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Pidgeot - Expedition

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Pidgeot (Exp.)

Another Pidgeot... o_O

80HP is a bit low for a Stage 2, but I guess it's the standard for Pidgeots. Beating Wings is an interesting Power. It lets you shuffle a bench Pokemon and all cards attached to it to your deck every turn. Hm, what card does this combo with? Yep. Base/LC Alakazam! Damage Swap all of your damage counters to any Pokemon (preferably a BBP like Wobbuffet or Chansey) with Alakazam's Power. Then use Pidgeot's power to shuffle that Pokemon to your deck. Anti-decking and healing rolled into one card. Evil... ~_^

Sharp Beak is nothing special. 3 colorless energy for an average of 35 damage is decent I guess. The high HP and awesome Power (not to mention the combo with Base/LC Alakazam) makes it quite playable though.

In Unlimited, don't bother with this card. ER kills it. Rocket's Zapdos kills the poor Pidgeys before they get the chance to spread their wings... T-T 2/5 

In Modified, a deck based around Pidgeot and Alakazam CAN work if you pull it off fast enough. Getting 2 Stage 2s out is hard but once you get both out, your opponent HAS to be able to do 80 damage in one hit or else... I don't think anyone has bothered to try this idea out. Or maybe no one has thought of it before... ~_^ 4.2/5 (A bit high, I know. But it has a LOT of  potential... Try the deck out!)

In Draft, colorless attack, free retreat, resistance to fighting... All good points. The power can be helpful as it can prevent your opponent from getting prizes... 3/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110  Pidgeot:

Hmmmm... this is very interesting.  Could this guy revive Damage Swap?  There's an idea.  No, it won't though.  The power is nifty but only situationallt useful, and the attack is sub-par.  80 HP is decent, and free retreat along with fighting resistance is nice, but not good enough overall.

Unlimited:  Nope.  He gets beaten here too fast.  It won't take your opponet more that 2 turns most likely to take him out.  1.75/5

MMF:  Still doesn't do much at all.  It the power worked from the bench, he'd be good.  But it doesn't, so he is bad.  2.25/5

Limited:  Nah.  He wont be able to affect the game enough.  1.25/5

Fun Factor:  2.75/5

The Bottom Line:  1.75/5

X- Act Expedition Pidgeot

Last Wednesday we looked at the Jungle Pidgeot. Today we're looking at
its Expedition cousin. :o

Unlimited: Hmm. Let's see. Interesting Poke-Power. You shuffle any of your Benched Pokemon to your deck, if this bird is Active. Is it worth it? Not at all. I don't see any reason why you should shuffle any of your benched Pokemon to your deck, apart from to save one of your benched Pokemon from being KOed. However, shuffling it into your deck is, in my opinion, too drastic an action to do. Not to mention playing a Stage 2 Pokemon just for the SOLE reason to do that. =\ A Stage 2 Pokemon whose evolution line contains a Basic Pokemon that has 40HP and Lightning weakness. =\ But despite of all this, I've seen a fun deck that contains this Pokemon. It used this Pidgeot with Rocket's Zapdos.
When the Zapdos is about to die, it is retreated, sends out this bird, and shuffles the Zapdos into his deck. Then another Zapdos goes active, and Plasmas the shuffled Rocket's Zapdos' Lightning energies (which were discarded when it retreated). It wasn't a horrible deck, it was just a fun deck. So, the bottom line is: if you want to play for fun, you MIGHT use it. If not, you WON'T use it. ;x

Modified: I believe it's even worse here. >_< Tell me a decent Pokemon to shuffle in your deck, and I'd give Expedition Pidgeot a higher rating. I mean, you surely are NOT going to shuffle your hard-to-get Stage 1 or 2 Pokemon, right? At least in Unlimited it could shuffle Basic Pokemon... "Oh, maybe you could shuffle a... a BABY?" I'd rather shuffle my... hair. :O Wait, that didn't make sense. LOL. 1/5

Draft: It stinks here too. Besides from the fact that it's a rare and
a Stage 2, its attack does too little damage for its cost, and its
Power is anything but useful. (Yes, it has an attack, but I didn't
bother to mention it in the previous two formats.) The lower stage
evolutions of this Pokemon are also weak and have below average
attacks. So, basically, try to avoid picking up any Pokemon that starts with the letters "pidge"... especially if you're drafting Expedition.
TR Cassidy Pidgeot

Yeah, holiday break countdown + lots o' homework before finals = stressed out TRC =\. Sorry I haven't done much lately, hopefully I'll fix some decks and stuff over break.

Annnnyway, our card for today is Pidgeot. Its power is kinda like good ol' Mr. Fuji from Fossil, except you can use it on each turn. So basically, send up pidgeot, use its power, shuffle back something near death into your deck, promote cleffa, eeeeeeeeek and hope you get it back ^_^. That can theory....but I'd rather run scoop up/center instead as theories are often disrupted, and it's attack bites. Pidgeot's vunerable to pichu, elekid, and the newly released buzz promo. So yeah, try it in a fun deck, good luck, and happy holidays.

Unlimited-- Buzz can KO this guy with a heads in one shot. And its attack sucks so it can't hold it's own at all against all the heavy hitters in this format. If you want the effect of its power run Mr. Fuji, it's artwork is cuter =\ .5/5

Modified-- I like electabuzz, so maybe I'm just being biased or something. I really don't see the point of this card in this format either. =\ 1/5

Limited-- Hey, here you can use it's power to help you out, either to get cards back into your deck, stop your opponent from grabbing a prize, or just because it has free retreat/resistance to fighting/colorless attack. So while it's a stage 2 and you most likely will get only 1 copy, grab it anyway, it might help you out. 3/5

dontknow09 Expedition Pidgeot

Another quick one. No time to spare when finals are here(unless you dont take Pre-AP/AP classes). Pidgeot- 80HP, could use xtra 10; 0 retreat always cool; Power- you decide; Attack- wish it was 30+20 instead of 20+30.

Unlimited- Too slow. Power is somewhat pointless. Attack needs to be reversed. Lightning will destroy. 2.25/5

MMF- Better birds out there. Electabuzz will destroy. Power, still cant find use for it. Attack wont help much. 2.49/5

Draft- Stage 2, bad. Attack, somewhat expensive. Risky/ flippy. Pass it on. 1.75/5

GL too all of you who take finals. STill stuck in the middle is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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