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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 56: Yoko's Magic

Episode 56 - Yoko's Magic

This episode begins with Karasu vs. Yoko. Karasu uses some bat-like bombs that home on the enemy. When the bat things are about to hit Yoko, he uses his aura to destroy them all. When the smoke finally clears there are plants all around Yoko. The plants are called Mimosa and seek out moving and heat producing targets. The leaves of the plant open to reveal many teeth. The Mimosa plants charge at Karasu and he dodges them all. Then as Karasu is running, two more come out of the ground. Karasu runs and jumps up as they gather around him. Then Karasu creates a grenade and throws it at one which goes up in flames. Then the Mimosa start to shoot beams from there heads at Karasu. As Karasu runs he creates another grenade and blows up another. Yoko tells Karasu they have feelings and it is not good to anger them. Three Mimosa plants charge at him as one catches him and takes him to the air. Then Karasu's mask comes off. Then the other Mimosa's clamber on the first one and Karasu is completely covered by them. Then Yoko is declared the winner but the Mimosa suddenly explode. Karasu comes out completely unharmed and without his mask. Then Karasu breathes in some air and his hair turns gold. Hiei explains to the rest of the team that he is like a huge bomb and his hands are the detonator. Then Karasu holds his hands together and lightning appears. Karasu jumps up then dives straight down at Yoko and when he hits, a huge explosion commences and about 1/4 of the entire tournament area is destroyed and lots of people go flying. Then out of some rocks, Kurama appears. Kurama not Yoko. Kurama jumps out and onto the stadium and charges at Karasu. Then they do some martial arts for a while. After a little Kurama finally hits Karasu. Then Karasu takes something out of his chest and reveals it is the Death Seed that Kurama was trying to put in him. Kurama steps back and something clutches his leg. Karasu says it is called the Maddi Bomb. Then the bomb explodes and Kurama goes flying. The bomb's explosion made a hole in his leg all the way to the bone. Then when Kurama gets up he is surrounded by little lights. Then Karasu walks forward and directs one of the lights to Kurama which explodes and Kurama steps back and hits another and another until most of them were gone. Then Kurama falls dripping blood. Karasu says he won't scar his face as Kurama gets back up. Then he thinks if he could get the blood sucking plant to Karasu's heart, he will win the match but he would have to give his life. Then Karasu moves the other light to Kurama which explode as Kurama falls covered in blood. Then Juri starts to count. After about 7 Karasu says there is no need and unleashes a blast at Kurama. In retaliation Kurama unleashes the bloodsucking plant which appears from nowhere behind him. The plant pierces Karasu's heart and drains his blood killing him. Kurama is still down and Karasu falls as the plant covers him. Then as they lay motionless, Kurama  wakes up. He wonders how he is alive and why is spirit energy is coming back. He figures it is because of the potion Suzuka gave him. Then the episode ends there.

- Mario W.

Yoko's plant is chasing Karasu everywhere. Karasu began to blow up some of the mouths when one wraps around him and squeezes him. His mask flies off and blood squirts from his mouth. All the other heads wrap around it too until it is just a ball. Yoko Kurama is declared the winner, until Karasu blows free. He begins to glow and Hiei says he is now a human explosive. The blast destroys a lot of the stadium.  
    Kurama comes out of the ruble, but he is Shuichii Minamano instead of Yoko Kurama. He manages to get back in the ring, but Karasu makes a bomb that grabs Kurama's leg. He can't move, and gets blown up. Now his shirt is very red with blood. Kurama goes on the offensive and tries to plant a death seed. But Karasu pulls it out. Karasu sends more explosives. Kurama begins to formulate a plan to kill Karasu, but it would kill him.
    Karasu says that the reason he never hurt Kurama's face was because he liked it, and he destroys the things he likes. He continues his barrage until Kurama can barely stand. Then Kurama summons a plant (blood sucking) and it goes after the death seed hole on Karasu's chest. It starts sucking blood, and since it is close to the heart, Karasu dies. Then Kurama gets up. He doesn't know how he survived until he realized what happened. Since he transformed before time ran out, he figured that it was because every time he took the potion he got some of Yoko's strength.

- Weilder of The Jagan: Matt


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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