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Erika's Victreebell
Base Set

Pojo's Average Rating -
Standard: 3.15 (based on 3 reviews)
Modified: 3.55
(based on 3 reviews)
Draft: 4.02
(based on 2 reviews)
Reviewed April 8, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Not a bad card. It has a very useful Power, Fragrance Trap, that gives you a free Gust of Wind on a successful coin flip. If you have two of them on your bench, you have a pretty good chance of Gust'ing up whichever of your Opponent's Pokemon that you want. Very useful in bringing up a Basic being built up or pushing a Baby back to the bench so that you don't have to flip to attack.

While the Basic has low HP, if you choose the right one, you can get some FTKOs if your opponent only managed to bring out a Grass-weak, low HP Basic. Also, Victreebel's attack is not bad. You do 50 Damage for 3 Grass Energy. Not bad at all for a Pokemon that has such a powerful Pokemon Power.

Unlimited: The fact that Gust is available and that E's V is a Stage 2 keeps this from being viable here. You are just better off spending your resources on Trainers and heavy hitters than on a 4/4/3 or a 3/3/2 line of cards just for the Gust'ing ability. 2.75/5

Modified: Has some use here, especially with all of the Grass-weak cards that are popular in the format. Also, since Gust of Wind is not available and the only other Gust-like trainers have heavy drawbacks, the Power becomes much more attractive. 3.75/5

Draft: Normally a Stage 2 is not even worth considering. However, consider this: Status is King in Draft. Erika's Pokemon can deliver a lot of Status effects (Called Special Conditions, now). There are two different versions of the Basic and both are common. There are two different versions of the Stage 1 and both are Uncommon. This means that this line is a good one to go for in a draft. If you are getting the Basics and Stage 1's, you might as well pick up the Stage 2 if it comes your way. As a capper, there is another Uncommon card in the Gym Heroes set called  Erika's Maids that will allow you to search for your Victreebel! Put all of that together and I think this makes a good choice in Draft. 4.25/5


Erika's Victreebel

This is one awesome evolution! Fragance Trap is almost like a free Gust of Wind every turn. As you all know, Gust of Wind is a staple card in ALL Unlimited decks. Double Gust is almost a staple in Modified decks as well. The reason? Disruption. The ability to get ANY of your opponent's bench Pokemon and promote it as active is really good, especially against Pokemon who just sits on your Opponent's bench like Slowking.

With two Erika's Victreebels out, you are almost guaranteed a free Gust every turn. Your Pokemon can't attack yet? No problem. Just gust an Energy-less Pokemon to stall a bit. Or, if you want to get that last final prize, you can just gust for that damaged Pokemon that your opponent tried to save. The Power works really well with Neo Genesis Murkrow too. Just gust out something like an Unown and Mean Look it. Afterwards, you can just Feint Attack your opponent's bench without fear of being KO-ed (unless they manage to break the lock of course...).

Razor Leaf is a pretty good attack too. 3 Energies for 50 damage with no drawbacks is awesome.

You can also use Erika's Maid to get the whole line going quickly.

In Unlimited, it can be pretty good. Don't really bother powering it up though as it's kind of an ER bait. Slowking is still popular so Erika's Victreebel is really good. It's also good against Metal Chansey as you can use Murkrow to lock their Unown N.

In Modified, this is one of the best anti-Gatr deck out there. Too bad it's weak to Fire though.

In Draft, if you can get it out, it's awesome! 80HP is really good and you can't say no to 50 damage. You might be able to draft a couple of Erika's Maids too. ~_^

Unlimited Rating: 3.2/5
Modified Rating: 3.6/5
limited Rating: 3.8/5 


Erika's Victreebel

Unlimited: Imagine a Gust of Wind for free every turn! Bust out another big hitter like Chansey and bust them. In Unlimited you can have him powered up by Turn 2 and try to protect him from ER and SER. Otherwise, Erika’s Victreebel is a decent technical card which can be fine-tuned to work well if need be.

Modified: What used to be one of the main Anti-‘Gatrs is no more, sadly. ‘Gatr just got too far ahead with TecH Non-Holo Suicine and other stuff people have thrown in. Erika’s Victreebel has GREAT potential to make a comeback, but most every deck can hit harder and in less time, like Magcargo-Entei, and wipe this guy clean.

Limited: The obvious thing here for Erika’s Victreebel is that it’s good if you can get it out, a dead Rare Stage 2 if you get counter-drafted.

Unlimited (Standard): 3.5/5

Modified (Neo-On): 3.3/5

Limited (Draft): 4/5 (1/5 cause of Stage 2 junk)

Lord Gothmog

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