Monday - Mantine

This reminds me a lot of the Promo scyther we reviewed last week. Thing
is, it's got a high retreat, and it has weakness to lightning.
I've seen this "teched" in a lot of decks. How do you TecH a water card
with a cost of 2 water energy? I know it's been done, but I think that's
offbasing the deck. Qwilfish is a better card to "TecH" in a deck because
the cost is 2 colorless, not 2 water.
Overall, it's a decent card. It won't see a whole lot of play in water
decks, but if you can find a way to lower the retreat, it's a lot better.
Only good with switch, double gust, warp point, and the like.

Unlimited: 2.5/5
Modified: 2/5
Limited: 3.5/5

~ RaNd0m
X- Act Neo Destiny Mantine.

My choice for this week. ^_^ We start with this Mantine. Ah, Mantine.
The perfect anti-Fire card.

Unlimited: Hmm. It's weak to lightning. It's retreat cost of 2 is too
much for a 60HP Pokemon. It doesn't attack until the second turn. When (and, if) it attacks, it can't attack next turn. It's not splashble. In short, it stinks.

Modified: I remember, one fine day, I was thinking about how on Earth can I counter Magcargo in this format. A second-turn Magcargo can deal up to 100 damage (and sometimes even more). That's too much, even for a Water deck. Basically, I needed either a Water Pokemon that dealt 20 (or preferably 30) with 1 energy (sort of a Water Tyrogue) or a Water Pokemon that dealt 40 with 2 energies. I found this card. 2 Water energies for 40. Magcargo has 80HP. Do the math. Of course, if the Magcargo player starts first, then he can still pull off his second turn 100 damage Magcargo. But then you can KO it next turn (unless the Mantine hasn't been double-gusted the previous turn >_<). Yes, you can't attack during your next turn. But, remember, Magcargo discards energies when it attacks. That makes it delay a turn or two too. Howls delay Magcargo a turn too. Coincidence? I think not. :) However, this
card isn't that good against non-fire decks. I suggest having only two of this Pokemon in your deck at most, and playing it only if your opponent's deck is a fire deck. Oh, Fighting Resistance. That's nice. Be careful of that Electabuzz though, since it seems that it likes to eat Mantines for breakfast. (How exaggerated ;x) The retreat cost of 2 is really bad for a 60HP basic. That, compounded by the "can't attack next turn" clause, makes it horrible against non-fire decks. 2.5/5

Draft: It's a 60HP Common Pokemon. Not shabby at all. Its problem in this format, as well as those described previously (namely its retreat cost and the fact that it can only attack every other turn) is that it is anything but splashable. I guess if you're drafting Water, then it's a nice pick. Otherwise, it's very risky.
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