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Yu Yu Hakusho World Guide

The different worlds in Yu Yu Hakusho obviously play a pivotal role in the series. How they interact, why the inhabitants are the way they are, and who maintains order in each respected realm constitutes how they exist. Here you will find a description of each world and how life is on each.

Demon City
Existing somewhere within Makai, Demon City is ruled by the Four Holy Beasts, Suzaku, Seiryuu, Byakko, and Genbu. Since the City is such a large threat to Ningenkai, Reikai created a barrier around the world to prevent any of the inhabitants from ever leaving, thereby protecting everyone on Earth. However, in the Yu Yu Hakusho series, the rulers of Demon City eventually grow tired of this, and attack Ningenkai in order to gain their freedom.


Makai (Demon World)
Though it seems that Makai is completely evil, it is in fact not too dissimilar to Ningenkai. The world is based on rules and kingdoms where inhabitants are either honorable and good or evil, murderous, blood-thirsty creatures. The world has seven levels, each containing stronger demons as you advance to the next. There are three kingdoms, Raizen's, Yomi's, and Mukuro's. There are also separate cities, or areas in Makai such as Yukina's ice world, and Suzaku's Demon City. The final installment of Yu Yu Hakusho takes place in Makai.


Ningenkai (Human World)
The human world is between the Reikai and Makai, containing ningen or humans. Most are completely unaware of the existence of the two other worlds just outside their own, or rather debate the existence, living a life of uncertainty. However, due to the majority of humans possessing absolutely no spiritual awareness or real strength, it is completely open to attack by inhabitants of Makai. Also, since Makai is a world of demons, the demons require human flesh in order to survive, one of their base reasons for invading Ningenkai. In order to maintain a balance with Makai, Reikai, and Ningenkai, Reikai institutes defenders, or detectives, of the human world to defend against such demon attacks. 


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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