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Master Ball - Expedition

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Master Ball

This card saw some play in Modified before Pokemon Trader was reprinted in Legendary Collection. I never really liked this card. 1 out of 4 times I used this card, there was nothing in the top 7 cards to fetch. I stopped playing it then because of its randomness...

In Unlimited, it was never really popular here and we can all see why. There are just much better draw power here. Don't get me wrong. It's a decent card, but it's just not for Unlimited... 2/5

In Modified, it WAS playable at one point. However, Pokemon Trader was reprinted in LC and it just made Master Ball outdated. Still decent though. 2.5/5

In Draft, this is where it trully shine. Any form of draw power is good here, especially if you can get that key Evolution out... A really high pick. 4/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Master Ball:

Hey, this may be the only worth while card all week.  It really is good, and highly underrated.  Why don't more people play this?  It will be highly unuseual if there is not a Poke`mon in your top 7 cards.  That means this is pretty good.  Not the best of course, just good.

Unlimited:  No.  This is the format you don't want to play him in.  There is Oak, Elm, Computer Search, yada yada yada.  No real reason for it here.  Mabey in a poor man's deck, but nothing beyond that.  2/5

MMF:Much better here.  The only really effective way to get out Pokes in MMF besides your normall staple draw cards like Bill and Elm is Dark Dargonair.  So this is a little more welcome.  3.25/5

Limited:  It is kinda hard here, tough call you know?  Its like, there is prolly something better you could take, but getting out your pokes fast is a vital part in draft.  Your call.  Do you need it to get out your pokes?  Overall though, not too great.  2.5/5

Fun Factor:  2.5/5

The Bottom Line:  2.5/5 

The Poke`mon Master 1110 
dontknow09 Master Ball

A trainer from gym challenge, but you guys already knew that didnt you. A good way to search for basics and evolutions. Not so flippy as poke ball, but still not dependable as other search engines.

Unlimited- Just use a trader. It'll help much more. If you're really desperate, then use computer search. Those 2 you can depend on. Master ball could make the cut, if don't have any rare trainers. But overall, not as dependable 1.5/5

MMF- If trader was not reprinted, than the use of this card will rise. But then again there's elm's training method if you want to search for evolutions or pokemon march if you wanted to look for basics. Not really dependable 1.75/5

Draft- More dependable here. If you do get a masterball, you can get evolutions much faster. If you draft one of those nice trainers and have many pokemon in your deck, master ball is the way to go. 3/5


Friday - Master Ball

This card was used a lot in old MF. Not bad either. Looking through the
top 7 cards is a great way to get an evolution. Personally, I prefer Misty's
Wrath, but this could work too.
Depending on the deck (it's pointless to play in a haymaker ;x) this
could be a killer. However, there is one new card that makes this card
old-school: Professor Elm's Training Method. That card lets you go through
the DECK for any evolution. It's a lot better. So if you're wanting a search
card, go Training Method. =\
However, it used to be a force in Modified, and although that isn't
reflected in my modified rating (obviously), it WAS a great card at one

Unlimited: 2.5/5
Modified: n/a
Limited: 5/5

~ RaNd0m
X- Act Master Ball

Hmm. This card, basically, gets you a Pokemon from the first 7 cards in your deck, assuming you DO have a Pokemon there. Hmm. That's not too bad. But that's not good enough.

Unlimited: There are two reasons why this card is laughable to play in this format. Firstly, Professor Oak. When you play Master Ball, you get only one card (if at all) from the first 7 cards of your deck to your hand. When you play Professor Oak, you get the first 7 cards of your deck to your hand. All of them. If there was a Pokemon among the first 7 cards in your deck, you'd still get it with Professor Oak, together with 6 other cards. Figure out yourself which is better. Secondly, Computer Search. Master Ball allows you to search for a Pokemon from the first 7 cards of your deck. Computer Search allows you to search for any card from your whole deck. Again, figure out yourself which is better.

Modified: It's not much better here. Again there are better Pokemon
search cards. In most modified decks, Pokemon Trader is enough to have in your deck, provided you have adequate card drawing. If I really wanted to make a deck to quickly get out a certain Pokemon, and wanted to add some more Pokemon search cards together with Pokemon Trader, I'd still wouldn't run this card in my deck. The problem with Master Ball, really, is that if you play it, you probably wouldn't get the Pokemon you really needed anyway (unlike Pokemon Trader). If you need to evolve, you NEED the Stage 1 or 2 to get out fast, so you need to search the WHOLE DECK for it, not just the first 7 cards of it. 2/5

Draft: This depends from which set you're drafting, since Master Ball is an Uncommon card in two sets: Gym Challenge and Expedition. If you are drafting Gym Challenge, you're probably doing a Gym Heroes/Gym Challenge draft. In that case, if you want a Pokemon searching card, Master Ball is not bad, since you're searching from 7 cards out of a possible 40 (not 60), and so the probability of getting the Pokemon you want is better in this format. Also, there aren't many good search cards in Gym Block (except maybe Misty's Wrath, which I wouldn't risk in a 40 card deck containing many singletons, Brock's Training Method, which is only good for decks containing many Brock's Pokemon, and Erika's Maids, which is only good for decks containing many Erika's Pokemon). If you're drafting Expedition, the cards you should go for
are Professor Elm's Training Method (for Evolutions) and Dual Ball (for Basics), which are both Uncommon cards like Master Ball. If you could  not get hold of any of them, then Master Ball is a good pick.
3.5/5 for Gym Challenge, 3/5 for Expedition. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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