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Umbreon - Discovery (rare)

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dontknow09 Discovery Umbreon(Rare)

Here are some cards that we've never looked at before. The rare Umbreon is, i dontknow, not horrible but not great. 70 HP isnt too high for a stage one. It needs that bump up to 80. Bottom stats for this guy is too good. No weakness was a big mistake people made when creating the card. Resistance to psychic is good too(well, resistance to anything is always good). Finally, 1 retreat, a very light cost. Attacks are so-so. Quick attack deserves to be on the eevee, not that umbreon. Pursuit is unique. 10 damage to anyone who retreats. That sorta locks down the opponent, but not really. The many pokemon that have 0 retreat are babies, but you would knock them out with
the attack already, proving the attack pointless. The other 0 retreaters are strong enough to take down Umbreon, so its pointless yet again.

Unlimited- Well, a DCE would help the Umbreon build speed and ready to go by turn 2. SER still hurts though, and there aren't many 0 retreaters that are scared of this dark pokemon. 2/5

Modified- Less 0 retreaters here, cuz all you're left with are babies. Pointless to pursuit, but it does better than in unlimited, just because thers no horrible cards to destroy it. 2.75/5

Draft- Really good here. So mayb you don't get to use pursuit, but who really cares. Most of the time the attack's effect can't be optimized. But a stage 1 that can use colorless attacks is really good. 70HP, although may not be high, is pretty good in draft. 3.25/5

Happy New Years poke-people!!!

X- Act Non-Holo Umbreon

Hmm, an Umbreon. And, the less promising one at that. But "less promising" does not necessarily mean "unplayable". ;x

Unlimited: Here it's actually playable. Umbreon can attack second turn using a DCE. Super Energy Removal is, and will remain, a threat in this format. This is especially harmful to Umbreon, since it can use Pursuit with two energies. This is why you should play your support Pokemon: Slowking, with Umbreon. Your opponent cannot switch because of the Trainer denial king, and also cannot play SER. He or she also cannot
play Healing cards like Gold Berry. If the defending Pokemon attempts to retreat, it suffers 10 damage, which could be fatal. Wait... it suffers 10 DAMAGE. So if it has a Metal Energy attached and does not discard it to retreat, it does NOT suffer ANY damage. :( Of course, that's why you play SER yourself though. :) 70HP is also not too bad. Of course, if you decide to play it, make sure you play Slowking with it. Although personally, I wouldn't risk it.

Modified: Hmm. Super Energy Removal is absent here. Unfortunately, Slowking will be absent soon. (I'm typing this on Monday). That means that your opponent can still retreat easily. Maybe you can play Noctowl with it though, the point being to Glaring Gaze a Switch, Double Gust, Warp Point or a similar card. You can also Glaring Gaze a Gold Berry if you're lucky, especially after your opponent has just Eeeeeeeked or played Professor Elm. You need to limit the amount of healing cards
played, which with Noctowl is much more difficult to do than with Slowking. Unfortunately, 70HP is slightly less than average in this format. And also, you cannot evolve Umbreon from the Chain Reaction Eevee, which makes your Umbreon slightly harder to get (although attaching a Rainbow Energy to a Neo Discovery Eevee can still get you your Umbreon.) Another thing is that Steelix will probably devour Umbreon in two hits. >_< All things considered, I wouldn't play this Umbreon in this format.

Draft: This is a horrible Pokemon to draft, especially if you're not
Drafting Neo Genesis or Expedition with Neo Discovery, which (to date) are the only expansions from which you can get Darkness Energy. >_< Even if you are, the chance of getting a Darkness Energy AND an Umbreon are slim. Not to mention that Tyrogue (a common card in Neo Discovery) will certainly be drafted and will most likely kill your Eevees. Not a pretty sight. :/
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