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Pidgeot - Jungle

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Pidgeot (Jungle/LC)

Hm, I think I accidentally deleted the CoTD Schedule, that's why I missed Monday's... -_-

80HP for a Stage 2 is a bit below average. The zero retreat cost really helps though. Unfortunately the lower evolutions have really low HPs...

Wing Attack, although fairly costed, doesn't seem to do enough since Pidgeot IS a Stage 2...

Hurricane is a good attack against Evolutions, so it's decent in Modified.

In Unlimited, this card is not really worth playing. You seldom see Evolutions here other than Slowkings. Hurricane is mainly against Stage 2s... 2/5

In Modified, this card is actually playable. Think about it! Stage 2s are everywhere in Modified! With Hurricane, you will slow down your opponent by a lot. He would have to restart building his attacker again. Meanwhile, you can attack the rest of his Pokemon. Once his Stage 2 is ready again (or you can simply Double Gust it out when you think it's a good time), you can simply Hurricane it back to his hand. This strategy is even more effective if your opponent relies more on Pokemon Breeder to get his Stage 2 out... I think Pidgeot has potential in this format. You should try it out. 3.8/5

In Draft, free retreat is always nice. Resistant to Fighting is also helpful. Plus, you can draft Pokemon Breeders too... 3.5/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110  Pidgeot:

Ouch, such a cool pokemon, and it isn't even great.  There is ONE deck it goes into well, and thats with Dark Machamp.  But it is really only for fun guys.  Playing it in a tounament will only bring disaster.  Most of the time anyway.  Unless you have some kind of scary Dark Machamp/ Pidgeot haymaker or something.  The time elapsed since the last sintence is about 2 minutes, since it took that long to stop laughing =/

Unlimited:  Again, only for fun here.  Organized play should not see him.  1.75/5

MMF:  Asuming that he was reprinted, he is worse here, just not much.  There really are better things, especially since Dark Machamp was not reprinted.  1.25/5

Limited:  It is unlikely you'll ever see him, and if you do you wont be able to play him cuz the Piddgeootto (or however it's spelled) is in base, so if you get a base 2 draft going and draft both of them, mabey in a million years you could get him out and then suck and lose with him.  See?  Don't.  Ever.  Take Jungle ELECTRODE over him!  .25/5

Fun Factor:2.75/5

The Bottom Line:  1/5

dontknow09 Jungle Pidgeot

I remember this birdy. I like the way the picture is drawn, but on to the review. 80 HP is kinda low for a stage 2. It could have an extra 10 or 20, but o well. Too late now. Weakness to lighting is a duh now and so is resistance to fighting. 0 retreat is kool, no matter what. Attacks, well it has 2, unlike mantine =P. 2 for 20 for the first one is average(unless you put a DCE). Hurricane... well thats probably the reason they made it holo. You could blow away any one in your path, ruining they're set up.

Unlimited- Hurricane might work, but you can't depend on it to win a game. Im pretty sure alot of you do win with pidgeot, and thats good for you, youve learned to use pidgeot correctly. But others use hurricane too early and use it one the wrong pokes. In unlimited, its mostly BBP, so its kinda pointless to hurricane something like that. But occasionally, people do play evolutions, so hurricane will mess up them. 2.75/5

MMF- Since they're mostly evolution lines, hurricane will come in use. But wait, wasn't electabuzz jus reprinted? Well not might hurt you alot. I mean it WILL hurt you alot. I dontknow. I don't think every deck is gonna have an electabuzz, so itll have a decent chance to survive. 3/5

Draft- Stage 2 is gonna kill you. Youll have a very hard time pulling it out. When you do, not really gonna help you much. Hurricance, sure it will blow a few poke's back, but eventually pidgeot will get knocked out. The best pack to draft a pidgeot in is probably lengendary, since jungle and base 2 won't do much. 2/5
Wednesday - Pidgeot

I was worried about this card before I went to Worlds. Of course as you all know, I played Dark Blastoise. He gets loaded with 6 or 7 energies, and goes all out. Well... this card could've hurricaned me away, then dominated with a main hitter. It didn't look pretty.
For some odd reason, Pidgeot barely showed. I think people were worried about lightning, which KILLS this guy. (Pidgey could be kid'd first turn) Regardless, it's a great card.
Using this with a heavy hitter could make a deadly deck.

Unlimited: 2/5
Modified: 4.5/5
Limited: 1.25/5 (BAD)

~ RaNd0m
Pidgeot.  Cool.  I used to like this card before I played MMF.  To be able to send their fully powered charizard back into their hand is just supreme power.  In unlimited it has defense against haymakers, and in MMF it has an attack that will send all of those popular fully evolved pokemon back into their hand(if it is legal, I can't remember if it came out in Legendary or not).  This pokemon will rip through any opposing deck in MMF if they don't have good basic back up.  I really liked using this card agaisnt some jerk who had a dragonite and mystical bird set. 
Unlimited:  2/5 (can't they make a decent pidgey)
MMF:         4/5
Draft:          2/5 (Two different sets and both are rares)
X- Act
Jungle Pidgeot

This card is underrated. Hurricane is a broken attack. For just three
colorless energies you have a chance to return the Defending Pokemon and all attached cards into your opponent's hand. Hmm? What's the use?Read below... :)

Unlimited: Ack. Both versions of Pidgey have 40HP. Rocket's Zapdos KOs it without even needing a Pluspower. Even if you manage to get it out, Electabuzz can KO it in one hit. It's not too weak to SER though. After all, Wigglytuff and Scyther both have attacks costing 3 colorless energies too. And it has no retreat cost and fighting resistance, which are both nice. But, let's face it, Hurricane here won't do a thing. Hurricane a Sneasel, and next turn, the Sneasel is on the bench, and almost pumped up again. No, it's not worth it. 1.5/5

Modified: This card is a pain in Modified. You have a Steelix with four Metal Energies on it? Hurricane it away. Some people also tried the (highly debatable) combo of playing Team Rocket's Evil Deeds with Pidgeot, although it's not too good in my opinion. Most people also play 3 Metal Energies on Pidgeot, which makes it harder to kill. I also saw a very effective Venusaur/Pidgeot deck, which kills Steelix by bringing out Pidgeot active, Energy Trans'ing 3 Grass Energies on it, Hurricane the Steelix, then Double-Gusting the poor Grass-weak Onix from the bench to kill it with Venusaur. Of course, you can choose to Hurricane anything, not just Steelix. Pidgeot, however, needs to be careful from the new Buzz threat. It can also be tricky to get it out, since both Pidgey and Pidgeotto are Double-Gust OHKO baits. If you do manage to get it out, though, it's a force to be reckoned with. 3/5

Draft: Well, this rating should depend on whether you're drafting
Jungle or Legendary Collection. However, in both sets, Pidgeot is rare, and what's worse, Pidgeotto is rare too. That makes it almost
impossible to get. But this matter shouldn't even arise, as Pidgeot in this format is not too good. Hurricane here wouldn't be of much use here I guess. To make matters worse, the Pidgey, to put it mildly, stinks.
TR Shadow
The first attack is weak and overpriced.  The hurricane is nice if your opponent has no bench, mostly because it wins you the game =P.  It works well on stage 2s too because your opponent must re-evolve that Pokemon.  80hp is pretty solid and a free retreat helps a lot since most stage twos have 2 or 3 retreat.
It has that 3 energy thing so you can have it powered up on the third turn.  All playable stage 2s should only use three energy to use their big attack.
Unlimited 2/5
Standard 3/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 2/5
TMP 4/5
Thundachu Pidgeot:

Ok, this card explains the meaning of "If it is a stage 2, it doesnt mean it is good". 80 HP is pretty good for a stage 2 but pretty bad at the same time. Weakness to Lightning is ok since Lightning is rarley played anymore. It has the power to resist Rouge witch in my opinion pwnz all. 2 energy for 20 damage is cool. I LOVE the Free Retreat cost. 0wnage there. Hurricane is ok. For 3 energy does 30 damage and is like Dark Machamp's Fling, only goes to your opponent's hand instead unless K0.

Unlimited: 2/5
Modified: 2.5/5
Draft: 1/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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