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Dark Magcargo
Neo Destiny

Pojo's Average Rating -
Standard: 2.37 (based on 6 reviews)
Modified: 2.97
(based on 6 reviews)
Draft: 3.04
(based on 6 reviews)
Reviewed April 2, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This would work well Teched into a Magcargo deck. Just add one and if your opponent has a lot of low HP Pokemon, bring him out and go to town! Combo it with Dark Crobat maybe to take out droves of Babies. Of course, this is most useful in a Modified format. It is unfortunate that his Pokemon Power only works when he is active. That reduces that rating of the card quite a bit.

Unlimited: Doesn't quite cut it. 2.4/5

Modified: Interesting TecH in Magcargo. 3.25/5

Draft: If you manage to pull a couple, you can wreak havoc on your opponent! And the basic does nice damage too. Worth going for, too bad it's a rare. 3.75/5


I like his PP Hot Plate. He has the potential to do some damage to babies on the bench. His low HP make him risky though. Could combo well in an Entei/Magcargo deck though. I might use him as tech. Gengar dosen't like him.

Unlimited: Less Babies so not great there, could combo for some damage with other Pokťs. Low HP and High retreat not so great. I will give him 2.5/5

Modified: I think he is slightly better here. Could tech well and cause some real damage on all those Babies. 3/5

Draft: Wow! Looks like I really bring down the numbers here. I look at it from the perspective of even being able to get the things necessary to run them. Once again he is rare so there is litle chance of seeing him. The PP is next to worthless. But the bench damage is kind of nice. Retreat and low HP hurt him again. 1.5/5


Dark Magcargo

The 60HP is pretty bad for a Stage 1. The 3 Retreat Cost doesn't help either. Weakness to Water is bad in Modified as Gatr is still the most dominant deck out there (for now at least ;-P). Let's look at the power...

Hot Plate works wonder with Rocket's Minefield Gym! It's too bad the power is not cumulative (since Dark Magcargo has to be active). The low HP means that Dark Magcargo won't be active for a long time and thus, you can only use the power a couple of times.

Ball of Flame is an interesting attack. It synergies really well with Hot Plate as you can deal more damage to bench Pokemon. With Rocket's Minefield Gym out, you have the chance of dealing 30 damage straight before even attacking. That 30 damage is enough to KO a Baby. If your opponent plays a basic with 50 HP or less (which is very common in Modified ie. Totodile, Slugma, Zubat, Slowpoke, Cyndaquil, etc), you need to deal an extra 20 damage BEFORE they evolve. That's where Ball of Flame comes into play. The bad part is, Rocket's Minefield is a flip. Also, if they already got a Basic that can attack down before you get Dark Magcargo out, it's going be pretty useless. They won't risk playing a Baby until they KO your Dark Magcargo.

In Unlimited, it's pretty good against Sneasel (if they haven't filled up their bench yet, that is). It isn't that good against BBPs (Big Basic Pokemon) like Chansey though. It'll take ages to KO something big.

In Modified, it can be pretty good in certain situations. But it just deal too little damage to the defending Pokemon...

In Draft, the attack is really good! 20 to active and 20 to bench can mean 2 prizes. With only 4 prizes, most of the time your opponent would retreat their damaged active so that you don't draw a prize. If you get Dark Magcargo out, you can probably win in 2-3 attacks. The HP is a bit low though...

Unlimited Rating: 2.3/5 (Not that good against BBPs =/)
Modified Rating: 2.5/5 (Kill Babies but Gatr is still popular...)
Draft Rating: 3.4/5 (Awesome attack in Draft!) 

Jeremy B.

Wow what a guest we have !!!

Can you sign my Cleffa!

Oh wait you already did.

If I hear another person tell me there is no one worth getting a signed card in Pokemon I will........  Well, just don't say it again.

I have yet to see this card used well and as with all the Non holo rares in the set I believe its junk. Its not bad for two it does Bench damage and can kill a baby the turn its put in play but it still seems too weak and just lacks a big hit. I tried to break them a few times but it came up short every time.

Standard 1.5/5

Modified 2/5

Limited 3.5/5 Low hit point Pokemon on your opponents bench plus quick damage is good.

Lord Gothmog

In standard, I would play it but for it's low HP. I know, I know, Rocket's Hideout boosts it, but they can bump it out and possibly not even have to attack to kill it. However, it's not out of the realm of possibility. If you wanted, you could play it. The power and attack work well together, and if you use a Rocket's Minefield Gym, it's possible you could be killing their babies without so much as attacking. The low Energy cost of the attack is pretty good, too. But, the HP and high retreat hurt it. 2.5/5

In modified, Big Fire is cruelly tromped by Gatr, with is unfourtunate, because this thing would fit pretty well. The weaknesses aren't really less in this format, maybe even more. I'll say 2.9/5, considering FTKOs on Slugmas are not quite as likely, and Babies are everywhere.

In limited, it's a pretty good pick. Nothing really stands out, considering there aren't any combos with anything in the set, but it's usable. 3/5


Dark Magcargo is quite an evolution. It combos well with Dark Typhlosion or Typhlosion, and I like it. A lot. Definitely a card to play in Neo Block. It's attack can take out babies on the bench, and do damage to the active at the same time! The attack combined with the power will get you prizes for sure.

Standard Rating: 3/5
Modified Rating: 4/5
Draft Rating: 3/5

This card performs best in Neo Block though. If you ever play in one of those tourneys, use this guy! There isn't any water to kill it!

~ RaNd0m


Dark Magcargo

Unlimited: Erhm, wow, the first thing you think when you read Dark Magcargo. 10 damage with no flip like Rocketís Minefield? That could turn out something goodÖ Why not combine them! And then watch your opponent Gust of Wind and bash Dark Magcargo shell into crunchy little pieces in a soup =\ If only Gust of Wind were not played in EVERY deck, Dark Magcargo would see viable play. Itís got some form of TriX/Lock/Control/Combo/Hunter thing going. Itís second attack is pretty good in Standard as well. You get a Murkrow with 60 HP (80 with Hideout) that still does 20 damage to the active and 10 to anything thatís benched. But be wary! This would include your own Basics and Babies so make sure to set up before dropping this bad boy.

Modified: With the amount of Babies seeing play this thing could really put a dent into a personís deck. Erikaís Perfume, Rocketís Hideout, Turn 2 smack some babies around. The only problem in Modified is how to integrate Dark Magcargo into a deck that could really abuse him, perhaps Dark Magcargo/Magcargo/Entei!?!? -_-;;; But to set both a regular and a Dark Magcargo would really compress your space and you would nevertheless lose to ĎGatr and even Crobat. The fact that Dark Magcargo canít deal damage past the 20 damage mark all over the place is what doesnít allow it to live. Now, on the other hand, go Hunter and use Dark Crobat and Golbat to raise the amount of damage spread around and now youíre talking. ^_^

Limited: Woot! Imagine picking off all those Unowns and all those yummy Basics! For Draft, Dark Magcargo is great! Definitely a first to fifth pick if itís still floating.

Unlimited (Standard): 2.3/5

Modified: 3.3/5

Limited (Draft): 4.3/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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