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Tentacruel - Legendary Collection

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Tentacruel (Fossil/Legendary Collection)

Weird card to review... o_O

60HP for a Stage 1 is really low. The free retreat is nice though. Supersonic is a 50/50 chance at confusion. Not that good, but not that bad either. Jellyfish Sting is really decent. 10 damage AND a guaranteed Poison for 2 colored energies. Cheap and effective.

In Unlimited, doesn't really compete with cards like Sneasel and Wiggly. Auto-poison doesn't do much in this format. 1.5/5

In Modified, the HP is too low. There are better Water Pokemon out there... 1.5/5

In Draft, this is where it's playable. It's only a Stage 1, it retreats for free, and a Status inflictor... 3/5 
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Tentacruel:

Hehehe... I actually like this guy. Sure he isnít the best, but he is still fun. If he had like 10 or 20 more hp then he would be great. Confusion for one energy, 10 damage and auto posin for two energies, free retreat, what more do you want?

Unlimited: Ok, ok, so he isnít really good here. So what? He is still fun, fast and cool. But still donít play him in tournaments. 2.5/5

MMF: If he was reprinted, he could actually be good here. He is a quick posin causing evo in a world of heavy slow evos. 3/5

Limited: Broken. Too good. Auto posin wit damage and free retreat? All for only two measly energies? Iíll take that! 5/5

Fun Factor: 3.5/5

The Bottom Line: 3.5/5
dontknow09 Fossil/LC Tentacruel

Not a good Christmas present for me to review. I think this is a WAY too early April fools joke. Well, its stage 1 with 60HP. Too low in my opinion. Bottom stats are somewhat good. Weakness to lightning= bad, 0 retreat= good. Supersonic is cheap, but risky. You might get it. You might not. The second attack does a weak 10 damage, but auto posion is good.

Unlimited- First of all, you must know that you can't evolve first turn. And you are stuck with what? A tentacool. 30HP, 10 damage, cowardiance power tentacool. The only tentacool. Now, what could you possibly do in one turn with a tentacool? Not much. So how can you play tentacruel? Any ways, if by some odd miracle the tentacruel was out, its not gonna live long with 60 hp. 1/5

Modified- Same problem here as in unlimited. Plus, buzz is reprinted. So, what are you going to do? You travel back in time a take this card out of your deck if you play this. 1/5

Draft- Well, has not the same problem as the other formats. Supersonic can defend a while and auto poison is very good. But like bellossom, not good enough. There are plenty of stuff to pick besides this, unless everyone else passes this up and you are left with it. But i still give it some credit. 2/5

Well, now on to New Year's.

X- Act Tentacruel

Somehow this card found its way into our COTD section. Let's make this straight: it's plain bad. ;x

Unlimited: Weakness to Lightning for a 60HP card is always horrible. Add two attacks that do minimal damage, and you have a card that you can scrap. I'd rather do the cool Tentacool/Alakazam combo (although it's not that good, but it's better than evolving to Tentacruel.) >_<

Modified: Ok, lightning is played less here, but Electabuzz is present. Also this does a whopping 20 damage and poisons an Active Magcargo. Very cool. >_< Again, I'd rather use the Alakazam/Tentacool combo. =\

Draft: This depends on whether you're drafting Fossil or Legendary
Collection. In both sets, this is an Uncommon card with a Common basic. It doesn't help that this is not a splashable card, however. Auto poison in Draft is not bad, and Lightning is not too common in Fossil and Legendary Collection drafts (although Jolteon in Legendary Collection can, erm, jolt your winning hopes ;x). Also, free retreat is quite a good thing to have in Draft too. It's especially not bad in a Fossil draft, although, admittedly, you're probably drafting Fossil with another set. >_< If you're drafting Legendary Collection, then this card has more enemies than in Fossil, so use it wisely. 2.5/5 in Fossil, 2/5 in Legendary Collection is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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