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Dark Feraligatr
Neo Destiny

Pojo's Average Rating -
Standard: 2.72 (based on 5 reviews)
Modified: 3.40
(based on 5 reviews)
Draft: 3.10
(based on 5 reviews)
Reviewed April 1, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Dark Feraligatr is not too bad, but is situational. Since he has to be active to stop babies, he is going to be exposed. Note: He does not stop the Baby Rules that requires you to Flip to Attack. He only stops Baby Attacks (such as Eeeeeeek!) and Baby Pokemon Powers (such as Playful Punch). Also bear in mind that it is a Stage 2 and therefore it is going to be a few turns before you get the Babies turned off. Eeeeeeek! is most useful in the first few turns of a game, so Dark Gatr doesn't help you there. On the other hand, if you run him with Slowking, your Opponent may have a hard time setting up or recovering.

Unlimited: Not as many babies running around and the evolution line will be ripped apart before it has a chance to do much. 2.5/5

Modified: More Babies and a slower development give him a shot. Use as much Trainer denial as you can in combo with him. 3.5/5

Draft: Stage 2 lines are really hard to build in Modified. Also, there are no Babies in Neo Destiny or Team Rocket (the logical set to co-draft) so you lose the benefit from the Poke-Power. On the other hand, the attack is very good and the HP are decent. A second pick if not a first. 4.0/5


Dark Feraligatr

I like the PP Scare. No Eeeeeeek. No Playful Punch. Three water for 50 plus a flip to discard Energy is not bad as well. Needs more HP maybe he hasn't been feeding on enough Baby PokÚs. Gengar doen't like him at all.

In Unlimited He has some potential Energy denial and a big hit. But he is a Stage two. I'll give him a 2.5/5

In Modified I like him a lot. Great upside for all those Babies being played. Could combo well with others for some nasty damage. Not as good as his bigger cousin though. 3.5/5

In Draft he is Dark Gatr soup. To hard to get going. Dark Croc is an uncommon. You will be lucky to see him played at all you would need two Dark Crocs for it even to be worth it. Just not realistic. 1/5



Dark Feraligatr

A pretty good card against Babies. 80HP is okay for a Stage 2, considering you can still boost it up to 100HP with Rocket's Hideout. Let's look at the Power now...

Scare is a pretty good power considering your opponent's Cleffa can't use Eeeeeeek or that Elekid sitting in your opponent's bench would be useless. It's too bad Dark Feraligatr has to be active in order for Scare to work. You would still have to flip for the Baby Rule if you attack a Baby though.

Crushing Blow is a GREAT attack! 3 Basic Energies for a guaranteed whooping 50 damage AND a chance to remove an energy card is just awesome!

In Unlimited, I guess you can build a Dark Feraligatr-Trapper deck. However, since you can only pull it out on the second turn (via Breeder), it's not really that good. In both formats though, a Dark Feraligatr + Slowking deck would be pretty viable. In Unlimited, Slowking will protect your Dark Feraligatr from Energy Removals while preventing your opponent from drawing anything. Dark Feraligatr stops Cleffa, Igglybuff or even Pichu, so your opponent would have a harder time dealing with Slowking now. In Modified, the deck works even better. Slowking stops Feraligatr (Downpour), while Dark Feraligatr is good against Big Fire and Entei-Cargo. 3rd turn 50 damage and the chance to remove your opponent's energy card is also nothing to laugh at. The ability to ER something in Modified is really powerful, considering there's no ER in Modified. This makes Dark Feraligatr really good against Steelix too. Now, the main problem with this deck is it runs too many Evolutions, thus making it slow. Dark Gengar will also pose some major problems.

In Draft, it would be hard to get Dark Feraligatr out. Plus, there's not that many Babies in Draft. However, if you can get it out, it's as good as game. ;-)

Unlimited Rating: 3.7/5
Modified Rating: 4.1/5
Draft Rating: 3.5/5

Jeremy B.

Not a bad card in modified it has yet to be fully broken as I see it may be.

Standard I just don't see it doing anything ?

Modified A few weak combos here but until I see it comboed well I give it a
Its energy removal attack it nice but its still not much of a card.

If you get the eveos its very good 3 for 50 plus removal is great however weakness to grass is a major problem

Lord Gothmog

The main thing people complain about this card is that it has to be active.

I say: Look at the attack! 50 and possible energy discard for 3 energy! And mind you, these are those same kind of people who do 200 damage with a Sneasel in one turn.

In unlimited, I could see playing it with massive trainer and hand denial. Once they have a hand consisting of a Nightly Garbage Run, you start pounding them for 50 every turn. However, you have to get the denial engine started from the very beginning and not let up. The power accentuates it, not letting them Eek or Gaze or Sputter. The downsides? It's a stage 2, and it doesn't do as much damage as regular Feraligatr for the same energy. But this card is about control, not massive damage. Control is harder to beat sometimes. I have to say a 2.9/5, not a 3 just because it has to be active.

Just think, one of these on the bench stopping babies, and a regular Feraligatr riptiding away. 

In modified (why don't we just call it unlimited-with-no-er-lass-oak-and-sneasel?), control decks are more viable, because there's no cheap way to deal with them. Double Gust, your opponent picks one of yours two. Have to play Blaine's Charmander and attack for ER.

However, some of the speed is gone, so you really have to horse on the hand-denial trainers. The attack is also better, considering it removes energy, and that's hard to find. Also, Dark Croconaw is pretty darn good. You can attack with it and stall till you can get Dark Gatr. I have to give it a 3.5/5 here, considering it hoses babies and removes energy, all in one package.

In limited, Totodile and Dark Croconaw are easy enough to draft, and if you pull one of these, you'll want to. Granted, you probably won't see many babies, especially if you even get this out, but the 80 HP and energy removal attack are sweet. 4/5 here.


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