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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 57: Beneath Bui's Armor

Episode 57 - Beneath Bui's Armor

This episode begins with Kurama in the ring and a giant flower on the opposite side. Kurama is declared victor by the announcer girl and Yusuke and Kuwabara. Yusuke goes in to help Kurama. When he reaches him Kurama apologizes for not defeating Karasu. Yusuke was wondering what he meant as Juri declares Karasu as the winner. Everybody was wondering what she meant since Karasu was dead. Yusuke confronts Juri and argues why Kurama lost. She says because of a 10 seconds countdown. Then there is a lot of noise in the crowd and they show a replay of the match. Then the video shows Kurama when he was down and that he attacked while in the down position past 10 counts. Then the crowd starts cheering as Hiei moves forward. He tells Toguro's Team his wish. The wish is the death of the organizers of the Dark Tournament. Toguro tells him that he killed them long before. Elder Toguro steps onto the ring and asks who would be the first to die. Bui steps forward and says he wants to fight instead of Elder Toguro. Hiei steps forward to fight Bui. So Bui and Hiei enter the center of the ring and the round begins. Bui creates a huge axe out of thin air. Hiei takes off his cloak and the team recognizes his right arm is bandaged heavily. Kurama tells him it is a form of Jyu Tai Hou which is a method of bandaging to conceal your power. Then Bui charges at Hiei and jumps up and throws the axe at Hiei. Hiei dodges it with ease. When Bui picked up the axe, a block of the stadium was on it and throws the block at Hiei who dodges it. Bui continues this for a while. Then Hiei uses some move called Jya Ou En Satsu Ren Goku Shou which makes his hand like a fireball and punches through the bricks. Then after punching through one of the bricks, Bui comes from the air to slash at Hiei who blocks it with his fist. He punches it so hard the blade goes flying. Then Bui creates a new axe from thin air again. He throws it at Hiei who catches it and disintegrates it. Then Bui tells Hiei he is one that he needs to take his armor off. Bui takes off his armor and says he wears it to suppress his power. Then his Spirit Energy rises and he levitates because of his aura. He asks Hiei to show him his true strength and Hiei does. He charges at Bui and kicks him. Then Hiei lands and fires a blast that puts Bui on fire but easily gets rid of it and fires a blast back at Hiei who uses another blast to cancel it. Then Bui uses the Aura Blast Gross Attack and fires it at Hiei who dodges it but it still follows him. Then he goes in front of Bui and disappears so the blast hits Bui instead. Bui goes pummeling into the stage and gets up quite easily.  Then he tells Hiei to really use full power and wants to see the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. Hiei says he will regret it. Hiei takes off the bandages and his aura become huge. The episode ends there.

- Mario W.

Koto announces that  Kurama should win because Karasu is dead, but Juri says that Karasu is the winner.  They play a tape that shows that 10.28 seconds after Kurama fell and Juri started counting, the plant hit Karasu.  Yusuke is pissed, but he helps Kurama out of the ring.
    Elder Toguro is taunting the team about his wish being to have them all killed when he wins, but Bui steps forward.  Hiei decides to fight.  Bui forms a giant axe that he plans to slice Hiei with, and Hiei pulls off his cloak revealing that his arm is heavily bandaged.  Bui keeps missing with the axe, and Hiei shows that he has mastered the mortal flame.
    He punches the axe and brakes it, and then another one.  Bui talks for the first time and says that he is sorry for boring Hiei.   He removes his armor to unleash his true power.  He creates a battle aura around him.  It allows him to fly.  He says he wants Hiei to try and do better.  Hiei says he wants that too, but he doesn't have to try.  He is able to block every attack.  Then Bui fires a seeking blast.  He tricks Bui by coming up behind him so Bui gets hit.  
    Bui is fine and says that his blasts are only as strong as they need to be.  Bui is sure he will win, but Hiei removes his bandage.  This means that he can't control his energy, that's how strong he has become.  The darkness flame begins to form around him.  Kurama gets worried because neither fighter can control their energy, and if they clashed the stadium would be destroyed.  

- Matt (Wielder of The Jagan)    


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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