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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 62: Toguro's Full Power. 100%

Episode 62 - Toguro's Full Power, 100%

This episode begins by Toguro saying that the difference of their powers is great even when he is at 80% strength. Yusuke says some stuff and cuffs appear on his legs and arms. Yusuke explains they are Spirit Cuffs to hold back his power. Then there is a flashback of Yusuke and Genkai before his final test when she gave him the Spirit Cuffs. Then Yusuke yells Undo and the cuffs come off and his Spirit Energy explodes  and turns into a bird of some sort. It flies around the crowd and returns to Yusuke who absorbs it. Some more talking goes around. Toguro says it is time to decide who is the winner and charges at Yusuke. Yusuke charges back and attacks Toguro with a flurry of punches and finishes with an uppercut. Toguro goes falling to the ground as Yusuke follows and continues punching at Toguro making a huge sinkhole. Yusuke looks in Toguro's eyes and sees emptiness and stops punching. He jumps out of the hole as more talking goes around. Then Toguro emerges from the hole but at 0%. Completely skinny and no muscle build-up. Then he announces that he will go to complete 100%. He begins to power up as a huge aura surrounds him. His energy continued to go around killing demons in the crowd. After a few minutes he emerges with every single muscle tightened. Everyone in the crowd was surprised including Sakyo. More talking goes around from people. Then Toguro walks toward Yusuke slowly. Then he stops and flicks his finger at Yusuke. The power of it sends Yusuke skating and crashing into a rock. Then Toguro explains his power is so great that flicking his finger does so much damage. Then he flicks his finger continuously at Yusuke who blocks them by swinging his arms at the flicks. Then Toguro stops and Yusuke goes at him punching him. Then Toguro swings his arm at Yusuke which hits he arm breaking it. Yusuke goes flying into the ground screaming in agony. He stands up and fires another Spirit Gun at Toguro. The blast does nothing to Toguro. Then Toguro says Yusuke lacks the sense of danger and in the blink of an eye grabs Yusuke by his shirt and asks him if he feels like he is going to die and punches him in the stomach as Yusuke goes flying skating through the concrete into a wall. The episode ends there.

- Mario W.

Toguro was surprised to find that both him and Yusuke were now even in power, even with Toguro at 80%. Yusuke showed these cuffs that were around his wrists and ankles. They were called Spirit Cuffs, Genkai gave them to Yusuke so he would be able to hide his true power until needed. Yusuke said "undo" and the cuffs disappeared. A  huge bird appeared and Yusuke absorbed it's energy . His spirit energy was through the roof. He started giving Toguro a serious beat down right into the ring. Toguro came back out at 0%. He was just this skinny little body with no muscle at all. Toguro decided to power up to 100%. When he was done (again, killing more demons) every muscle in his body was tightened. He started to flick his fingers and Yusuke had to block it. Now, just flicking his fingers can send Yusuke flying. Yusuke was trying to block the finger flicks until Toguro broke his arm with a powerful a punch. Yusuke tried using a spirit gun, but it had no effect. Toguro explained that Yusuke didn't have the sense of danger, grabbed him by shirt and sent him flying into the stadium. The episode ends but the fight continues.

- FiveIron16


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