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Multi Technical Machine 01 - Expedition

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Multi Technical Machine 01

MTM (lol) 01 is an an okay TM. Basically for one turn, you get a guaranteed paralyzation. At the cost of one card though.

In Unlimited, I find this a waste of space. But sometimes, stalling for one turn can win you the game (especially against Sneasel). 2/5

In Modified, still don't really see a use for it. That one spot is better to be used for some other card instead. You can combo it with Promo Scyther though. Attack on the 2nd turn. Since you can't attack anyway, use MTM01 to paralyze the defending Pokemon, and attack it again the next turn. 2.5/5

In Draft, it's slightly better. If you don't draft anything good, you might consider taking this. You can stall one turn to power up your big attacker. Can be some good in certain situations I guess... 3/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  TM 01

Wow, a TM, just like on the Game Boy games.  Wait, isn't TM 01 Mega Punch?  Meh... oh well.  The accual card is pretty darn good.  Haven't you ever been in a situation where even if you attacked, it would do almost nothing?  Yes, you have.  Don't deny it guys.  Well, here it is.  This thing fits into any deck, albet those weird dark crobat no energy decks =/  It basically buys you one more turn.  Well, unless your opponet uses switch, or double gust or scoop up or... Wait, when will that happen?  Yeah I guess it could.  Still, that dosen't detract from it's overall usefullness.

Unlimited:  Hmmmm... well, it is not as good here.  Unlimited doesn't see too many status effects.  Mainly because people get around it so easally.  Prolly not.  2.5/5

MMF:  Better here.  Still not the best, but one extra turn here may make all the difference sometimes.  Since most people play evos. that take a longer time to power up, it would seem that the TM fits the bill perfictly.  3.5/5

Limited:  I wouldn't really take this.  Chances are that there will be something better you can get out of your pack.  2.25/5

Fun Factor:  2.75/5

The Bottom Line:  2.7/5

dontknow09 Multi Technical Machine 01

Wow, a TM. Wow, auto paralyze. Wow, only 1 colorless to do so. But can it compete in the enviroments? As people have said before, never judge a book by its cover. Or refering to pokemon, never judge a card until you have tried it. Basically, this card is pretty much a waste of space. If it did atleast did some damage, it could be better. Don't believe me? Then try it on somebody(no, not a little kid that jus seriously into the game). Your opponent has choices you know, like full heal, fh energy, poke-powers, switch, warp point, double gust,evolving, devolving, and anything else i cant think of now.

Unlimited-Not gonna do you anygood. Wow, you spare yourself one turn. Now that mite give you an advantage, but i highly doubt that. It can turn the tables of a game, but i also highly doubt that. Waste is a perfect adjective for this card. 0.5/5

MMF-Well, you can stop pokemon powers for one turn, since alota decks have pokemon powers. Will this give you an advantage/turn the tables, i doubt that, but not highly. It can give you an extra turn, but don't count on it. If you want to paralyze somebody, make a right around the corner to the electric section. Thats about all i can say about this card in MMF. 0.75/5

Draft- Will help you out a little, since tables turn alot in draft. Well,
not really. I estimating that you would probably get 1 or 2 of these at
most. 1 or 2 extra turns really wont help you. Nuff said. Here's the rate
for draft. 0.75/5
X- Act Multi Technical Machine 01

Hmm. Interesting card. Let's see... you basically stall for one turn.
Hmm. I guess, since this is an attack, you still flip for the Baby
rule. (Maybe this is the reason why the wording for the Baby Rule of
the new Expedition babies has been slightly changed.) That's... bad.

Unlimited: Let's see. Is it worth it to stall for one turn in this
format? Umm, not really. Besides the fact that your opponent can switch
his Active Pokemon next turn, rendering your Multi Technical Machine 01
useless, I can't see a single reason to stall for one turn. The speed
of this format is simply too much. Erm, and also, I can't see a place
for it in the deck, either. There are much more useful Trainers in this
format. Use them. Not this.

Modified: Hmm. OK, stalling here is not useless. You need to recover if
your opponent managed to setup before you did. I don't think you'll be
able to recover in ONE turn, though. Compounded by the fact that your
opponent can simply Double Gust or Switch his Paralysed Pokemon, or
that you flip tails for the Baby Rule. Those odds are NOT good. =\

Draft: This is an Uncommon card. I'd take it ONLY if there isn't
anything better to choose from the pack. Unfortunately for this card,
Expedition has two Common cards (Switch and Full Heal) and an Uncommon card (Warp Point) which will obviously be picked up, and make this TM next to useless. And... you again discard it at the end of your turn. That's simply not worth the effort.
TR Cassidy Multitechnical Machine 01

Hey all, my first CotD thingie cause I was kinda to lazy to do it before... ^_^'

Basically, you attach this thing to your active, drop an energy, and you've got an auto-paralyzing attack. Personally, I wouldn't waste the space in my deck with this card as it's really only good for giving you an extra turn of stall power. It doesn't do any damage to your opponent, and if they don't want to be paralyzed they can always gust/switch/full heal themselves out of that bind. On the other hand, if you need 1 turn to power something up, and you have a benched cleffa with an energy already, drop this card on the sucker and there's your extra turn.

Unlimited-- With all of the good draw cards in the card pool, there really isn't a point in playing this card unless you're going for some sort of stall deck/paralyze theme =\. 1/5

Modified-- Again, I really don't see the point of this card in this format unless you just want to annoy your opponent slightly. 1/5

Limited-- Hey, sometimes you need an extra turn, and since draft decks are only 40 cards, if you have a basic paralyze/status theme going in your deck, you can probably stall out your opponent. But still, use it as a filler card if you have to, there's usually better things to choose from if you draft smartly... 1.75/5

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