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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 79: Yusuke Enraged! Save Kuwabara!

Episode 79 - Yusuke Enraged! Save Kuwabara!

Kuwabara has been kidnapped. Makihara, Game Master, and Sensui insanely speeds down the road riding a pickup truck. Makihara use the extended fingers to bind Kuwabara, (kinda like the elder Toguro's *hint* *hint*.) Yusuke follows with a bike. Hagari saw Yusuke and speed up on his motorcycle. Sensui says do not worry because someone will take care of Yusuke.
Genkai and Koenma races up the smoke filled stairs of an apartment building. They found Mitarai sitting by the wall with an scared expression. Botan was found crushed under a bookshelf. Mitarai was confused why did Botan save him when the bookshelf fell in the explosion. Koenma says Sensui may used Mitarai as an sacrifice. Outside, Kurama and Keiko ran after Puu who saw Yusuke's mother lying on the floor. They carried her to Genkai for healing as well. After everything was well, they decided to leave in search of Yusuke. Koenma says there'll be no need to look for Hiei because Hiei has sensed the Maikai portal and will be there as well.
Hagari threw a dice and exploded on Yusuke's bike. Yusuke landed on the road, curve of the highway, close to a forest. Hagari used the Death Wrinkle Cross Spot technique. A few target signs appeared on Yusuke's body. Hagari says whatever he throws will hit Yusuke. He demonstrated by chucking two rocks. Yusuke used his fist to smash the rocks. Hagari says Yusuke will have to be on guard 24/7 and even in his sleep because he never know when he'll be attacked. Then they took the battle into the forest nearby. The episode ends there.

- Crystal Fairy


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