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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 59: The Shadow of Elder Toguro

Episode 59 - The Shadow of Elder Toguro

This episode begins with the stadium basically destroyed because of Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flame. So the next fight waits a while. A while meaning like 6 hours. Hiei finally wakes up wondering what was going on as Kurama tells him about the ring dilemma. Kuwabara keeps asking Yusuke where Genkai was. As Yusuke wouldn't answer. After 6 hours the next fight begins. Kuwabara versus Elder Toguro. The fight begins with Kuwabara using the Soul Sword (the sword Suzuka gave him) to slash Elder Toguro. Kuwabara was about to be crowned victor as he is stabbed by 5 spears in his arms above his heart and a few other places. Behind him Elder Toguro was standing there laughing. The spears were actually his fingers and the other Elder Toguro was his other hand. He explains to Kuwabara that his really body traveled under the ring to the other side and tricked him. Then Elder Toguro takes his hand and takes the Soul Sword off the ground. Then he asks if it is the remaining of Genkai. Kuwabara gets a shocked look because he didn't know Genkai was dead. Elder Toguro tells him she is dead and Kuwabara gets another shocked look and glances at Yusuke. He gets angry at how everyone else knew she was dead. Then Elder Toguro stabs Kuwabara again and he falls to the floor. Then he looks up as Elder Toguro takes his hand and turns it into the image of the young Genkai. Then he tells Kuwabara a story of how there used to be a young boy and girl and the girl named Genkai, a most beautiful girl in the world, and the boy named Toguro. Both of them became friends for the aim of learning the highest martial arts. But after a long period of time the girl became old and faded. As the boy stayed young and strong in the learning of martial arts by the power of the demon world. The old woman was jealous about the youth of the young man and to fight the man for a due fight. The old woman served her right dead in the fight as Elder Toguro stabs the Genkai image with his other hand. Kuwabara and the rest of the team get pissed at the lie. Then Yusuke yells back that it was not a fight of jealousy. Kuwabara gets angry and his Spirit Energy rises as he swears he will cut Elder Toguro into a thousand pieces. Then Elder Toguro takes out the Soul Sword from his pocket and says he could not kill him with the Soul Sword only. Then he swirls his fingers into a drill and tries to stab Kuwabara in the heart. But Kuwabara's Spirit Energy keeps it from going in. Elder Toguro is puzzled why the drill did not go in. Then Kuwabara says only him he could not forgive and unleashes hundreds of Spirit swords at Elder Toguro. Elder Toguro lays on the floor motionless and covered in blood. Then Juri starts counting. Kuwabara walks away when Juri stops counting and Elder Toguro says it is pointless and his organs attach to each other. Then his whole body was together again and says the only way to kill him is to hit his heart and brain and says he can move his internal organs freely so he wouldn't know where they are. Then he stabs Kuwabara with his fingers again and it ends there.

Mario W.

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