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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 61: The Final Match, The Fight of the Century Begins

Episode 61 - The Final Match, The Fight of the Century Begins

Finally the fight we have all been waiting for Yusuke vs. Toguro. A lot of gibberish goes around for a while until finally the fight begins. Toguro decides to start at 80% strength. Once Toguro finished powering up, his energy went around the stadium killing some people. His energy reaches the rest of the Urameshi Team as Koenma creates a shield and Puu does the same for the girls. Toguro walks over to Yusuke as Yusuke charges at Toguro. Yusuke punches at Toguro's chest and Toguro retaliates with and uppercut. Yusuke goes flying but uses the floor to stop and charges at Toguro again. He tries to get him in the face but misses as Toguro comes around and goes for Yusuke with a punch that Yusuke dodges and ends up kicking Toguro in the head. As Yusuke lands the rest of Toguro's punch creates a hole and decides to swing his arm back as the energy rips the stadium and goes at Yusuke. Yusuke jumps and punches through all of the debris as the rest of the energy goes killing people in the stands. As Yusuke lands Toguro charges at him and throws a punch but holds it back as he notices the girls right behind Yusuke. Yusuke moves and Toguro asks Yusuke why he isn't using the power Genkai gave him. Yusuke shows he has 4 blasts. He charges one bringing in a lot of energy. Then he charges at Toguro canceling the Spirit Gun and attacks Toguro with a lot of punches. Then Toguro punches down at Yusuke who barely dodges and Toguro tries again with his other arm and misses again while the energy destroys more of the stands. Yusuke goes at Toguro as he does a kick which Yusuke holds back, he flips, and kicks Toguro right in the face. Toguro uses his energy to raise pieces of the stadium to hit Yusuke who dodges as Toguro punches at Yusuke who barely dodges again. A whole mess of the stadium goes flying. Then Yusuke quickly charges up the Spirit Gun and fires it at Toguro. Toguro and the blast goes flying out of the already destroyed stadium into the forest. After a few minutes of talking and other stuff Toguro walks back in without the shades as most of the people are surprised he returned. The episode ends there.

- Mario W.

The final battle between Toguro and Yusuke was ready to begin. Toguro went first and powered up to 80% of power. The force was so powerful that a lot of demons in the stadium were killed. Koenma and Puu protected the other teammates and the girls by using special shields. As the fight started, Yusuke and Toguro seemed to be fighting at the same energy level. They were trading hits but Toguro noticed that Yusuke was holding back and asked him why he wasn't using Genkai's powers. Yusuke explained about having 4 shots of the spirit gun. He tricked Toguro by getting ready to fire one, but then cancelled it and concentrated the energy into his fist for a powerful strike to the head. Toguro got back up and started to destroy pieces of the stadium, killing more demons. Yusuke charged up the first spirit gun again and sent Toguro flying into the forest. Toguro came back with his shades broken. Most people were surprised he came back. The episode ends and the fight continues.

- FiveIron16



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