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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 60: Sakyo's Proposal

Episode 60 - Sakyo's Proposal

This episode begins with Kuwabara ( the person who subbed it calls him Kuwabara and calls Hiei, Kurama and vise-versa) fighting Elder Toguro with Elder Toguro's fingers stabbing Kuwabara near his heart. He throws Kuwabara onto the floor and starts yapping about how if he moves he might move his fingers into his viscous or something like that. Anyway, Juri starts counting and Elder Toguro says he'll chop Kuwabara's head of before she hits 10. He changes his other hand into a blade while Kuwabara spots the Soul Sword, Suzuka gave him a few episodes back. Anyway Juri counts to 9 and Elder Toguro tries to chop off his head. Then Kuwabara uses his Spirit Sword and extends it to get the Soul Sword to him. Elder Toguro cancels his attack and they both get up. Then Kuwabara uses the sword to cut up Elder Toguro who falls to the ground chopped up. Elder Toguro reattaches his organs so he is basically unharmed. He stands up then Kuwabara's Soul Sword changes shape into a huge frying pan shape and he smashes Elder Toguro with it. Kuwabara wins the fight. He walks over to Yusuke and punches him in the face for not telling him about Genkai's death (also they call Genkai, Grandma). Anyway the next fight Toguro vs. Yusuke was about to  start when Sakyo stepped in and asked the committee and Team Urameshi for a bet. The bet is if Yusuke beats Toguro he would kill himself and if Toguro beats Yusuke, Koenma would have to kill himself. The committee says give them 10 minutes to decide. Anyway Sakyo and Toguro walk off as Sakyo tells Toguro of his life and past as Shizuru spies on them. Anyway the committee and Koenma agree. Toguro and Yusuke step into the ring as the ground starts shaking and Elder Toguro comes out of the ground. He asks Toguro if he could be a weapon. He starts yapping about which weapon he should be as Toguro comes behind him and kicks him. Then as he's flying he comes back down with an aerial attack and Toguro punches him and killing him.

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