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Super Energy Retrieval - Neo Genesis

Pojo's Average Rating -
Unlimited: 2.53(based on 4 reviews)
Modified: 2.23
(based on 4 reviews)
Limited: 2.80
(based on 4 reviews)
Reviewed Aug 22, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Friday - Super Energy Retrieval

This card... is weird. I want to rate it good, but I just can't. I don't see the point. Sure, it COULD be good, but why not just time capsule?  Or nightly garbage run? I just don't get it. I don't think it's that good. I mean, sure, you get the four energy, then you elm? Aren't there better cards in the sea? Like Elm, Bill, Oak, Search, Finder, etc.? =/

Unlimited Rating: 3/5
Modified Rating: 2.5/5
MMF Rating: 2.5/5
Limited Rating: 2/5

~ RaNd0m

Super Energy Retrieval

While Super Energy Removal is dubbed as SER, I like to call Super Energy Retriaval as SERetriaval. This is the upgraded version is the classic Energy Retriaval, which never saw much play. But there is one BIG difference that many people fail to realize about this card. In the case of Energy Retriaval, you are exchanging 2 cards from your hand (ERetriaval + 1 other card) for 2 cards in your discard pile (2 Basic Energy cards). On the other hand, SERetriaval lets you trade 3 cards from your hand (SERetriaval + 2 other cards) for 4 cards (4 Basic Energy cards). That's a simple card economy there. In Unlimited (assuming your energies are mostly Basic of course), you can use this card in two methods. The regular method where you simply get back energies or what I call the swap method. You swap 3 cards for 4 cards so that you can use those cards for discarding purposes (ie. Computer Search or Item Finder). Plus, it works really well with decks that discard a lot of energies.

Of course, this card won't work really well if you play mostly Special Energy cards.

In Modified, this card lets you put less Energy cards and more Trainers, which is very powerful. Later in the game, you can simply discard two cards that you don't need for more fuel. In Unlimited, this is slightly harder to do because there is simply too much ER running around.

In Draft, this card is very powerful! I can't remember how many times I have drew useless cards like low HP Basics in the late game. Even if you have excess energy, at least you can use them to retreat or something.

Unlimited Rating: 4.1/5 (In the right deck)
Modified Rating: 1.4/5
Draft Rating: 4.2/5
TR Shadow
Super energy retrieval
This card is pretty pointless in  unlimited, especially when you can just oak to get the energy you need. If you really need more energy in your deck use NGRs. Discarding 2 cards makes it even worse.
In modified it's not much better because NGRs, Misty's wraths, and Trash exchange are still playable. If your playing g8r-which about half the good players play in modified-then why would you be wanting to get energy out of your discard anyway? use Trash exchange instead
Unlimited 2/5
Modified 2/5
MMF 2/5
Draft 2/5
~TR Shadow~
Super Energy Retrieval.

Here is the last of this week's series of Neo Geneses trainers.

In unlimited, this card isn't going to see much play use because of the mere fact basic energy isn't played in abundance.

Discarding 2 cards from your hand is a cost that's just too much for this kind of effect. I'd rather discard 2 to search for any card in my deck.

Next is Modified.

In Modified it poses more of a use here. Basic energy is played up the wazoo here. It isn't that bad.

I really think this card shines best in Neon. With the limited amount of recovery, this card can be great if you run into an energy drought (granted you have the amount needed to play this card in your discard pile).

It also isn't that bad of a draft card. It isn't first pick material, but with many multicolor draft decks being played, this card makes them even more viable by being able to reuse precious energy resources.

Over all, it's an average card. Not shabby at all.

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