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Golduck - Legendary Collection

Pojo's Average Rating -
Unlimited: 2.00 (based on 8 reviews)
Modified: 2.00
(based on 8 reviews)
Limited: 2.40
(based on 8 reviews)
Reviewed Aug 14, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Wednesday: Golduck

The only reason you might use Golduck is for an energy removel deck but those dont work. Psyshock is another pathetic bubble attack.=/ Hyper Beam doesn't do enough damage for its costs. 70 HP and one retreat is decent. 

Standard 1/5
Modified 2/5
MMF 2/5
draft 3/5



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Golduck - I wonder if the theme of the week is useless cards that will never see play in constructed but may be 1/2 good in limited.  Golduck is just not competitive play quality.  10 and 50% chance at paralyze isnt bad and gives time to build up... but with this, you dont build up to much.  Hyperbeam however isn't a bad attack.  Energy removal + damage isn't that bad but for the cost in constructed, there's too much other stuff.  In draft he's unlimited ER's.  Good thing..  Standerd - 1 Modified - 1 MMF - 1 Draft - 3
Omanyte - Another card that's not gonna see much play.  Such small HP, evolves from a trainer... is a 30 HP Evo. Wow. Weak. The attack is a basic weak low evolution's attack.  It's got a solid pokemon power... that's all it has.  I really wish this power would have been printed on a half decent card.  In draft it's still nothing, it takes fossil egg's or mysterious fossils. 
Standerd - 1 
Modified - 1 
MMF - 1 
Draft - 1
TR Shadow
I did one yesterday, but forgot to put a subject in it =\ .
 Golduck...seventy hp's not bad for a stage one. Its first attacks just plain pathetic, you can find the same attack on an Abra!!! Hyper beam might be worth using since you can discard an energy attached to your opponents active but it's a bit costly. Like most water pokemon it has no resistance and is weak to lightning =( .
Unlimited 3/5
Modified 3/5
MMF 3.5/5
Draft 4/5


This is a below average card IMO. The first attack can be found in many basic Pokemon while Golduck is a Stage 1. The 2nd attack is a bit costly although the effect is quite good. Overall I think Dark Golduck is much better in most aspects.

In Unlimited, don't play this. Use either Dark Golduck or don't bother evolving Psyduck at all.

In Modified, ditto.

In Draft, you can't really be choosers. Decent HP and decent attacks make this quite a good choice for draft, but not that good...

Unlimited Rating: 1.5/5
Modified Rating: 1.5/5
Draft Rating: 2.1/5
BigChuck01 Hey guys.  Sorry I haven't done a COTD for a while, but I've been busy with Origins and Worlds and other things.  I plan on doing COTDs more consistently now =P.


Golduck isn't that bad.  It's one of those "Average" cards.  Most people wont use it for its Psyshock because you don't put in an evolution line for TEN damage and a possible status effect.  Hyperbeam is a good attack if you can keep it going.  Removing an energy is a very powerful thing.

In unlimited, it gets a 2/5 because there are simply better things to use, and it's weak to removal itself. (Unless you play it for a Psyshock SWARM)

In the new Modified format, it could be a good anti-Steelix, but 20 damage for 3 energy doesn't cut it.  1.5/5

This things really good in draft.  Removing energy is such a good thing here, and there's nothing to stop you.  3.5/5

Wednesday - Golduck

Hmm. Golduck. Actually, not a bad card. Psyshock is normal, but hyper beam is effective. Everyone compared this card to Base Dragonair, which can do the same attack for 4 colorless. IMO, this guy's a LOT better. He's effective in sealed, but in standard and modified and mmf? I don't think he'll see much play ever again. But at one time we was thrilling.

Standard Rating: 2.5/5
Modified Rating: 3/5
MMF Rating: 3/5
Limited Rating: 4/5

~ RaNd0m

Gymbo Fossil/Legenday Collection Golduck

Stage 1 Pokemon  70 HP
Evolves from Psyduck

P: Psyshock: 10 Flip a coin, if heads, the Defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed.
WWC: Hyper Beam: 20 Choose an Energy card attached to the Defending Pokemon then discard that Energy card.

Weakness: Lightning
Resistance: -
Retreat: 1

Unlimited: Okay, this card is decent comboed with a whole bunch of Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal. It is however, a stage 1 and takes three turns to power up so expect to lose your energy while powering up this water duck Poke. Also, the damage isn't very impressive overall. Sure, you can remove their Energy, but can you finish them off very quickly dealing 20 a turn? They can re-attach and play Ecogym. There are just stronger things to play in Unlimited. Bleh...not impressed...2/5. It DOES have the Energy Removal aspect has to takes too long to an energy hog...then gets ERed/SERed. It COULD be cool with Psychic energy and the Promo Psyduck to slow the opponent down liak whao...but then they just Eeeek anyways...

Current Modified: Wow...this thing is worse here than in Standard. With dangerous cards such as Feraligatr, Crobat, and Entei/Cargo attacking turn 2-3 with high percentage, the most this thing is gonna do between turns 2-3 is Psyshock (if you play Psychic) and mabye get one Hyper Beam off. It's just not strong enough. MF is all about the power, and this card has little of it. Using Promo Psyduck is definitely better here though...I give this card a 1.5/5.

New Modified: Well...I dunno. Again, I just HAVE to repeat myself..."this card doesn't do enough damage". The Energy Removal part is cool for Steelix stuff. But Dark Feraligatr or Kingdra are just better when it comes to ER attacks. Plus this format actually has a super charged (pun intended) electric Pokemon that goes by the name of Ampharos that would just light this thing up (again, pun intended). Promo Psyduck IS definitely nice here, where setup is crucial. In this format, just use the Light Golduck from Destiny, you can fight Steelix off better with Light Golduck. Sorry, this card just doesn't impress me at all...I'll give it a 1.5/5.
Martin Golduck (level 27, LC)

This Golduck was originally introduced in the Fossil expansion. This card is very comparable to base dragonaire with it's second attack, but _over_all_ I would say this ones better.

The first attack (Psyshock) is a decent stall while you wait to get it's second attack powered. But I would recommend keeping it benched while you Eeeeeeek + Lass so you could build it keeping it safe from Energy Removing and the Gust.

Leaving your opponent without energy to attack is a great strategy that has been used ever since base. But, it is more efficient to use trainers to accomplish that rather than expensive attacks.

The 3 energy requirement is murder, and 70 HP is scary because Electabuzz is still out there.

In Modified, it is pretty much the same deal. The 70 HP isn't taking you places because everything is based on 1 hit KO. Taking an energy away from a Feraligatr is only going to help it, especially since the damage your doing poses no real threat to it.


Well, the Neo+ format is still rather new. A lot of great decks so far have hit the scene. Sadly, Golduck just doesn't fit in. It can't swarm like Kingdra, (3 energy attack) it isn't as defensive as steelix (low HP), it doesn't do Turn 2 heavy damage, (Like magcargo Variants).

But the removing attack can do a number to Steelix.


This is where I think Golduck fits in. If you can fit both colors (water and Psychic) then you got yourself a great draft deck. The LC Psyduck is great for card drawing in Draft. Use that to evolve to Golduck. And Hyper Beam will help whittle down the threat of a BIG attack by removing it's energy options.

In Unlimited, Neon, and Modified I would suggest using the Promo/Fossil Psyduck. Headache is just a great first turn attack.

Unlimited- 3.0
Modified- 2.6
Draft- 3.5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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