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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 65: The Ambition Disappears with the Tournament

Episode 65 - The Ambition Disappears with the Tournament

This episode begins with a replay of Yusuke's max. spirit gun and Toguro. After it finally finishes Yusuke falls to the ground. Koenma, Kurama, and Hiei rush to his side to help him up while he wonders if he is still alive. Then he looks over at Kuwabara's dead body on the floor. Then there is another replay of Kuwabara getting killed by Toguro. Then Yusuke starts blaming himself again saying stuff over and over. Then Kurama looks at Kuwabara who gets up and starts dancing around saying that he tricked Yusuke who then gets a really dumb look on his face. Then Kurama tells him that when he rushed to Kuwabara's aid after Toguro attacked him, that he faked his death to help Yusuke use that enormous power. Then Yusuke beats up Kuwabara for a few minutes and being really pissed for tricking him. Then Yusuke wonders why Toguro didn't kill him and it was because of his strong defensive power. Then Kurama tells them that Kuwabara was not Toguro's target but it is really confusing because of the idiot who subbed it so I can't really tell you. Sakyo walks over to them and tells Koenma to take his life. Koenma refuses and Sakyo decides to take out a remote from his pocket and presses a big button at the top. A earthquake comes and the tournament gets covered in cracks. Then a voice says that 15 minutes and then the place will explode. Then Sakyo walks away into a corridor. Shizuru sees Sakyo walk into the corridor and she goes after him. Meanwhile Yukina and Botan try to get Keiko out of her unconscious state. Koenma tells the group to help the girls as he goes to talk to Sakyo. Some other unimportant stuff takes place and then goes to a scene with Koenma talking to Sakyo. Sakyo tells Koenma about his plan to make a hole to connect the human world and the demon world. Then they both notice Shizuru at the doorway listening to them. She walks over near Koenma as Sakyo takes out something that looks like a lighter and throws it over to Shizuru. Then a lot of rocks come down and cover up Sakyo as Koenma manages to get Shizuru and himself out the room. Then the rest of the group finally reaches the girls as more unimportant stuff happens. Yusuke goes up to Keiko and starts to slap her in the face until she reached consciousness. When she did she slapped Yusuke so hard it made a hole in the concrete. Then they all run through the corridors with only 3 minutes left to get out. Then they reach with a lot of people and they noticed that the exit is blocked by a lot of rocks and with 2 minutes left. Then Chuu, Jin, Touya, and Rinku make a path through the rocks as Puu finally catches up (non-possessed). Then it changes over to Koenma who gets tripped by Ogre who is stuck. Koenma pulls him free with 30 seconds left as they all run out. 5...4...3...2...1... and the places goes up in a ton of explosions as Koenma, Shizuru, and Ogre barely make it. Then everyone watches the blown up stadium. Botan suddenly screams as she remembers that they each get to have one wish. Yusuke gets a sad look as he says that even they could not fulfill his dream as Genkai's image appears.

- Mario W.

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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