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Bellossom - Neo Genesis

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Bellossom (Genesis)

I don't really like this card. The 2nd attack has a LOT of potential but it's just too hard to get out. But let's look at that later. 70HP for a Stage 2 is pretty darn low, considering it has 2 Retreats as well. Sweet Nectar is awesome. You can use it in a Damage Swap deck or just to stall.

Flower Dance had a lot of potential. It can do a up to a guaranteed (no flips) 120 damage for just 3 Energies. Getting a lot of Stage 2s out can be really tedious and slow. The fastest you can use the attack is on the 3rd turn anyway. Bellossom's low HP is also a major downer. You can probably just attack once with it before getting it KO-ed next turn.

In Unlimited, just plain horrible. It's ER bait and the first attack is kinda worthless because a lot of cards can KO it in just one hit. Not worth getting this Stage 2 out... 1.5/5

In Modified, it's slightly more playable here. But that doesn't mean you shoould play with it. 1.8/5

In Draft, I think it's even worse. Although in Genesis you have decent drawpower, but unless you're lucky, you won't get a lot... 1.5/5

Neo Genesis Bellossom
We're running low on good cards to critique... However since Aquapolis is just around the corner, it will ease our suffering.
A Scoop Up without scooping, Sweet Nectar is a great defense move. The ability to remove all damage from one Pokemon is useful late game. As well, a single grass energy would be easy to find late game. Depending on the attack might be your demise if you flip tails though. Flower Dance is awesome, if your swarming with Bellossom. Running a four Bellossom, four Oddish (Rocket), and Pokemon Breeders makes this card valuable to play. Weakness to fire will hurt this Pokemon in all situations due to its below average seventy hit points. Retreating Bellossom is not too difficult with a cost of two. Decent attacks, bad hit points for a Stage Two.
Playing Unlimited with Bellossom is fun. Combo up with Dark Vileplume (Misprint version) for a lock effect. As well you also have access to Team Rocket's Oddish which is the best Oddish to play with it's status effects. Fire might be a problem since little water is played. Hit points will kill you in Unlimited as well as the time taken to have several Bellossoms in play for Flower Dance. Decent card. 2/5
Magcargo will kill Bellossom. Bellossom is not fast enough to set up and counter most of the popular fire decks in this format. Low hit points will be the death of this grass Pokemon. Lower evolutions are terrible as well. 1/5
Do not draft this card! I will keel over in my grave if you draft this card! The most damage you could do to your opponent would be thirty damage. The chance of pulling a second holographic Genesis Bellossom is low odds. 1/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Bellosom (Neo Genesis):

He he he he he... this is the very meaning of underrated. Flower Dance is a bit too good. He can do 60 damage for only three energy and having a friend on the bench. My fun deck includes a few VS Erikaís Bellosom. But that is only a fun deck. In tournament play, he can hold his own, but there are a few things that are key that makes people not want to use him. First, for a stage 2 70 HP is pretty low. He needs another 10 or 20 HP. The other thing is that his attack requires you to have multiple stage 2ís in play to be effective.

Unlimited: Errp... sheesh, as much as I like the card, it doesnít fair too well here. Probabily not the best chocie of Stage 2ís there are. 2.75/5

MMF: Pretty good here. With effective card drawing, some stall time and Pokemon Breeders/Traders, Bellosom can be a force. 3.75/5

Limited: Ouch. It would be hard to get him going, and you wonít draft more that one, so heíll be a hard to get out 70 HP poke that only does thirty. Donít. 1.75/5

Fun Factor: 3.75/5

The Bottom Line: 2.75/5
dontknow09 Genesis Bellossom

A hard week of finals and now im on break. Now on to the review. Its not gonna be short this time. Bellossom is an old card from genesis. 70 Hp for a stage 2 is too low. An extra 10 hp from evolving isnt much. Bottom stats aren't too pretty either. 2 retreat is horrible, for this kind of pokemon. Attacks, so-so. First attack is flippy when you need it. It would help, but your basing it on your luck of the coin. Second attack is pretty bad. On average, you would be doing 30. If you're lucky, you would do 60. If you're super lucky, you would do 90. And if you're a cheater, you would do 120.
Face it, no way you could optimize the potential of this card.

Unlimited- I wouldnt use it. But if you use it, go ahead. SER hurts it. Although you have the many opprotunities to pull out 4 with computer search, professor oak, and other stuff, you're gonna do it at a high expense(Unless you cheat). Pokemonwise, not fast enough, not strong enough, not good enough. 1/5

Modified- I was thinking of making a deck based around this when gatr was the main craze. But nah, it will take up too much set up time. By the time flower dance is set up, one or two of your pokemon could be knocked out. 1/5

Draft- LOL. How could you possibly optimize its attack. Unless you bought a case of genesis, use x-ray vision to see which one had bellossoms, snuck in your local tournament store, switched the packs, and bribed everyone to make sure they would pass the bellossoms down, you won't pull it off. The healing might come in handy, but at the expense of a stage 2, not really. .75/5

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

X- Act Bellossom

First of all I want to wish all visitors of this excellent website a
very Happy Christmas! And may you get what you wished for at Christmas!

It seems appropriate that we're reviewing a flower-like Pokemon then, for Christmas Eve. This is by all means an interesting card, in
Modified at least, but lacks the punch that other archtypical Pokemon have.

Standard: Ouch. This is only a 70HP Stage 2. That's too weak. The
retreat cost won't help it much either. Sweet Nectar is a nice attack, but unfortunately requires a flip. You probably won't do more than 30 damage when you use Flower Dance in this format, especially if you play against a deck with heavy Trainer Denial. And even so, Bellossom is SERed next turn. Overall, then, this card is tremendously weak in this format.

Modified: Here is where this Pokemon can shine. It's not too difficult to get out 2 or even 3 Bellossoms out, giving you the capability of doing up to 90 damage with three energies. I'm not thinking about 4 Bellossoms because it is almost impossible. With a 4/4/4 Bellossom line it's highly probable that one of those 12 cards will end up in your prizes. Well, if you do get out 3 Bellossoms, then you should start to pick up almost a prize per turn, so actually this is not too much of a problem. ^_^ The problem with this Pokemon is its low HP and its weakness. 70HP for a Stage 2 is not exactly exciting, and that Fire weakness will ensure that Magcargo doesn't even have to discard Fire energies to KO it, making it all the more broken. Even if you decide to use the Psychic-weak Basic and Stage 1 versions of this Pokemon, you
still have to contend with Espeon. Also, although getting out 3
Bellossoms is not too difficult, it takes a considerable amount of
turns to do so. By that time, at least one of your Bellossoms may have already gone to your discard pile. Maybe you can use a stall Pokemon until you get the Bellossoms you want, but Double Gust won't save them (unless your opponent is really unlucky and can't get them >_<). 2/5

Draft: It's a rare, so you'll probably draft only one (if at all). If
you do, its first attack is very worthy of consideration for this
format, even though it's a flip. Admittedly, Neo Genesis does have its fair share of healing cards (Berry, Gold Berry and Moo-Moo Milk) but using Bellossom to heal your Pokemon can prove to be quite frustrating to your opponent. Unfortunately the Oddish is not very good (although successful Hides can infuriate your opponent), and Gloom's attack, while being nice, is a tad expensive. If you're drafting Grass then, consider drafting this healing wonder... or just decide to go for the other, more offensive (for this format), Grass Pokemon that this expansion offers.
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