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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 64: To Decide the Victor! Both at Full Power

Episode 64 - To Decide the Victor! Both at Full Power

Small recap. Kuwabara is dead. Yusuke is blaming himself and he is getting more and more powerful.

Anyway this episode begins with a replay of Kuwabara getting killed and Yusuke mysteriously teleporting. Then his spirit energy turns into bubble-like forms and goes around the stadium. Everyone wonders what is going on among Yusuke. Then he starts having memories of him and Kuwabara. Then he continues blaming himself. Toguro starts feeling the energy of Yusuke power and recognizes that he may be able to become equally powerful as himself. He starts talking about some other stuff relating to that and charges at Yusuke saying they are the same. He punches Yusuke in the jaw and is sent into another wall. Hiei says Yusuke is getting closer to Toguro's strength. Then Chuu, Jin, Touya, and Rinku say they feel different things from Yusuke's energy as Touya explains Yusuke is fighting within himself. More talking goes around then Toguro decides he should kill another one of Yusuke's friends. Yusuke teleports and catches Toguro's arm. Then his energy creates a giant sinkhole as there is more talk and a flashback of Genkai explaining to Yusuke about how Toguro ran away from the fight against time and stuff like that. Then Yusuke says he understands why Toguro ran away, why he abandoned his friends and that he will protect his. Then Yusuke crushes Toguro's arm. Then they talk a bit more and Yusuke punches Toguro in the face. Toguro goes spinning, crashing busting everything in his path into rocks to the other side of the stadium. Then when Toguro gets up, his neck is broken and Yusuke fires a spirit gun. It blows up one of the walls that Sakyo put up but Toguro doesn't really move. He gets up and puts his head back the way it should be. More talking goes around and Toguro announces he will transform into something he has never done before. Toguro transforms even further and his muscles become bigger than they were. He tells Yusuke if he tries to do this he will not reach it. He tells Yusuke to give up and Yusuke says he will gather all of the power in his body. Then something like lava (or it could be energy) comes from Toguro's sides as they both use all of their spirit and almost all of their life energy into it. Yusuke fires the Spirit Gun at Toguro who charges at it and catches it with his hands. After the blast left Yusuke's fingers there are a lot of cracking sounds and suddenly the Spirit Gun disappears at Toguro's hands. Yusuke falls to the ground and Toguro walks over to him. He thanks Yusuke for allowing him to use such power. Then Toguro covers in cracks as he says the sequence is over 100% and all the cracks go flying like shards and says he might have been at about 120%. He falls to the ground dead. Then after a few moments Yusuke stands up as everyone cheers and Team Urameshi is granted winner of the Dark Tournament!

- Mario W.

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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