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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 51: Arch-Rivals

Episode 51- Arch-Rivals

As Team Toguro is about to fight Team Gorenja, Team Toguro is missing Toguro. The Elder Toguro brother says that the younger Toguro has more important business. The match against Team Toguro and Team Gorenja will be three to five. Meanwhile at the hotel Yusuke is still sleeping while Kuwabara and Genkai are watching him. Then Genkai leaves and tells Kuwabara to tell Yusuke not to follow her. Meanwhile at the stadium the first match is Karasu versus Mido Renja. First Mido Renja shoots a ball of acid at Karasu but he easily dodges it. Then he shoots another acid ball at Karasu but he dodges it and jumps and touches Mido Renja. Then his arms blows up. Karasu keeps doing this until Mido Renja dies. The next match is Bui versus Kirenja. Bui easily wins by slashing Kirenja into tiny bits with his giant axe. Then next match is Elder Toguro versus the rest of the people on Team Gorenja. Elder Toguro wins by putting sharp things from his body into the other fighters. Meanwhile Genkai is face to face is Toguro. After the match Kurama encounters Bui and Karasu. Karasu tells Kurama that one of his teammates will die today. Kurama says he cannot win this way. Meanwhile Toguro and Genkai are about to fight. Yusuke then wakes up and leaves the hotel. hen Toguro and Genkai charge at each other.

-Mark Lee

With Suski finished off, The team can now rest up for the final match with team Toguro.  Genkai request that Both Hiei and Kurama both watch Team Toguro's next match as they will both have to take home a win.  Hiei decides not to watch the Three fight (Minus Big Toguro) instead decides to try to learn how to take full control of his technique, dragon of the darkness flames.  Kurama watches in horror as the Three easily take apart the last remaining team nearly effortlessly and sees Team Toguro's Deadly techniques being used.  In between all of this, Kuwabara and Yusuke are in the hotel room, Yusuke is asleep recovering from Genkai's Spirit Orb which he was able to absorb which gives him more power.  Genkai meets the young (big) Toguro in the Forrest.  The Big Toguro is well aware of Genkai's plan and what she did for Yusuke.  Believing that Genkai has done everything to make Yusuke stronger, Toguro plans on destroying her.  The Two get set to fight.  Yusuke realizing what happens, wakes up and asks Kuwabara where Genkai went.  Kuwabara follows Genkai's orders by not telling him to follow her and not telling her where she went.  Sensing Toguro's energy, Yusuke runs off in hopes he can save his master before it's too late.

- Zeroextreme5000



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