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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 67: A New Beginning

Episode 67 - A New Beginning

The scene opens up with the destruction of the tournament arena and a deformed older Toguro brother crawling out of the ocean contemplating the length of time he's been out. He is then approached by a mysterious gentleman in black. The next scene is of Koenma stamping papers of the newly dead and then the blue ogre comes storming in with some serious business and slams a piece of paper on the desk knocking over a huge amount of paper work and then gets beaten up by Koenma. Afterwards they show Botan talking to someone named Miss Julie becoming the leading person of the soul world (that sentence can be a typo check on that for me it can even be the same Julie from the Toguro tournament they are talking about) and then Botan is called upon by Koenma. Koenma is sitting in his office concentrating intensely. Botan comes in asking if Koenma is constipated, Koenma calls her a fool and gets back to the business at hand and explains to her that their are troubles in the human world where Botan cuts in and tells him that ever since the dark tournament the demons have been quite and Koenma explains to her its not the demons but humans and Koenma is confused about this  and asked Botan to meet Yusuke. The scene cuts in too Yusuke, Kuwabara and Keiko walking to school and Yusuke and Kuwabara felt bored to go to school on such a beautiful day and wanted to skip, but Keiko knocks some sense to them. Then they get approached by some street thugs, who are looking for a fight whom are later scared by the determination in Yusuke eyes. They continued to walk to school and in the shadows two people pass judgment confirming that he is Yusuke Urameshi. The next scene is of Hiei in a construction site killing bugs and says he feels something coming up and he wont be apart of it. Then the scene goes too Minamino Suiichi (Kurama) school where he gets number one rank in classes. Minamino Suiichi gets approached by girls congratulating him on his good scores when he notices a demon insect sucking on one of the girls and quickly dispatches while he made them look the other way. He ponders what's going on. Lunch time approaches Kuwabara and his friends discuss about the recent peace and about expanding territory and thinking about Yukina until Yusuke sticks a finger in his ass saying Spirit Gun. Then Yusuke and Kuwabara start arguing with each other. Botan comes and they stop and Botan tells Yusuke too wait for her after school. After school comes and Yusuke grows impatient and starts too leave when Keiko comes with Puu and attaches it on Yusuke bag where Yusuke gets upset over that and her comment about him watching his step. Then Kuwabara comes and asks Yusuke what Botan wanted and too wait until she return Yusuke says he doesn't care and gives the job to Kuwabara. Kuwabara asks if he used up all his spirit energy in the Toguro tournament and Yusuke explains to him that he feels alone at the top of the mountain. Then Kuwabara pounds him in the head for being to full with pride. Kuwabara explains that he wants to go see Genkai because he used up all his spirit energy and then three guys appear of the front gate and asked to fight with Urameshi. Yusuke tells Kuwabara to wait for Botan until he returns. The reach open field and Yusuke asks for all three to come at him at once for it to be challenging. One of them steps up and says he's enough. Botan is angry when she returns and yells about Yusuke and explains to Kuwabara that the new threat is not demon but man. Yusuke continues to beat on this guy and is frustrated that they all don't attack him until the guy he is fighting gets serious and does something tricky and tells Yusuke that he's in his territory and Yusuke cant move. Puu is terrified and returns to Kuwabara and Botan at the school. Puu tells them that Yusuke is kidnapped. They go to the place where Yusuke was fighting and find a message saying Yusuke will be killed if Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara don't show up at this place by eleven o'clock .

- KngKakarot


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