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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 50: Suzuki's Challenge

Episode 50: Suzuki's Challenge

Onji is the last fighter for Team Uratogi. He rolls the dice for Team Urameshi, and Kuwabara is the lucky winner. Kuwabara pathetically tries to hit Onji, but fails every time. Finally, Onji uses a technique much like Shishiwakamaru's Cape of No Return. He also claims that he tailored the Steaming Spheres, the Idunn Box, the Cape of No Return, and the Banshee Shriek. He throws the dimensional portal at Kuwabara and he returns to the rounds 1-3 ring. Juri (the referee) declares Onji the winner. Onji rolls for the Urameshi team again. This time it's Genkai's turn. Before the fight starts, Onji makes a joke about this being, "the battle of the elderly," and Genkai says he's no elder. He smiles, and tears off his face, which is really a mask, and Suzuki is revealed. Suzuki says he only used the others so he could enter the tournament. he then blasts the audience because a member didn't call him Beautiful Suzuki, as he demands to be addressed. He then blasts Genkai into the wall, and it looks like she's finished, but she runs fast undetected, and pulls off his clown nose. Genkai says he's not a fighter, and starts doing a boxing fighting pose dance. Suzuki gets mad ,and says he won't use Spirit Energy if she won't. Genkai slugs him a few times and she wins the match.

- Raiun Juuryoku

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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