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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 53: Overcoming Grief

Episode 53 - Overcoming Grief

Yusuke gets up after his blow from the Younger Toguro brother, and greaves over the loss of his teacher Genkai who was killed by Toguro.  Yusuke mourns the death and wishes that he has gotten their sooner to help.  Koenma comes over to give Yusuke some closure to the situation by telling him there was nothing he could have ever done to stop the inevitable.  Yusuke finally goes on and shot's a spirit gun into the air, showing off his new found strength.  Kurama and Kuwabara both meet Suzuka who give them the same Magical Items that helped power up his team in the semi finals.  Suzuka who was humiliated by Toguro in an earlier tournament wants that prove that innovation and skill can beat brute force.  Hiei gains full control over the Dragon of the immortal flame for the bought ahead.  All the fighters seeming to be at their prime get ready for the final match ahead.

- Zeroextreme5000



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