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Arbok - Expedition

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Arbok (Exp.)

A decent enough Arbok... 70HP is not bad for a Stage 1. Poison Spray gives auto-poison, which is nice, but unfortunately it does not do any damage. Poison Reaction is awesome though. If the defending Pokemon is Poisoned, you can do 40 damage for just 2 colorless Energy! You can combo this Arbok with Expedition Vileplume as you can start doing 40 damage on the 2nd turn (plus 10 more for poison!). Vileplume also can do an insane amount of damage on the 2nd turn so that works as well.

In Unlimited, status effect is not that good against popular cards like Sneasel and Jungle Scyther. Playing too much Stage 1s and 2s tend to slow you deck a lot as well. Not to mention the barrage of ERs... 2/5

In Modified, an Arbok/Vileplume deck could work. Both can go off on the 2nd turn and that's pretty fast. You can also play Pokemon Centers if you want since both cards only require two energy cards each to be effective. However, both lines have a major Weakness to Psychic (even Vileplume). So watch out for Espeons. 3.5/5

In Draft, auto poison plus a colorless attack makes this card very playable. The one retreat cost also helps if you want to prevent your opponent from KO-ing it. Best of all, it's only a Stage 1. A strong Pokemon in Draft. 3.8/5 
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Arbok:

I really like this guy.  His attacks are cheap in cost, have awesome effects and combo together really nicely.  Auto posin for one energy is very good, then to be able to attach one more energy next turn to do fourty is even better.  That means after using his second attack, the defending pokemon will have taken 70 damage.  90 HP on a stage one is very respectable and will ensure he stays around for a while.  Great card.

Unlimited:  Since he is fairly fast, does a heavy amount of damage soon and has high HP, he would actually be good here.  3.5/5

MMF:  In this world where heavy evos rule, a fast, high HP stage one is just what the doctor ordered.  Combo him with things like a Meganium/Exeggutor deck and he'll be a nice pokemon to start things off while you get your heavy hitters running.  4/5

Limited:  In expedition, rares arn't as hard to get.  He is splashable, has high HP and fast.  He fits the bill quite nicely.  4/5

Fun Factor:  3.75/5

The Bottom Line:  3.75/5

X- Act Expedition Arbok

Nice card. By far the best Arbok ever printed, although, admittedly,
that's not saying much. ;x

Unlimited: Here it is quite usable. It CAN Poison Reaction for 40
damage with a Double Colorless energy (or two energies) by Breedering
Expedition Vileplume and gettings Heads on its Pokemon Power, but in
my opinion this is quite a farfetched proposition. Slightly less
farfetched is poisoning the Defending Pokemon using the Ekans first
turn, and then evolving, and Poison Reaction for 40 next turn. ^_^
Using 2 or 3 benched Vileplumes, you almost have a guaranteed 40 damage per turn for a DCE. Weakness to Psychic is also good, since Psychic Pokemon are rare in this format (although watch out for MP Mewtwo). SER is not too much of a problem either. Overall not bad, although frankly, its 70HP lets it down.

Modified: Most of what I said for Unlimited can be repeated for this
format. However, the Vileplume in this case is even harder to get out
turn 2. Also, Psychic IS played in this format, in the form of Espeon.
Moreover, this Pokemon can't quite stand the wrath of a turn 2
Magcargo... but, on second thoughts, which Pokemon can? =\ Of course
DCE is absent, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Draft: If only this card weren't rare... then this would be an
excellent pick. The Ekans is common, so you wouldn't have problems
getting it. If you manage to get 1 or 2 Arboks, then you have a killer
deck. Although, Switch, Warp Point and Full Heal are all in the
Expedition set, and you (probably) won't have the Vileplume to help you
poison once every turn. Well, you can Poison using the Arbok then. ^_^
I don't see anyone using many Psychic Pokemon in his draft either, or
at least, Psychic won't be the main type of any Expedition Draft deck.
This basically means that Arbok is superb in this format. ;x
don'tknow09 Expedition Arbok:

Ok guys, gotta make this quick. Need to study for finals. Arbok: 70HP- Needs to be higher; 1 retreat- good; 1st atttack- auto posion is good; 2nd attack- good damage ratio, can be comboed with exp. vileplume.

Unlimited- Decent. Not that weak to SER. Low hp bad. Speed fast, arbok good.

MMF- Not much problems. With luck, 40 dmg second turn+10 for poison. Much better in MMF. 3/5

Draft- Rules! Low energy attack. Poison will help, poison with attack will
help alot! 3.26/5

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