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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 63: Yusuke! Complete Genkai's Final Trial

Episode 63 - Yusuke! Complete Genkai's Final Trial

This episode begins with a replay of Toguro punching Yusuke sending him into the stands. Also for some reason Yusuke's arm is not broken although it is supposed to be from the last episode. Then Toguro starts telling Yusuke to use his full power and a lot of other reasons. Then he says he will transform his body again. These two mini-volcano looking things on his shoulders begin to glow and they suck up the souls of the demon Toguro had killed with his energy when he powered up. Then he tells Yusuke that he only needs 20 minutes to finish all of the demons. Then a wave of energy goes across the stadium killing many of the demons. As Toguro sucked all of them.  The demons began to flee as Sakyo pressed a button on a remote which created walls around the stadium so the demons could not run. Then Toguro flicks his finger to kill the demons and suck their souls. Yusuke charges at Toguro and Toguro punches him. Then Keiko starts having some hallucinations and faints. Then a lot of not important stuff takes place and Yusuke gets punched by Toguro again into the ground. Then he comes out with a lot of spirit energy and starts to attack Toguro. Then Toguro hits Yusuke sending him flying into the rubble. Then some talk goes through among the girls. Then Puu starts flying and talking English to them but it was Genkai who possessed him. The possessed Puu flies down to the fight and tells Toguro to kill one of Yusuke's friend's in order to bring out his true strength. Then Yusuke starts yelling at Puu as Toguro heads over to Yusuke's friends. Then Puu flies away as Yusuke charges at Toguro to make him stop from killing one of his friends. At every attempt Toguro stopped Yusuke and made his way over to his friends. Kurama and Hiei get ready to fight as Toguro announces he will kill Kuwabara. Kuwabara says he will not go down with a fight. Kuwabara charges at Toguro and Toguro disappears and reappears in front of Kuwabara and stabs Kuwabara with his hand. He pulls out his hand blood covered it and Kuwabara says Urameshi followed by a lot of blood from his mouth and falls. He says a little bit more then falls to the ground dead. Kurama, Hiei, and Koenma come to his aid. Then Yusuke sees Kuwabara's dead body and stands up. He somehow teleports and ends up behind Toguro. His spirit energy glows as he blames himself for Kuwabara's death. His spirit energy expands more as he says he cannot forgive himself. Then that's all for this episode.

- Mario W.

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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