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Vileplume - Expedition

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Vileplume (Exp.)

This Vileplume is a bit weird. Poison Pollen is an interesting Power. A chance to give the defending Pokemon auto Poison every turn is really nice. Petal Dance is a really good attack (but risky). 2 Energies for up to 90 damage is really amazing! It's almost as good as Sneasel's Beat Up. The bad part is though, Vileplume will be confused every time you use the attack. And don't forget that if Vileplume is confused, you can't use the power. Now, in constructed (either Unlimited or Modified), you can use stuff like Full Heal Energy or Switch to get rid of Confusion. Heck, you could even combo it with Expedition Butterfree's Miraculous Powder (both Grass type too!).

In Unlimited, it CAN work, if you build it right. It's not too weak to ER. It also has a weird Weakness to PSYCHIC, and we all know that Psychic is almost non-existant in Unlimited due to Sneasel, Chansey, and Wiggly... 3.4/5

In Modified, it might work here as well. Especially if you can get Exp. Butterfree out as well. Kinda hard getting both out though, but if you can build a deck around it... 3.5/5

In Draft, I would probably just use the Power. I might attack if it's going to win me the game, but otherwise I rather let it sit in my Bench where it is safe. Since it is a Stage 2 though, it might be harder to get out... 3/5  

Expedition Vileplume
Special conditions are awesome and that makes Poison Pollen decent (aside from the flip). What is even better is when you can give another Pokemon a Special Condition without using an attack. Unless you are on the receiving end of the condition. For one thing, they stop all Pokemon Powers. Another is that they do something to the Defending Pokemon, whether locking it (Paralyzing,  Confusion, and Asleep) or damaging it (Poison and Burned). In Vileplume's case, its damage from poison. This Pokemon Power gets around the Baby Rule since it is a Pokemon Power, not an attack. Even if they retreat, the next thing they bring up will become poisoned if you flip heads. Swarming with this Pokemon Power gives you a better chance to flip heads out of how many Vileplumes are out in play. The Expedition version of Vileplume has a great attack that does thirty damage times the number of heads you get. Either way, Vileplume then is confused. However a cost of one grass energy and one colorless is cheap for an average of sixty per turn. It is worth it to retreat plume and bring it back up. Vileplume has high hit points and a decent retreat cost.
Resistance to Psychic is big in Unlimited with Chansey and Clefables running wild. Low energy cost makes it somewhat resistant to energy removals. Combo this card with Rocket's Oddish and free retreating Pokemon like Jungle Scyther for some interesting play. Confusion is the only thing that hurts this card. 3/5
Espeon will hurt this deck just like Revelation Crobat. Two Murkrows will aid you in stopping them. Steelix is also something to think about, tech in a Promo Smeragle if you feel it is nessisary. Swarming with this card is awesome in Modified, however heavy Pichu in your area may make trouble down the road unless you are playing Healing Fields. Lower evolutions choices are not too great in Modified. Again confusion hurts this card alot. 2/5
Pulling a Expedition Vileplume from an draft is awesome. Special Conditions in Draft are even better to have. Chances of finding something to heal your Vileplume from confusion is also a possibility in Expedition with Switch, Full Heal, and Warp Point. Still a chance for confusion, but your opponent will be dead before his turn. 4/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Vileplume:

I do like the power.  The chance for posin before your attack is very good.  The attack is medeocre at best, but could be fun combined with full heal or miricle berry.  Still, this really doesn't warrent playing it over other cards.

Unlimited:  Nope.  There really isn't any point in playing this here.  He'll just get eaten up before he can really do anything, and he would't even effect the game all that much.  2.25/5

MMF:  Better.  Still, I sure wouldn't play him.  There are so many pokemon that cause posin automatically that is seems almost a wast to use up precious deck space with this guys line.  Pass him up.  2.75/5

Limited:  Prolly the best here, but it still dosen't say much about him.  It may be expedition, but it is still draft.  You will prolly only be able to get one reliable line going, but for what he can do, this guys line shouldn;t be that one.  2.75/5

Fun Factor:  3.25/5

The Bottom Line:  2.5/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 
dontknow09 Expedition Vileplume

Now here's a good vileplume. The first card that can poison from the bench. Can be combo'd with the new arbok. I've even heard of people trying it with sab. kadabra. 90HP is good, but it could use that extra 10. 2 retreat is nice. Better than 3, of course. Poke-Power is so0 kool. It can't go against you. It will go against your opponent. Attack is much more economical than previous versions. Alot of pokemon with simlar attacks need 3 color energies to do the same effect. This vileplume only needs one grass and one colorless.

Unlimited-It can have a great affect on the game. Poison from the bench is jus too kool. SER could hurt it alot, but not as bad as the other versions.  Personally, i would just use it has a poisoner from the bench. But ill be gust bait. Not awesome like sneasle with 4 darkness, 4 pluspowers that got all heads, but still has some potential. I'd give it a 2.75/5

MMF- Without the cheapness of unlimited, Vileplume can live in the high life. Don't know how, but it can find its way up. Its jus that bench poison  is pretty good. Try it out. It might be good. But for now, i give it a 2.75/5

Draft- Bench poison will rule in draft, if you can get it out though.HAHA
Still, that attack is killer. Only 2 enegies. Flippy, but go for it. 3/5
X- Act solid HP. It can be comboed in many ways. Simply put, "nice".

Unlimited: This is one of the very few Pokemon in Expedition that is
actually viable in this format. Evolve turn 2 with Pokemon Breeder,
then attack... or have lots of Vileplumes in the Bench to (almost)
guarantee a Poisoned Defending Pokemon every turn. Hmm. Sabrina's
Kadabra's "Life Drain" attack is great with this Vileplume. If you
flip heads on Life Drain (maybe using Sabrina's ESP?) and flip heads on
one of your Vileplumes, you KO the Defending Pokemon, no matter the
amount of Metal Energies it has, HP left, and/or having a Focus Band
attached. (Remember, Poison damage evades Focus Band.) It's also a
possible turn 2 combo. :O Vileplume can prove to be quite a nice
attacker too, provided you have a nice number of Status-Effect healing
cards. Its attack is very cheap for what it does, although Super Energy
Removal delays it for one turn. Lastly, having lots of Vileplumes on
your Bench can guarantee a 40 damage per turn for the new Expedition
Arbok using just a Double Colorless Energy (although, admittedly, this
combo seems to promise much but deliver little, maybe due to Arbok's
70HP.) Just be careful of that Movie Promo Mewtwo though, which lately
is making a comeback.

Modified: Sabrina's Kadabra is absent in this format. A shame, really.
It would have been great to KO that Steelix. Oh well. Yes, Pokemon
Breeder is also legal in this format, but I won't count solely on it,
since Computer Search is absent, and so you'll find it harder to find
your beloved Breeder. It's not bad here too, but there's a problem:
Psychic weakness. Espeon is still popular in this format, and although
you can try to limit the damage by running the Fire-weak versions of
Oddish and Gloom, that won't save you, in turn, from Magcargo. Add to
the mix Steelix's resistance to grass. Yes, Steelix can be poisoned,
but... it will be poisoned and that's it. Gold Berry/Healing Field/
Double Gust/Switch will save it. Hmm. The Arbok/Vileplume combo does
too little damage for this format to be really viable. So... let's try
other alternatives. Maybe you can try to attack with the Vileplume and
use the new Expedition Butterfree (to remove status effects every
turn)? Hmm. Again, it's very risky. In short, in this format, Vileplume
is full of promise, but delivers very little. What a pity.

Draft: Hmm. Not a bad Pokemon to draft. The Oddish and Gloom of the
same set have nice splashable attacks too, although the amount of
damage they inflict is, to say the least, below average. Hmm. It's
surely not a bad pick. Dealing up to 90 damage for a grass energy and
another old energy is just sick. Well, good luck on getting it out,
and... good luck on those flips. *grins*
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