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Meganium - Expedition

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Meganium (Solar Beam)

I really like this card. Sleep Powder is a really nice attack since it only costs one energy. It's even better since you can just Breeder it the 2nd turn and attack for 20 AND the defending Pokemon is asleep. You can then continue to build this guy up. On the 3rd turn, it's time to Solar Beam. 3 energies for 50 damage is really nice. A massive attack and the defending Pokemon might still be asleep! The two main problem with the card is the retreat cost and its weakness to Fire. The retreat cost might not matter too much since its already expected. Fire is still strong in Modified, which would hinder this offensive Stage 2. Resistance to Water is a new big plus. Dark Feraligatr or Discovery Kabutops would have a harder time KO-ing this 100HP Stage 2.

In Unlimited, this is actually playable! Sleep Powder is an amazing attack and it makes Meganium kinda resistant to ER. You don't even have to power up for Solar Beam. If you are in a losing situation, you can try and stall with Sleep Powder until you can pull off a solution. Don't forget you can use cards like Pokemon Nurse and Pokemon Center to heal this Pokemon for almost free. Steelix is still quite popular though. 3.8/5

In Modified, it's good. You can start attacking with Sleep Powder on the 2nd turn, followed by a Solar Beam on turn 3. Nice. Just watch out for Steelix and Fire Pokemon... 4/5

In Draft, the first attack is really amazing. It only costs one energy and it's a guaranteed status attack.. Getting it out might prove to be slightly hard though... 3.5/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Meganium:

Hey, this is interesting!  A big evolution type guy with no poke`mon power (body).  His attacks are accually not that bad at all.  Oh, sure he won't ever be played too much, but hey, he is very solid and fun to play.  And this is a game after all, isn't having fun the whole point?  Of course it is, well, unless your in a tournament.  Then, by all means play sneasle and erika's jigglypuff and max out on energy removals and SER.  Truthfully though, I certainly woudn't be embarressed if this was in my deck.  Opponet's underestemating this guy will be in for a rude awakining.

Unlimited:  Errr...  well, he is fun, be he just isn't woth it.  His sleep powder which only takes a single energy card and causes an auto statis effect means he can be out and attacking second turn.  Thats good.  But overall, evotutions should only really be played here if they have a really good poke power.  3/5

MMF:  He is good, no doubt, but he still doesn't warrent playing here.  Out of all four meganiums, this is the one you should never play here, albet that other Genesis one (not the cool wild growth one).  Still, he could do some damage, but not enough.  3/5

Limited:  YESSS!  He is VERY good here, folks.  Evos. are really easy to get in expediton, and his attacks are strong.  One energy for twenty is already the good standard, plus he puts the opponet to sleep automatically.  His second attack is a beatdown.  Fifty for two coloreds and a colorless is already good, and is awesome in draft.  4.25/5

Fun Factor:  3.75/5

The Bottom Line:  3.5/5

dontknow09 Expedition Meganium

BTW, my bad on the review on scyther last week. Rated it on draft when everyone knos you can't draft promos. Now on to the review. This is one of the reasons i don't like this set. Somebody says they have a pokemon, i come over to look at the card and its the wrong one. 100HP, stage 2 is real common since expedition came out. Bottom stats, nothing new. I would say resistance to water is new, but by now, you readers should have known that ;D. But there is something new about this meganium. It has 3 retreat and it has no Poke-Power/Body! It has all attacks. First attack is decent, 1 for 20 and auto sleep. Second attack is average, doing 50 for 3.

Unlimited-Not as good potential as its brother/sister meganiums. This megaium would be a bunch of waste of space in a deck. If you want to do 50 for 3 energy cards, or better yet, 60 with 2 energies, get scyther. Pass it  up. 2.5/5

MMF-Not gonna compete with the other meganiums. Can't really do much. Mayb you can resist against water, but that does little good for you. Entei/Cargo will blast through this. Such a sad meganium. A very very sad one. 2.5/5

Draft- Now this CAN compete with the other meganiums. The first attack can really come in handy. Doing 20 and giving you a better chance to stall for solarbeam will be a strong force. Not great, but still, meganium is strong.

Thundachu EX Magenium:

OMG I love this card. I use 4 in my Harvest Bounty
Venusaur deck. 100HP is normal for Stage 2's in Expedition. 3 Retreat is a little bit high, but Ballon Berry can take care of it. Weakness to fire can be kind of bad. Typhlosion and Ex charizards could cause a problem. Feraligatr is no longer very good against it, Resistance to water!!! For 1 Grass energy does 20 damage and opponent is asleep, no coin flip needed. Great to combo with Dark Gengar from Neo 4. For 2 grass and 1 colorless, does 50 damage with Solar Beam.

Unlimited: 3/5
Modified: 2.5/5
Draft: 1/5(Great for your collection, but it is Stage 2)
Meganium- Expedition.

Well, the most interesting part of this card is it's resistance. The Expedition set brought us some Grass type Pokemon that are resistant to water. This was thought to be the ultimate balance to the Modified format at first, but then, people realized water isn't the top deck to play anymore.

The first attack isn't bad for it's cost. Doing 20 damage and auto sleep is pretty cool, but less cards are week to grass now. The second attack is pretty average for the cost of 3, and average just dosen't shape up the environment.

I predict the Modified format balance of power going back to fire, which will make this card even harder to play.

Don't even think about playing this in unlimited either.

Overall: It's average.

X- Act Expedition Meganium - X-Act

Erm, first of all, I must have been drunk when I did the Gengar COTD. Of course, your OPPONENT needs to have 3 or less prizes. Oh well... that teaches me to sober up before writing COTDs. (Btw, I AM old enough to drink alcohol. ;x Dudes, you didn't actually BELIEVE I got drunk, right? :O) Also, WotC made a new ruling recently that you can only move damage counters from one of your Pokemon to another one of YOUR Pokemon, or from one of your opponent's Pokemon to another one of your OPPONENT's Pokemon. Well, I guess it makes it even worse then... >_<

Anyway, on to this COTD. I love this card. VERY much. It's amazing.  With one Grass energy you do 20 and make the Defending Pokemon asleep. That's CUTE. And with 2 grass energies and any other old energy you do 50. Simple. And great. :)

Unlimited: *hears the echo of the word 'great'* Erm, NOT. I wouldn't
bother playing it here. OK, it has that nice and cute one energy
attack, which kinda is great if you get SERed, but, erm, you do 20.
Erm, a Stage 2 that does 20 and a status effect. And if you manage to power up the second attack, you do 50. Hmm. Erm. I prefer two darkness energies for up to 140 damage, without having to evolve. Thank you very much.

Modified: OK, it IS great here. Seriously. Although it's heavy retreat
cost of 3 lets it down, its 100HP doesn't. But what really makes this card playable is that little droplet under the 'Resistance' word. Yes, it's Water Resistant! And the Bayleef and the Chikorita from Expedition are too. Consider playing this thing against Kingdra. Kingdra's Genetic Memory does... 0, and a possible 10 damage to a Bench Pokemon. *grins* The problem, however, is the little fire sign under the 'Weakness' word, unless you're really lucky and you're pulling off an impossible combo, thus: (1) Use Sleep Powder, hoping the Defending Magcargo stays asleep (2) Next turn, attach a Strength Charm to KO it with Solarbeam. Yeah, right.

Draft: Hmm. Not a bad Pokemon to draft. Although it's a Stage 2, it has that one energy attack, and its pre-evolutions are both playable AND good. *drools over the Bayleef* So it's not too bad a pick, I suppose, assuming you DID pick up some nice number of Chikoritas and Bayleefs along the way.
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