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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 66: Toguro's Decision, This is my Last Wish

Episode 66 - Toguro's Decision, This is my Last Wish

The episode begins with the girls making a gravesite for Genkai on the beach. Then it switches over to the room with the team as Puu flies up to the window. Yusuke asks Puu to take him to Genkai as Kurama tells him that he can't talk to Genkai. He says Genkai can only be in the Spirit World for a short time since it is just a transfer. Then Yusuke tries to forget it and get into a happy mood. He leaves the room as Puu follows. Then it switches over to Spirit World. Koenma and Ogre head over to Koenma's office. When they open the door a ton of paperwork comes down as another ogre comes out and tells him that Enma left all the paperwork to Koenma (the ogre was supposed to do it). After he is all settled, Toguro walks in to be decided by his sins. Toguro says it is not necessary to judge him and says he wants to go to Purgatory. The Purgatory is a terrible place where the people there experience 10,000 years of torture. Koenma says he could have a slight punishment because of his warrior deeds but Toguro still says he wants to go to Purgatory. Koenma signs the paper and Toguro goes off. Then one of Koenma's servants walks in to tell Koenma about Toguro's past. She tells Koenma it was 50 years ago when Toguro became evil and that 3 months before that Dark Tournament, all of Toguro's friends were killed by a demon named Guilan (this info. could be a little off). Then it shows Guilan killing all of Toguro's friends and then Toguro walks in to find all of his friends slaughtered. Then the servant said Toguro went crazy or something like that. Toguro disappeared the next three months and then the day he came forth to Genkai and his teammates, it had seemed he was caught by the devil. In the final round of the Dark Tournament, he killed Guilan. Then it said his wish was to become a demon or something related to that. Then it shows Toguro walking down a narrow path to the Purgatory. Near the doors Genkai stands up and there is a replay of them of the past. Then they start talking as Genkai says he kept blaming himself for the deaths of his friends as Toguro responds he beat Guilan and became the devil. Then they talk for a little bit more until Toguro tells Genkai that she still has a job to do which is to help Yusuke get stronger. They talk a little bit more until Toguro walks into the mist and into the Purgatory. Then Genkai walks into Koenma's room and then there is a flashback of after Genkai was killed by Toguro with Koenma who was talking to Toguro. Toguro tells Koenma to keep Genkai's body safe in case if Yusuke wins. Then it goes back to the tournament with Yusuke and the others. The girls finally show up and some stuff happens that is of no importance. Then they all go out to the port as they cheer that they finally get to leave. Then a voice comes as everyone turns around. They look back and Genkai comes out walking toward them. They all greet her and go onto the boat. The boat leaves the island and the Dark Tournament is over.

- Mario W.

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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