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Dark Crobat
Neo Destiny

Pojo's Average Rating -
Standard: 2.33 (based on 5 reviews)
Modified: 3.18
(based on 5 reviews)
Draft: 1.94
(based on 5 reviews)
Reviewed April 3, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Now this is the kind of card we need to see more of! Why? Because it's different. It requires strategy. It requires a deck to be tailored to it to use it to best effect, you can't just drop it into any deck and play your normal game.

Dark Crobat takes the Power of Dark Golbat and moves it up a notch. Which, of course, makes sense. The attack is interesting as well and also combos with the Powers. You can Sneak Attack and Surprise Bite your Opponent's Pokemon until they only have 10 HP left and then Dark Drain them to Oblivion. Actually, you really want to keep the Bats out of the direct combat and find some support Pokemon to sit in the Active position.

Let's look at the Damage numbers that you can do without even attacking once:

4 x 10 = 40 from the Dark Golbats.

4 x 20 = 80 from the Dark Crobats.

That's 120 Damage and you haven't used a single attack! That is amazing! And if your Opponent is using Grass-weak Pokemon, the Golbat's Power will do double damage. So that is 160 Damage to a Gatr deck! Woot! In reality, you will only be able to get 3 evo lines into play. at least one Zubat, Golbat, or Crobat will be in your prizes.

Let's look at the other stats for this card. 70 HP for a Stage 2 is a bit weak, but with Rocket's Hideout, it can be boosted up to 90. It also has Fighting resistance and a free retreat. This last one really helps when using Double Gust. Drag up an unpowered Opponent and pick off their basics and babies. The Power is not affected by Status Effects since it is a "come into Play" Power.

Again, you need to think about how you can maximize the usage of this card. Super Devo Spray, Super Scoop... you think of the combos. They are there.

Unlimited: A bit too slow and weak here. Not enough time to get the full effects of the power. 2.75/5

Modified: Should be fun to play here! Just watch out for the weak basic. 4.0/5

Draft: Ugh. This won't work in draft at all. You have a very evo bad chain that you are trying to build here: common basic (that's OK), rare Stage 1 (not so good) and Holo-only Stage 2 (bad).

You will never complete the chain, and even if you do, you'll just get one into play. The only way this Pokemon is useful is in groups. Pass it by. 1.0/5

Dark Master
Trainer Mike

Dark Crobat

A very interesting card. There are some unique possibilities. It's PP Surprise Bite does 20 damage when played from your hand. Additionaly the Dark Golbat's PP does 10 damage with weakness and resistance counted when you play it. You could use Hyper Devolution Spray to combo with this for some serious damage. Forget using it as your hitter. Use something else. Not weak to fire, and best of retreat! Gengar really likes this card because it is weak to Psychic.

Unlimited: Has some potential here as an Archetype to build on. Would be very hard to make it work just right. Needs to combo with a hitter. Could work with stall I suppose but his attack sucks! 2/5

Modified: Works best here. Could sponsor his own Archetype with the right combo. Like I said you would need a hitter and Hyper Devolution Spray. 3/5

Draft: Draft? You would have to Draft Rocket and Destiny to start. (Only place you will find Dark Golbat and the Zubat) Both Dark Golbat and Dark Crobat are rares. The chances of getting this combo are horrible. If you do manage to get one of each it still isn't worth playing. To bad because it has free retreat and a good PP. .5/5


Dark Crobat

Dark Crobat works really well with its previous evolution, Dark Golbat. Both Pokemon Power does essentialy the same thing and the combo with Hyper Devolution Spray is really good.

When you evolve Zubat to Dark Golbat, you would do 10 damage to any Pokemon and then you get to attack.  Next turn, evolve to Dark Crobat and Surprise Bite would do 20 damage to any of your Opponent's Pokemon. You can then attack again. Combine this with Hyper Devolution Spray and you can re-use the Power over and over again. Combine it with Rocket's Minefield Gym and you can KO Babies easily.

Dark Drain is a pretty good attack since it works really well with the Power. You'll be dealing a lot of damage to your opponent's bench and you'll be drawing multiple prizes soon. Removing damage counters is also great, considering Dark Crobat only has 70HP. The attack doesn't apply Weakness or Resistance though, which can be a good or a bad thing.

Since Dark Crobat has free retreat, you can just let it take up a few beatings and then retreat it. A possible deck idea is NOT to power up Dark Crobat. Instead, only play it to use the Power over and over again with Hyper Devolution Spray while you're main attacker gets to attack. Dark Crobat works really well with Neo Genesis Murkrow as the bench damage will pile up in no time. So, you don't even have to play Grass Energy! You can play Dark Crobat with something like Blaine's Rapidash or Dark Raichu. Both Blaine's Rapidash and Dark Raichu deal damage to your opponent's bench Pokemon so they compliment the whole bench damage deck. With Blaine's Rapidash, all of your Pokemon have free retreats. On the other hand, with Dark Raichu, you can really benefit from Rocket's Hideout. Personally, the only Gym I would play in a Dark Crobat deck is definitely Rocket's Minefield Gym...

In Unlimited, the low HP doesn't really stand a chance against fast cards like Sneasel. This is more of a Modified card...

In Modified, the deck can work really well since there are a lot of Babies running around. After you lock a Baby with Murkrow, you can use Feint Attack and Surprise Bite to kill that Gatr ASAP before they draw a Double Gust.

In Draft, unless you're drafting Rocket AND Destiny, this will be a dead card. Add to the fact that Dark Golbat is a rare, it's going to be next to impossible to get it out. I wouldn't draft it. It has some potential though but since you almost can't play it, what's the point?

Unlimited Rating: 2.2/5
Modified Rating: 3.4/5
Draft Rating: 1.2/5 (EXTREMELY hard to get out in Draft...)

Jeremy B.

No Review Today.

Lord Gothmog

This gets my vote for best card art ever.

In unlimited, it's actually not too bad. It's fast, so it can come out swinging turn 2 with a breeder, and the power works well in conjunction with the attack. 70 HP is a bit low, but it shouldn't be sitting around much. Not too brute force, though. I would play it with regular Crobat. 2.7/5, an average Stage 2, and a personal favorite.

In modified, it's not a stand out over Neo Revelation Crobat, and after the Challenge Series is over for the year, and before Origins and Worlds, Modified loses Team Rocket, Gym Heros, and Gym Challenge, so you won't even be able to play this. Also unfourtunate is that You can't effectively play it with Neo R Crobat, since they have exclusive middle evolutions. Bummer.  2/5

In limited, unless you're drafting Destiny with Team Rocket, it will never see play. Even if you are, getting a Dark Golbat and a Dark Crobat in the same tournament is highly unlikely. 1.5/5, with the .5 being the cool holo and selling value factors.


Dark Crobat. :) Most people know Crobat is my favorite card, but is this guy one to match up to the original's caliber? The answer: No. But it is an awesome guy!

When I first saw this card, I thought: This, combined with Dark Ampharos, is an awesome bench owner. Now I found that deck didn't work as well as it did on paper, but it was a thought.

Dark Crobat can do well. Unless your opponent is really smart, you'll be able to win the game without doing any damage to the active. How cool is that?

Standard Rating: 2/5
Modified Rating: 3.5/5
Draft Rating: 5/5 (Direct Damage is awesome in this format.)

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