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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 81: The Game Master in the Cave

Episode 81 - The Game Master in the Cave

Kurama tells everyone not to lose focus at the forest path. He said the Makai door will be opened in two days. It was probably because Sensui and Itsuki's power were getting stronger.
Meanwhile, Keiko yells at an confused police officer about the previous explosions. When the police officer left the apartment she was in, Puu flew down to comfort Keiko. After arriving at the cave entrance, Hiei (I think) called it the journey to the gates of hell. Mitarai thinks it'll probably take two hours to get to the center of the cave if there weren't any obstacles. Hiei, Kurama, Mitarai, and Yusuke went into the cave while everyone else stayed behind. Inside was maze-like so Kurama planted special glowing plants in mark the way they came. He joked with Hiei saying that the plants are souvenirs he left behind. Hiei asked Kurama does that mean they're not coming back. After walking for a long time, they reached a gate-like door with a huge "G." Mitarai got nervous because he thought there wasn't a door before. Yusuke searched his memories and realized he has seen the door before. The door belonged to a arcade game called "Game Battler." The object of this game is to defeat the "game master." To enter, they required 7 people. Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, and Mitarai was forced to go back to get the rest of the group. After everyone has arrived, the door opened and revealed the "game master" wearing a kiddy suit. A huge screen was to the left and a slot machine to the right. Yusuke called the "game master" a toddler but he didn't take much offense. Meanwhile, Sensui sat in the center of the cave watching TV. Itsuki sat on a boat on the lake in the center of the cave. He has made the Makai door open faster than expected. Kuwabara was yelling things about killing Sensui when Yusuke comes. Makihara just laughed. Back at the game, Yusuke and Kurama explained to the rest of the group the slot machine was used to select games. Each player can only play once and they needed four wins to defeat the "game master." Kurama asked who played the game before and found Yusuke, Mitarai, Yuu Kaito, Kurama, and surprisingly Genkai did. Kurama asked Genkai, Mitarai, and Yusuke to each win one match while Yuu and Kurama think of a plan. The "game master" order to pull the slot machine and selected the first game. It was tennis. Mitarai said he was good at it so they let him go first. Outside, Botan watched the cave entrance and was mad because she was the only one left behind. Koenma was in the spirit world and bowing in front of King Yama. Koenma wants permission from King Yama for something. During Mitarai's round, he is teleported to an tennis arena. In front of him is his holographic form and a controller. The game began with an intense feel. The "game master" tried to distract Mitarai by calling him weak. Finally, Mitarai won and teleported back. To the "game master" he said that at least he was strong enough to admit that he was weak. The episode ends there.

- Crystal Fairy


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