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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 80: The Target of Hagari! Death Wrinkle Cross Spot!

Episode 80 - The Target of Hagari! Death Wrinkle Cross Spot!

Hagari has marked Yusuke. A few razor leaves flew out of nowhere. They narrowly miss Yusuke. A cut appears on his cheeks. Then, massive amounts of rocks smash at Yusuke. He managed to punch them and shatter them quickly enough. Then, knives come at Yusuke. Yusuke used his spirit gun and fired on the knives. Hiei stood on a tree nearby watching. Yusuke wanted to leave the forest and have a fist to fist fight with Hagari. Hagari hid among trees knowing what Yusuke wants. Yusuke got back to the highway and a truck hauling oil came by. Yusuke got excited because he would get a ride. The horror came when he realized there was no driver. The truck was ammunition for Hagari. Yusuke can't fire on the truck because it would explode. Yusuke ran back into the forest with the truck behind him. Yusuke tripped and fell but the truck didn't slow down. Far in the distant cliff, Yusuke spotted Hagari aiming a handgun at him. The bullet fired didn't hit Yusuke but hit the truck. It exploded. Hagari thought he killed Yusuke but when he turned around, he saw Yusuke kneeling beside Hiei. Hagari fired bullets at Hiei but missed. Hiei pointed his blade at Hagari's throat. Hagari grabbed Hiei and prepared to fire on Yusuke. But he could do that he appeared to have been wounded and fell. Yusuke thanked Hiei and prepared to leave. Hiei laughed at Yusuke's attempt to stop the Makai door from opening. They fought a brutal battle. Hiei used his fist rather than his sword. After moments of punching, Yusuke struck a blow to Hiei's arm and made Hiei bleed. Hiei backed off and licked his wounds. He said Yusuke passed his test and that proved Yusuke didn't become weaker during the times Hiei was away. Together, the took a path through the forest and met up with Genkai and Kurama's group.

- Crystal Fairy


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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