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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 58: Wielder of the Dragon

Episode 58 - Wielder Of The Dragon

This episode begins with Bui and Hiei in the ring. Bui has his armor off so he looks like a guy with a mark on his face. Anyway he wants to see Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flame attack. Hiei removes his bandages from his arm that conceal his power (just like how Bui's armor does the same) and his power erupts throughout the stadium. Sakyo asks Toguro the last time he used it and there is a flashback of Hiei defeating Zeru. Then dark energies come out of the sky into the stadium. Then Hiei charges at Bui and releases the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. When the dragon hits Bui he tries to hold it back and succeeds. Then Hiei throws what seems to be another Dragon of the Darkness Flame doubling its power. Bui still holds it but goes around in different directions trying to hold it back. Then as he continues trying to hold it the dragon takes him out of the stadium and crashing into things on the island. Then Bui's mark on his head starts bleeding and there is a flashback of Toguro against Bui and he punched Bui so hard it made the mark and blood was coming out. Then the blood went back in the mark. Then Bui controls the Dragon and sends it back to Hiei. Now Hiei is trying to hold it back as he goes flying around the island. Then Bui returns to the island saying he succeeded in stopping the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. Then as he was about to be claimed victor the remaining of the Dragon started exploding and Hiei's figure was inside it as he returns to the ground. Then Bui backs away from Hiei a little as Kurama explains to Yusuke what happened and that he absorbed the Dragon making it the secret of the dragon. Then Bui and Hiei talk a little and Bui jumps in the air and punches Hiei in the face. Hiei acts like he didn't feel it and Bui continuously punches him in the face and starts kicking him as well. Then Bui throws him up and kicks him to hit the top of the stadium. Then throws him to the stadium floor. Then as Bui charges at Hiei again he throws a small beam at him that send Bui flying. Then he jumps and uses some of the power of the dragon in a punch that sends Bui straight down into the crowd. As they are both out Juri starts counting. Then Bui tells Hiei he fought Toguro in the past and trained continuously to beat him. Then Hiei jumps into the stadium and wins by a ring-out. The score is 1 to 1. Then Hiei jumps out and Hiei tells them the disadvantage to absorbing the dragon is he has to hibernate for a few hours. So Hiei is asleep and the episode ends.

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