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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 83: Last Resort! The Decision of Kurama

Episode 83 - Last Resort! The Decision of Kurama

The "game master" wants everyone to stay and play with him. Once the Makai door opens, the "game master" will lose willingly. Hiei went to sleep because he has never played games before therefore being no use. Kurama deducted that Sensui is using the "game master." The "game master" pulls the slot machine and the next round was decided to be a weird form of
Tetris. Kurama stepped up to the challenge. Yuu explained the rules. Kurama asked the "game master" if he used the power before and the "game master" said no. Kurama explained that the "game master" will die if he loses. Yusuke yells at Kurama to beat the "game master" at all costs. Genkai tells Yusuke that Sensui planned it that Kurama can't kill the "game master" in cold blood. Kurama was angry and squeezed his hand so hard that it scratched his palm. He thinks the "game master" is a sacrifice from Sensui to buy time for the Makai door. Kurama tells the "game master" that. The "game master" began to panic and had flashbacks of when he first met Sensui. When the flashback was over, the "game master" and made mistakes and began to lose. He says he doesn't want to die. Kurama mercilessly defeat the "game master" and the "game master" laid on the floor, dead. There was a sudden earthquake and the "G" gate/door exploded. Meanwhile, Kuwabara was yelling at Sensui again. Makihara decided to tape Kuwabara's mouth. After the earthquake, Genkai and her group carried the "game master" back to the entrance. Hiei, Kurama, Yusuke, and Mitarai continued ahead. Kurama looked sad and that shocked Yusuke. Yusuke said it was a side of  Kurama that he never saw before. In the city, Keiko and Yusuke's mother got out of a taxi. Keiko seemed worried. Botan was at the cave entrance celebrating because the sky suddenly cleared. Just then, Koenma came and explained that Botan must remain at the entrance and when another earthquake happens, Botan was to report to the spirit world. Koenma said he will take out his pacifier if they needed it. Continuing on, Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, and Mitarai entered the center of the cave. They found Kuwabara in the boat, on the lake, at the center of the center of the cave and below the Makai door. He was unable to escape. The episode ends there.

- Crystal Fairy


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